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10 Best Call voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

10 Best Call voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you interested in changing your voice on call or want to play a prank with someone or your loved ones? If you’re looking for the same then in this article you will get the best voice changer apps for the real-time calls. In these apps, it does not affect how much you’re good to change your voice or not. These apps will give a different identity to your real voice and change it to an elated voice.

In today’s life, most people want to change their voice to make pranks with their friends, loved ones by changing their voice from male to female or vice versa. So, you will get the best app list in this article for Android and iPhone.

10 Best Voice Changing Apps for Android and iPhone during Calls

1. Snapchat

It is one of the most widely used and famous video chat apps for filters. But, do you know this is also used for voice filters. With both features, the image filter and voice filter will give makeup to your personality. To get access to the voice filters in Snapchat, tap the bottom left loudspeaker button. There are various filters available in the app..so what you will wait….just do the experiment and check which one is the best fit for you. 

Availability – Android and iPhone

Download – Snapchat for Android | Snapchat for iPhone

2. MagicCall

MagicCall app is the best suit for you because it offers the live voice changer during the call. This is also the most preferred application because of its special feature Dream Girl Voice. Yes, it has a partnership for Dream Girl Movie with BalajiMotionPictures. Also, it provides the facility to record and share your calls on Facebook, WhatsApp for fun. 

The best part of MagicCall is that its price is not too high and it gives you a feature to add a different background sound like the James Bond theme and emoticons sound like clap, kiss, etc. Background sound is not limited to any movie theme, you can also give some sound effects like traffic noise, sounds of musical concerts, and rain.

Availability – Android and iPhone

Download – MagicCall for Android | MagicCall for iPhone

3. Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Editor & Effect

This is another popular app for voice changing effects on behalf of the user’s recommendations. In this app, you can apply different types of sound effects with the features to record that sound. It not only gives you options to apply sound effects but also has a feature to customize the parameters to make it best. This app comes with background sound effects like an alien, animals, robots, superheroes, etc. A drawback of this application is that it can’t change your voice during the call instead of that you can record your sound with effects and play them during the call.

Availability – Android

Download – Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Editor & Effect

4. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

This app is the funniest voice changer app. In this app, you change the pitch of your voice on the real-time call to make the prank with someone. This app is only available for the iPhone or iPad. This app allows you to play background sound effects such as birthday songs, cartoon characters, greetings in multiple languages, etc. 

Call Voice changer – Int Call is a trial based app that means it does not provide their service free of cost. In this app you will get 3 days, free to use after that you need to pay for its subscription. As well as this app requires a high internet connection. 

Availability – iPhone

Download – Call Voice Changer – IntCall

5. Celebrity Voice Changer – Face

As the name suggests about the app, you can use this app to change your voice similar to a celebrity voice. But this is limited to changing your voice for some celebrity characters like Darth Vader, Walter White, and George W. Bush, etc. This is the most trustable app used and it does not provide a cheap sound effect. 

This app is available only for iPhone users not for android users. It allows you to change your voice instantly like any available celebrity in the application with the best sound effect quality. Celebrity voice changer allows you to try its feature by recording your voice and playing it with different celebrity voices, so you can easily identify its working. As this supports only the iPhone, you should have a strong internet connection.

Availability – iPhone

Download – Celebrity Voice Changer – Face

6. Funcall – Voice Changer & Rec

This app is widely used for changing your voice during the call to keep annoying your identity. Funcall app allows you to make calls at a very low price around the world with more than 150 countries. Also, it allows you to record and download these calls, so you can share it with your friends and someone you want. This app gives you different background sound effects like the man or woman sound, helium balloon, and many others such as scary zone, fart, car meow, Uzi shots, dog bark, werewolf, and monkeys.

Availability – Android and iPhone

Download – Funcall – Voice Changer & Rec for Android | Funcall – Voice Changer & Rec for iPhone

7. Best Voice Changer – Free

This app is completely free for voice changing and available only for android. This app has a very simple and clean interface which makes you fall in love with it. It allows you to record your voice and also gives an option to import other audio files that you already have and apply the sound effects on them. This app does not require much space to use and it has one drawback that it is having some ad. In this app, you will get the sound effects of bee, robot or an alien, lackluster – old radio filter and many others.

Availability – Android

Download – Best Voice Changer – Free

8. Live Voice Changer – Prankcall

The design of this app attracts you the most and allows you to modify the pitch of your voice. Live Voice Changer – Prankcall allows you to change your voice during the live call. But this feature is not available in the free version, for this you need to make an in-app purchase. It allows you to change your voice from male to female or female to male with 10 more different sound effects. Also, it comes with an equalizer that helps you to tune your voice for better sound quality. It supports the different sound effects like squirrel, tomcat, Darth Vader, etc. This app also comes with the feature of a live microphone, that has 15 reverb effects which make it to use as a professional voice recording app. 

Availability – iPhone

Download – Live Voice Changer – Prankcall

9. Voice Changer

This app comes with a very simple and colorful interface for android users. It has a function of modulator and recorder that allows you to apply different sound effects on your recorded voice. This app does not have features to change your voice during live calls. It comes with many different sound effects like a kid, underwater, space station, old radio, bee, alien, wolf, and many more. It also allows you to save these recordings and share them with your friends and family.

Availability – Android

Download – Voice Changer

10. Voicemod – Voice Changer & FX

This is another best-rated voice changer app for iPhone users. Features of this app are not only limited to audio calls or recordings, instead of that it allows you to apply different filters on your face during the video calls. These features make you more interesting and entertaining with your friends and family during the live call. You can share the recorded voice and video over social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp. This app comes with 40 unique sound effects to make your voice change.

Availability – iPhone

Download – Voicemod – Voice Changer & FX


So, this is our list of the best voice changer apps for Android and iPhone. Some of them are paid and some are free to use and few of them have an option to directly change your voice on one tap. So, you can use these apps to make fun or prank on a call with your friends, family and also share it with them who want to prank but don’t have info regarding this. 

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