7 Online Learning Resources to Develop New Skills

Online Learning Resources to Develop New Skills

There are several factors why people decide to learn a new skill – no matter, if it’s for a passion or career, investing time in learning a new skill has a lot more benefits than merely studying the Skill by yourself. From a workplace and technical viewpoint, investing in learning and self-development will not merely make you stay in front of the curve but maintain your importance and to make sure your potential career achievement.

From the time we are born, we begin learning. It’s famous that as little ones, our brains are like sponges experiencing new information, taking in learning as we are expertise new things and apply our feelings to understand more about these new activities.

We proceed through education, often developing into higher education like college and professional skills, and also for some they feel phew I’ve achieved it! Not surprisingly, whenever the challenge of completing the ACA exams, our minds and bodies may require a rest. But usually, the ever-changing requirements of current day job roles, improvements in technology, and a changing economy show that continuous learning is essential for continued career achievement.

Benefits of learning new skills

1. It Maintains Your Health

Learning to keep your mind and body active. It helps you have new and knowledge-based viewpoints on the community around you. It helps you get new activities, educates your brain to manage various difficulties, and keeps your neural pathways productive. Every one of these elements combines to maintain your health.

2. Improved Self-confidence

Learning a new skill can help you accept new responsibilities at your workplace and improve your opportunity to articulate how you can improve the employees. Organizations search for people who are professional, skilled, and proactive. An employee who is optimistic about their skills and who can make an effort to show these skills will be considered an asset to their organization.

3. Better Job Possibilities

Improving your skills may open the door to new job possibilities that you may not have been able to think about before. For instance, if you improve your Microsoft Excel skills, you may be capable of getting jobs that need you to examine data, generate excel spreadsheets, or even create reports. When you get new skills, you can think about job opportunities and contracts you once passed on.

4. Raise Salary or Hourly Rate

Job satisfaction is essential, but so is receiving payment for what you’re price. If that abroad vacation seems unattainable, you may need to spend some certifications or training to make sure you end up in that warm area.

5. Get a New Job

One of the key reasons for increasing your new skills is to get new types of job, which may be more exciting or beneficial. You may want to expand into something new-which requires retraining and new training courses.

6. Attract Organizations by Showing Your Personality

Organizations like self-improvement. They significantly respect people who are continuing and developing independently. If you can show this, especially during the interview period, they will probably think about you and the type of person they would wish to assist.

How to Find Online Learning Resources for New Skill

You can find various online resources open to you to assist you in improving and upgrading your skills. We’ll now take an intense dive to check out seven of these online resources to understand better which ones are appropriate for you.


ALISON includes many different free, comprehensive courses on technology, finance, science, personal and soft skills, business, and more. It focuses on all sorts of students, from experts and professionals to educators and self-employed.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides training exercises, tutorial videos, and a customized learning dashboard that enables anyone to study at the own pace in and away from the classroom. With mathematics, technology, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and much more.

3. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning website with a variety of different programs within various industries. They have more than 23,000 courses on their system. Skillshare isn’t only for IT professionals. Therefore, it can be a beneficial resource for any person who wants to grow their skills beyond their regular job role.

4. Lynda

Lynda has amassed a collection of 4000+ video-based online training programs. Developed by a pool of curated experts, the classes instruct technical skills for designers, developers, tutors, photographers, and entrepreneurs, along with soft skills for business people.

5. TrainUp

TrainUp has several online courses in a variety of educational fields as business and technology. Some of its top partners include New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Global Knowledge, SkillPath, The Learning Tree, Lorman Education, Skillsoft, and more, which provide professional certificates and micro degrees.

6. Codeacademy

Have you always aspired to learn to code but never understood where to begin? Along with Codeacademy, you can begin at any level of experience to learn simple HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, or more. At some point, you may also develop primary websites, apps and perform advanced programming.

7. CodingGuru

CodingGuru is on a vision to get fascinated by coding and information technology. For people who want to dive more sincerely into IT Service Management, Javascript, Python, Ruby, CodingGuru provides curated choices of the best training resources.


No matter your position, you may be positively searching for resources that may help you boost your present skills or develop new ones.

There are lots of causes why you may want to learn new skills. You may be seeking to get a promotion to an advanced level position that needs a particular degree of knowledge of new, complicated subjects. You may have a particular interest in a subject that you don’t include within your job position.

Or maybe, you need to learn new skills to merge your present position and make it simpler for you to complete your jobs. However, we’ve given you seven online learning resources you can utilize to develop your skills. A few of these are paid, and some of these are free. The resources you utilize will mostly depend on what level you’re presently at, how much budget you have, along what particular skills you’re looking to learn.