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5 inexpensive ways to pack your products

The cardboard boxes are becoming increasingly popular in every sector of the industry. It is extremely versatile and offers multiple advantages to the users. It is recyclable and biodegradable so, it is not harmful to the environment. With its highly protective nature, it secures the inside products from any type of damage. It can be customized to offer more storage space for multiple items. It can be cut in any shape, design, or style to fulfill the expectations of the clients. Moreover, it also provides companies with a cost-competitive way to package their goods. Let us have a look at the following in which you can cut your overall costs using cardboard packaging.

Optimize material usage:

The cost of a box is directly proportional to the quantity of consumed material. The more material you are consuming during the manufacturing process, the more will be the price. So, it would be wise to consume a lesser amount of material while fabricating the cardboard box. This operation will not only help you in reducing the overall cost but also make your box lighter in weight. The material consumption will vary when you are designing cardboard packages in different sizes. As each product has its own specific size, you need to customize the cardboard packaging according to that size. While doing so, remember not to over-package the goods. This will keep the cost of your cardboard packages minimal.

Use die-cut:

Another way to design inexpensive packaging for your products is to use a die-cut on cardboard packaging. The die-cut will improve the efficiency of your packaging line by reducing labor costs. How can die-cut packages lower the labor costs? You can take the help of a professional designer to make their assembling easy. There are many designers in the market who can make an easy assembling design that also meets the product requirements and fit the shipping methods as well. Once you have achieved this, you will see more productivity. The number of cardboard packages you assemble, pack, and ship will increase in the same amount of time. Ultimately, your overall efficiency will increase, and labor costs will decrease. Moreover, die-cut cardboard packages have built-in tabs and slots. This promises a smooth function and ease of use to the end-users.

Cut transportation costs:

Capitalize on the lighter weight of the cardboard packaging. The cardboard does not add much weight to the overall weight of the items. Even the measuring scale does not show any deflection while the cardboard packages are placed on it. Lighter weight means more products can be shipped easily in the same amount of time and money. Also, do not forget to utilize the full advantage of the increased storage space of these boxes. Packing more items in the lightweight boxes is the icing on the cake. The cardboard boxes can be perfectly reused for any purpose at your home or office.

This is because a lesser number of freighting vehicles will be required to ship more products in one go. So, you keep two things in mind to reduce your shipping costs. At first, make your boxes lightweight, and secondly, customize them to offer more storage space.

Consider functionality:

The functionality of the cardboard packaging design must be remembered while manufacturing it. If your box is not able to meet the security requirements of the products, you will incur product return costs. Moisture is the most damaging element which can affect the originality of the items. Some other potentially harmful factors include:

  • Air
  • Humidity
  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Temperature

To eliminate the transit damages and returns, your box should be sturdy enough to resist all these dangerous elements. You can apply some kinds of laminations and coatings to prevent certain risks. While this process can incur you some cost but it will guarantee you not to incur in the future by returns or damages.

Encourage reuse and recycling:

Adopting the principles of recycling and reusing is another effective way to reduce the overall costs of your company. Quitting these practices will cost you a lot. The cardboard material is 100% recyclable since it does not use any dyes or bleaches. The dyes and bleaches can affect the recyclability of the material. The recycling process is quite easy and does not take much of your time or money. Many of you may think that recycling cardboard will reduce its quality. But this is not true recycling; it does not have any impact on its functionality or quality. It will be as effective as it was in the first use. On the other hand, reusing the cardboard packages can also save you money. You would need to buy specialized boxes for keeping the important things about your company. The cardboard boxes can be perfectly reused for any purpose at your home or office.

To conclude, the cardboard box can prove an inexpensive means to package different kinds of products. You need to follow certain tips in their manufacturing process to make them cheap. Minimizing material consumption is a good way to keep the price at bay. The induction of a die-cut can assure easy assembling, which is helpful in reducing labor costs.

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