10 Best Screenshot Software for Windows [Free & Paid] 2021

Best Screenshot Software for Windows

While you are working on a system, you might experience a bug while working and now you need to share it immediately with your colleague to resume working. Sharing the screen has now become a problem to you as you are unaware of how to report a bug.

Well, this isn’t an issue as software developers have simplified this issue by introducing screenshot software that allows you to instantly capture the windows or entire screens of your computers in less than a minute. There is a plethora of open source and commercial screenshot software that helps you capture your desktop for a quicker engagement and communication with your circle.

Open-source (free) software is user-oriented but they are tricky to use and sometimes they also lack quality. While on the other hand, commercial (paid) software is more reliable and powerful and gives complete access to its various features. 

Screenshot software includes exciting features such as cropping, visual effects, and editing, etc. allowing users to implement different elements into the final image they desire. 

With a number of different screenshot software, below is the list of the top 10 best screenshot software for windows both free and paid that makes it easier for you to choose according to your specifications. 

Top 10 best screenshot software for windows both free and paid

1. Snagit

Snagit is a powerful screen capture software allowing users to instantly capture the entire window or a part of the window. It works in three simple steps that include screen capturing, adding additional context, and finally sharing it as an image, GIF, or video. 

Key features:

  • Captures the horizontal and vertical scrolling of the screen
  • Has a screen recorder for instant screen recording
  • Allows quick editing for color, size, font, and words of the text in the screenshots
  • Creates a video of screenshot images
  • Keeps your most-used tools in an organized format
  • Support both windows and mac operating systems

2. Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a lightweight screen capture tool that is available free for all windows versions. It is easy to use and its default image editor allows you to edit the screenshots using its remarkable editing features. 

Key features:

  • Captures screenshot in various formats
  • Allows capturing of screen scrolling
  • Has a smooth workflow that includes simple capturing, editing, and publishing
  • Contains a document generator for generating HTML, PDF, and DOCX documents
  • Available in 19 different languages

3. Jing

Jing has a user-friendly interface allowing users to effortlessly capture the whole screen or different regions of the screen in a minute. This software is available for free for Windows allowing users to capture and record the screen without any hassle. 

Key features:

  • Allows longer video and system audio recording
  • Contains image annotation tools
  • Efficient and quick for screen recording
  • Has a simple menu layout 
  • Can save the screenshots to local drive and can share to Screencast

4. Picpick

Picpick is an impressive open-source software for screen capturing. It can run on various windows and its features are available free for personal users but require a license for commercial users. 

Key features:

  • Advanced screen capturing tool for full screen, user-defined region, and the active window
  • Modern default image editor tool for color, contrast, and brightness adjustment and many more 
  • A whiteboard for drawing and presentation
  • A pixel ruler for measuring the size of the objects on the screen
  • Support various formats for saving screenshots including jpg, gif, png, pdf, and bmp

5. Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo Snap is the fastest screen capture software for capturing images. It is a user-friendly software available in multiple world languages and is compatible with a maximum of 3 devices. The easy-to-use features of this program provide a smooth and efficient working experience to users. 

Key features:

  • Advanced video recording features including live video editing
  • Various screen capture options including timed capture, scrolling, and full windows
  • Resize function feature for increasing clarity and resolution of images and videos
  • Well-designed user interface for easy functioning
  • Provides high-resolution screenshots for games in full-screen mode

6 Skitch

Skitch screenshot software is not only accessible to Windows but also available for Mac. It is highly known among the users for its high speed, user-friendly interface, and various features. 

Key features:

  • Advance image and annotation features
  • Supports camera snapshots, window snapshot, full-screen snapshot, crosshair snapshot, and more
  • Capture images in high speed
  • Editor tool for image cropping, resizing and dragging

7. Greenshot

Greenshot is a lightweight screen capture software containing all the necessary features for taking screenshots. This software is easy to understand and is available in 33 different languages. This program allows exporting the screenshots in various ways. 

Key features:

  • Provide a full or specific area screenshot of the user’s desktop
  • Modern image editor containing text extraction tool and other image editing tool
  • Allow video capturing and saving in various formats including Gif file, video file, and audio file
  • Built-in image editor for adding annotations, obfuscations, and highlighting
  • Has a Capture Internet Explorer feature allowing users to capture the scrolling of websites 

8. Snipping tool

Snipping tool is a built-in screenshot tool available in Windows. It is an open-source and easy-to-use tool allowing users to take screenshots according to their image requirements. 

Key features:

  • Allow capturing in different types of snips including rectangular snip, window snip, full-screen snip, and free-form snip
  • Allow snip annotation, write, or draw around the snip using a highlighter or pen
  • Advance features for cropping, resizing and enlarging snips
  • Has various keyboard shortcuts that allow an easy and quick working experience 

9. Tinytake

Tinytake is open-source software for Windows and Mac for screen capturing and recording. It makes capturing fast and easy with its high-speed performance. 

Key features:

  • Allows drag and drop uploads
  • Modern annotation toolset for image and video annotation
  • Ability to capture the image through a webcam
  • Allow bulk file sharing 

10. Camtasia

Camtasia is an excellent software for image capturing and screen recording. This software contains instant export options to provide a smooth and efficient workflow to users. 

Key features:

  • Adding effects with drag and drop feature
  • Has incredible video editing tools for adding effects and animations to videos
  • Smooth mouse cursor movement for easy following
  • Keyboard shortcuts for enhancing your workflow
  • Supports importing files in various formats
  • Music library for adding sound effects to your recordings