8 Signs Your Firm Needs a New SEO Partner Company


Why is an SEO partner important for your firm? Let us understand first the working of an SEO agency. In order to give a good ranking to your company’s website, the agency uses a technique known as search engine optimization. Your webpage will attract the targeted traffic if, in the web search, it is propelled to the top of the page. Do your homework if you want to find a good SEO partner who can run a successful SEO campaign for your company.

8 signs your firm needs a new SEO partner

1. If your SEO partner just designs websites but is not passionate about SEO

You need to understand that a true SEO is different from a web developer. So, if the agency builds only beautiful websites for you then it is not sufficient. It is necessary that it also does the search engine optimization of those websites. How improvements are made in keyword rankings, phone calls, traffic and organic visibility? The agency has to answer all this. It is required to use analytics tools to present the actual data. If you will not get enough leads and traffic then you will definitely search for a new SEO partner.

2. If the communication is poor and the expectations are neglected

Some companies pay more than $10,000 per month to the agencies. The agency will send you data in the form of screenshots of Google Analytics, at each month’s end. It will highlight the points in which better results are obtained. These reports contain several terms and charts and sometimes the people of many companies are unable to understand these. What work agency does every month? Some companies do not have any idea of this. All this happens because of poor communication. As a result, the company tries to search for a new agency.

3. If there is no tracking so as to measure the performance

It is necessary to set up a tracking mechanism. This will help you to identify the events and goals. You can also track calls with this. All this will be vital for your company. Suppose we have a client and we run a content campaign or a link building campaign for him. Then how will we measure the performance of our work as if the campaigns run properly and give good results or not? As an example, at the start of our work, the client receives 25 calls and he receives the same number of calls even after 5 months. This means that the way in which we do our work is not good and it needs some improvement. Our tactics and strategy need some adjustment. So, if you want that in real-time your goals can accomplish then you need to set up a tracking mechanism for it.   

4. If the content strategy does not exist

If you do not have a content strategy then your website can not get so much traffic. The organic traffic will not increase automatically just by hiring an SEO company. Our expectations need to be managed for solving this problem. Several areas require so much hard work so as to do SEO properly. It isn’t just magic. Content is also a part of this. If a content strategy doesn’t exist then there will be no increase in traffic. Suppose a site has 15 pages and it needs optimization then its content needs to be targeted, only then the leads and traffic can increase.

5. If there is no strategy for link building

In many competitive fields if you want to do SEO perfectly then you need to develop a right strategy for link building. However, the strategy for link building is ignored by a lot of agencies. These agencies do not take any interest in building links. A few agencies admit that they do this but the reality is that they use those practices that are dangerous and outdated, like forum commenting and directory link building on a large level. Sometimes they want to inflate organic search rankings artificially by using private blog networks (PBNs) which is a spammy tactic. What is link building actually? This question confuses a lot of people. Instead of giving good results, this practice can be damaging for a lot of companies’ websites if it is done in the wrong way.

6. If the SEO partner does not educate the client

If the agency performs the task of optimizing the site then it is the responsibility of the agency to educate the client about all the tasks that it does. Along with this, it is important for the client to get information about the updates in the Google search. It will be beneficial for the company. If they will not do this then others will take advantage.

7. If they do not take too much interest in conversion tactics

How does a website achieve conversions? A right agency pays attention to this also. Use Lucky Orange and several other Google tools to know the interaction of the people with the site. In order to improve the conversions, A/B split testing is necessary. Use tools to check whether the agency does all this. If the agency does not do this then the chances of the client getting a large number of leads will reduce.

8. If they do black hat SEO

A lot of websites use software or applications to remove viruses and maintain privacy so as to prevent themselves from unethical marketing. Your company can be in danger if you follow any malpractice. But the agency can guarantee you success by refining the content and doing several other things. If you are involved in tactics of black hat SEO then you can easily achieve all this. It includes comment spam, over optimization, keyword stuffing, more use of affiliate links, buying spam links that are trashy, getting content that is duplicated. If the agency performs all this then leave that agency and go for a new SEO partner.

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