10 Ways Students Can Use Google to Improve Their Productivity

Google has become an integral part of our lives with each passing day. It means that every student needs this search engine to deliver assignments, research, and task management. You have learned a lot about the search engine’s features and benefits, but have you learned how to use it to improve your productivity? Well, this is not taught in computer classes, and one needs to know it by themselves. A student looking to use Google to complete its tasks earlier than others and manage more time for their hobbies; can learn more from this write-up.

Google has several features available to all of us for free, and some advanced features are there which one has to pay for. Here, we only talk about the features that are available for free.

Table of Content:

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Google Worksheet
  3. Google Search
  4. Google Docs
  5. Online Learning
  6. Learn New Skills
  7. Improve Writing Skills
  8. Beyond Syllabus
  9. Become Youtuber
  10. Freelance

You may have noticed that even after the schools have shifted online and the number of classes has been reduced because of mobile screens’ effects on eyes. You still have no time left to play, and most of it is spent doing homework and other tasks related to the studies. This happens because you are not managing your work properly. Google can be used to increase your productivity if you are a little smart. Here are 10 ways that can help you in daily work and spare more time to play.

  1. Google Calendar

The app has been available since the first version of the search engine was launched. Most students find no use for it except using it to view dates. This is the most unproductive use of such a useful app. You can assign your homework schedule and submission dates here and make the calendar your personal assistant. Reminders can be set for specific times, and tasks can be assigned time according to their urgency. This will save you the need to go to the individual subject’s schedule and search for the pending work.

  1. Google Worksheet

This is just like MS Excel, but its main advantage is that it is available online and offline. Most organizations manage their tasks and production deadlines on such sheets. Students can use this to manage their daily work schedules and the time they want to spare for their hobbies. When you start maintaining a sheet for your work, you will slowly understand which tasks are taking most of the time and find ways to reduce them. This can become a productivity tool if you want it to be.

  1. Google Search

With Google search, one can find the solution to their basic problems in moments. This will help you in completing your homework and studies quickly. One needs to understand just the tricks of searching the internet and get the most relevant answers. This can be done using the most significant keywords available in the question, and you can find the nearest possible answer to your query.

  1. Google Docs

This tool is just like MS word. Most online classes require students to submit their documents in this format. Google docs are more versatile as multiple users can access them simultaneously to solve a single problem. This means that rather than working alone on a problem, one can work with several friends to quickly clear out the pending assignment list. This will help you get more time to play outdoor and less time working on the computer.

  1. Online Learning

There are several concepts that the teachers cannot explain as the class is too big, and there are many questions to answer. This creates the need for an online teacher around the clock and clarifies your doubts. Google can become such a help when students are in need. Many students look for assignment help online and find solutions to their problems on the platform. This can also be used to get the most accurate and efficient way to solve a problem. It helps in writing to the point answers that are preferred by most professors.

  1. Learn New Skills

Students life is the phase where every skill can be learned much more quickly than adult life. The brain is young and receptive to new knowledge; it is also ready to be shaped easily in certain ways. This can become an asset for you in the future. One can learn new skills that are available online using a simple search. There are paid tutorials available, but free classes can easily be found if you are smart enough in your searches. Students can learn new tricks for their hobbies and perfect their skills in the games they like to play. It can also be used to develop new interests as the education system finds it difficult to produce employable youth, and diverse talents are required to get a suitable job in today’s world.

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  1. Improve Writing Skills

One can learn the skills that are required to write engaging content. This is hard to learn when your only focus is to complete the task at hand. This leaves less room to develop writing skills that make your work more readable. These skills come in handy when you have to write long documents in the later part of your studies. Several requirements are needed to be fulfilled when you are writing documents like thesis and dissertation. One can learn the styles of formatting, referencing, tricks for editing and proofreading, etc. One can also learn language features that are essential to becoming a good writer. An accurate but boring write up is never preferred over an interesting work with some small errors. They can also learn how to write different sections and rules that are needed to be followed.

  1. Beyond Syllabus

One uses the search platform to explore things that are not generally taught in the curriculum. The world is not only about getting a qualification and moving on to the next phase. It is about gaining as much as possible. The app can help you to learn more about the things happening around you. One can learn about the practical implications of the theories that are taught in the class. Even experts agree that practical knowledge is more likely to get you employed than the books’ theories. Most successful people in the world are a product of learning from the experiences and couldn’t have got where they are only by reading course books.

  1. Become Youtuber

One can use the video-sharing app to develop one’s own channel. This trend is gaining more and more traction since the start of this year because of the pandemic. People are sharing live streams of games and videos for everyone else to watch. This has developed as a career for many, and people are earning money without doing much creative work. The content on the app is in such a huge volume that you will not run out of content in several lifetimes. This has made new celebrities out of people who never liked to step out of their homes. Well, the world of the internet is surely full of opportunities.

  1. Freelance

If you like to work and earn some pocket money, the platform offers you a variety of options. You can find work as a freelancer. This can become a financial support system for you while you are spending on your studies. You can write informative blogs for a third party. You can create your own blog page and write about your day to day experience. One can also take projects available online to earn a handsome sum. This helps both your writing skills and your studies as you have to read more on the topics that you get as the tasks. There are several sites that are looking for talented writers to come up with engaging content. Try them for new experiences.

There are several other things for which the platform can be used. It has become the most widely used search engine because of the diverse options it offers you to learn. One can discover new things daily on it and gain more than what the teachers can teach. Students often find themselves stuck in books with no time to spare for developing their personality. This means that they will be less functional in the real world even if they have a knowledge of all the books.

The education system that we have followed for years has slowly become redundant as the world is facing more practical problems. The skills that were trending two decades ago can now be performed by computer programs. This has made many things that we learn in schools useless. There is a need to self educate yourself and learn more skills. One can also focus only on their hobbies to build a career out of it.

Summary: The blog provides students with ways Google can help you increase their productivity.

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