5 Interesting Ways to Make Your Essay ‘Persuasive’

Writing an essay is always a fun task for those who enjoy writing as-well-as have an extensive vocabulary to be used, whereas students who lack writing skills suffer a lot in this task. With so many types of essays to write, students often find themselves stuck while choosing the perfect form for their essay writing. Some require vivid thinking, and some require extensive knowledge. While there are essays that can be solely written based on opinions and narrations, there is also a kind of writing that demands a great understanding of the subject and research to write. One such essay is a persuasive essay.

A persuasive essay, as the name suggests is an essay that is subjected to ‘pursuing’ the reader for a particular call to action which is introduced in the conclusion of the essay. While Writing, your focus must be on bringing out an opinion from the reader and it should try to convince your readers to agree with what you have written. The big question that arises here is how to make the essay engaging and persuasive. Several students often refer to essay writing services just because they are unable to carry out the task by themselves.

Well, if you are one such individual who is looking to add some credibility and persuasiveness in your words, then keep reading as in this post I will tell you 5 things that you can implement in your essay writing to make it more persuasive.

  1. Form a Firm Opinion

One of the biggest mistakes that academic writers make is that they believe that like any other essay, they can get away by simply writing whereas, a persuasive essay demands you to form an opinion about your subject, and in order to do so, you need to study about it. Thorough research of your topic is a must when you are writing a persuasive essay about it. Read as much as you can, find previously written works about your topic to refer to, and note down every possible loophole in them in order to present them as flaws. You need to understand that to pursue your audience, you need to be firm about your opinion and should have valid reasons for having that opinion. Anything that is related to your subject and you feel that it might be helpful must be read and understood to clear your mind. Usually, a persuasive essay comes with responsibilities as your subject might affect a lot of opinions and can be a game-changer for many, so make sure that you have a firm opinion about every single word that you are going to write in your essay.

  1. Keep Your Tone Confident and Friendly

Another important thing that you must keep in mind while writing a persuasive essay is that you must keep appropriate track of the words that you are using. People often believe that writing a persuasive essay is all about dominating a reader and that is where they go wrong. The whole idea of persuading a reader can only be achieved if you can take them in your confidence and try to convey your opinions in a friendly manner rather than imposing your opinions on them. Make sure you do not use domination words in high density as it might create a bad impression in front of your readers. Use firm language and easy to understand words to ensure that even a 6th grader can understand what you are trying to convey. Also being friendly here doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pursue them, it means that your readers should not feel dominated by your words they should feel empowered with all the knowledge and information that you are providing them. Think of it in this way, you as a writer is a teacher who wants to teach your readers a lesson about something, now one approach is to impose the lesson on them while the other is to take up the responsibility and make them understand the importance of your lesson. You decide which one would suit you better, in my opinion being friendly helps you gain credibility and it is also a great way of engaging your readers.

  1. Keep it simple and Keep it authentic

The authenticity of your work plays a very crucial role in it. You can not use any fact without confirming it and verifying the source of it. You must ensure that for every single piece of information that you are using to establish a point in your essay, you have to provide a genuine source as well as an explanation about it. Also, using complex sentences might drive away your readers from actually interacting and understanding your opinion. To make it more direct, you must keep it simple and precise. Never go overboard while explaining a particular term as too much detail is also of no use. Do not complicate your words because it can get tough for your audiences to understand. Try to connect the essay with your reader by making it relate-able, and using simple, daily used words can help you achieve just that.

  1. Keep Track of Your Facts and Opinion Ratio

Another thing that can help you make your essay more persuasive is a perfect blend of facts and opinions. There are a lot of times writers either go all-in with facts, or they don’t present enough facts, and in both cases, the chances of pursuing your reader take a dip. You must balance both, the number of facts that you introduce and your opinion about these facts, as the whole purpose of writing this essay is to see your capability of whether you can write a persuasive text or not, and how you can use facts to better explain your mindset. What you can do is, introduce an apt number of arguments with your opinion so that it doesn’t feel like you are only stating facts and not talking about your opinion as it will put your essay in a bad-light because the task of pursuing your reader must be done by your opinion, not by the facts.

  1. Introduce a Correct Call to Action

It is vital to make sure that your call to action is related to your purpose. A call to action usually occurs in the conclusion part of your essay and is as significant as your entire essay. Choose your call to action wisely, and don’t forget to highlight it. You can easily create a build-up of 2-3 lines before introducing a call to action so that it does not look like you are imposing it in your essay. You must yourself be clear to write your essay and what you want your readers to do once they are ‘persuaded’ by your words. Never set your expectations so high. For instance, if you are an online business owner, don’t introduce a simple “buy now” it is a known fact that you just can’t force anyone to buy your product, but what you can do is ask your readers to “visit a website” or “take a look at the collection”. You must understand your audience and design your call to action accordingly.

Include these steps in your essay writing, and you will observe your retention to be increasing rapidly. The entire idea of writing a persuasive essay is to put forward your opinion in a convincing manner. Stop looking up ‘essay writing services UK’ on the internet and start working on your writing skills as a service might help you once, but your skills will help you throughout your career. Hope these ways help you enhance your way of writing and make your essay “Persuasive”. Good Luck!

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