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10 Enlivening Ideas for Designing Christmas Candle Boxes

Boxes – Each year, we arrive at the same spot — its Christmas. A flood of buyers, a frantic pace of work and the question — how to become prominant among the competition. Your answer this year is — designing Christmas Candle Packaging.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about ornaments and presents. If you are a business owner, the Holidays have been on your mind for quite a while now. There’s a whole lot of marketing to do and some stringent deadlines to meet.


While we are on it, you would know best that Christmas is the most exciting time of year for most e-commerce brands. Clients are jam-packed in stores; website traffic is going through the roof.


But in all this uproar, when is the best moment to start preparing to sell more candles with candle boxes UK?

custom candle boxes

Well, the sooner is better!

The packaging is one of the factors that you can — and should — plan well before. In the end, Christmas is the terminal hurdle for all eCommerce owners, retailers and marketers alike. 


There are numerous benefits of implementing a particular line of packaging for Christmas.


  • Festive packaging refreshes your brand image.
  • Allows you to create unique alternatives of your product
  • Creates a chance to surprise your customers
  • Emphasizes the special holiday offer


Further, you’ll find various ideas on how to approach Christmas Candle packaging design. We have consulted design & packaging experts to share their thoughts too – lots of fabulous tips below, so let’s get down to it!

Designing Options 

  1. Use Colours of Christmas  

Christmas trees, lights, decorations — people express all of these with green and red. And guess what, they’re also perfectly fitting for Christmas custom candle packaging designs.

Using these two as primary colours in a Christmas-themed candle box sends a definite statement about this time of year.

Even if you are not looking for a significant change in terms of your branding, there’s nothing wrong with just combining a pop of Christmas colour to your candle packaging. 

  1. Take Inspiration from Rustic Designs

Rustic designs build an organic warmth, use that simplicity to your advantage. You can successfully incorporate it into various types of products other than candles because almost every product will look good in a rustic design. 

custom candle boxes

A natural, earthy brown colour will work flawlessly with single-colour prints – white, black, grey or gold. You don’t need a complicated a Christmas design to make it look extraordinary, your logo and a green or red ribbon with festive pattern will do the work.


It’s effortless to create rustic-inspired packaging on your own.

  1. A Touch of Minimalism

The looks are the driving factor of e-commerce, and it’s no surprise that industry pioneers already incorporate smart ways to use search engines to help customers find what they need. The same goes for the candle industry. 

Christmas packaging can also benefit from the perspective of minimalism. When designing 2 piece candle boxes, think of simple prints, rich fonts, and toned colours. Choose white and natural cardboard to blend a detailed festive mood.  

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  1. Embossing

A little brand perception does a long way. Embossing is a fantastic way to leverage your brand’s apparent symbols.

Embossing is a fantastic solution for more luxury brands.

It is basically a print technique which creates a 3D effect on the surface of a packaging box. By adding such novelty in the body of your package, you will spout the sense of touch. Combine an embossed cover with hot stamping, and you have got yourself a luminescent effect.

  1. Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a process of laminating a particular part of the design with bright foil. The result is a very polished piece of the pattern. 

Begin with adding hot stamping to your brand’s name or logo to create a unique festive symbol with a hot-stamped feel. You can also add a hot-stamped filling to a text printed on your custom candle boxes.

  1. Use Christmas Hashtags on Packaging

Support your consumers to go online by printing a holiday hashtag on the package.

By doing this, you will leverage packaging in your advertising strategy. Bring your consumers to one place and let them share the packaging provided by you. Many premium brands use this strategy, including Starbucks. 

wholesale candle boxes

You can also use stickers to print your Christmas unique Hashtags. 

You can find Christmas stickers almost anywhere, or you can also approach a sticker company that allows you to design and print your custom stickers.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

Make the 2020 Christmas special for your brand and your buyers. Enhance your regular packaging with festive elements or design an entirely new line of candle packaging. With the tips mentioned above, you can design candle packaging that will show your concern and love for these coming Holidays. 

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