5 Helpful Phone System Features For Your Business

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Your commercial telephone arrangement is a task-critical and business-accomplishment gadget. Hence, it is vital to pick the most satisfactory arrangement for your trade. The phone system is not a day’s, month’s, or a year’s concern. It should be taken, keeping in mind the next three to four years of demand. With numerous contending merchandise available in the marketplace, it’s easy to get fixed with the unique structures and implement things you have overheard. But then again, you want to make sure you have all the fundamentals protected.

Make sure you get a phone system that is convenient to use and has unique features. Always compare products and check the similarities and differences between features such as costs, guarantees, and looks. Also, check if your business will benefit more from a Cloud-based or Android-based phone system or if an iPhone is more suitable for the job. Read below to know about the essential features for your phone system to use for business purposes.

1. Unified Messaging

Unified messaging brings numerous messaging types in voice mail format, email format, and fax feature to a solo electronic mail inbox. It allows users to take voicemail on the phone, a. WAV folder of the message carried to electronic post, and get an SMS announcement alert. It suggests that users can send and receive and handle their communications in the maximum suitable way. It is also instrumental considering the mobility aspect because it is incredibly supportive of the travelers and office staff like the Nashville Business Phone Systems. 

While employees are working remotely, traveling for work, or driving, they can quickly and effortlessly hear their voicemails. They can do it without having to dial in and enter entrée codes and steer through a voicemail arrangement to listen to their communications from the street, like in the Nashville Business Phone Systems. Moreover, some schemes also deal with voicemail transcription, where you get a record as an email together. The audio copy file is an add-on, but you can refer to the audio file in case of any emergency.

2. Hunt Group

A hunt group is valuable for significant incoming calls, such as deals and customer service investigations, that you avoid getting transferred to voicemail. Arrangement of the hunt group ensures that a collection of resident extensions ring in harmony for incoming calls. The inbound call robotically gets directed to the first accessible extension in the cluster. If that extension does not respond, the call gets speedily routed to the next available extension until it gets answered. This is crucial for incoming sales calls or queries. It is not a good approach to make it difficult for consumers to get in touch with your executives and even delay their interaction to do any trade transactions. 

3. Video Calling

Ensure to combine your phone system with video calling also. Face-to-face communication between co-workers or with customers from any site increases trust. It can be done via an HD Voice desk handset, Windows or MAC soft customers, or mobile. Go for iOS and Android gadgets that support video calls. A current Evolve IP investigation found that 76 percent of administrations are operating on video communiqué clarification.

4. Voice Mail

Voicemail structures come with almost every single phone system on the marketplace nowadays. However, there are some differences in what gets delivered by each manufacturing unit. Few top aspects to consider for your business growth are: 

Remote access– Any form of communication should be possible through the phone system. A remote voice mail feature saves a lot of time. If you can access details from anywhere globally, the business does not get hindered—a facility for the caller to leave a long communication.  

Numerous greetings– Having a couple of assorted pre-recorded greetings for diverse incidents can prove to be very helpful. For example, when you are on the other receiver line or working remotely, it displays a professional consideration to every minute facet. You can also make it well-organized, so you do not have to adjust your greeting as per the situation.

5. Group Directory

Group Directory allows users to hunt your business directory from the phone system. It makes the process fast and straightforward to find interior contact and connect directly to their extension. Even though this is an objectively popular feature in phone systems these years, it is still an appreciated device in growing productivity. Moreover, many unified transportations systems comprise a group directory combined into their IM & P aspect, permitting them to intensify an IM chat to a handset call with their mouse’s tick.


There are several structures that you do get with an old-style phone facility, containing the type of call, do not disturb option, call recording, and others. Many big companies are proposing teleconnections and exchange results, such as Microsoft. Using the most updated phone system will improve internal and external communications and result in higher profit margins for your business.

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