A Detailed Information About Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation Services
Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous translation, also called simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous transmission, and simultaneous interpretation is an industrial process where at least two or more simultaneous speakers transmit an audio or visual presentation to an audience. Simultaneous Interpretation Services are used for many purposes. You might need it when you travel abroad, or you might need it when you are in the audience of a live event. In either case, the simultaneous interpretation will provide you with accurate and comprehensive translation services that ensure your communication is delivered as clearly as possible.

Requirements of Simultaneous Interpretation:

When you are in an audience of any kind, you want to be sure to hear what you want to hear and get a good idea of how the speaker is communicating. Interpreters will adjust their headsets and microphones so that they can hear every word clearly and to do so without blocking other voices or hearing impairment.

To get the best possible results, simultaneous interpretation requires:

  • A simultaneous interpretation system
  • A microphone
  • A headset

The microphone aids the interpreter’s ability to hear and convey in speech, but the headset is designed to help keep the speaker from becoming distracted by the ongoing sounds around him. An interpreter’s concentration can be easily disrupted when he is trying to translate from one language to another or when many accents are coming in with the speaker.

Types of Simultaneous Interpretation:

There are many different types of simultaneous interpretation systems available, including simultaneous interpretation for English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, and many others. Most of these services use the computers that you are probably using right now to surf the Internet. The programs allow the interpreters to speak in whatever language they have chosen to help you get the most out of your trip or to make your travel more enjoyable.

Levels of Interpreting Services:

There are many different levels of interpreting services:

· Basic Level:

Starting with the very basic which is interpreted word for word and ending with a simultaneous interpretation that translates each word in your choice of languages into their respective languages. This is the most basic level of service and it is offered all over the world for free.

· Level Up:

The next level up is services that will allow the interpreter to handle several simultaneous interpretation requests at one time. With one of these systems, the interpreter has access to speak in many languages simultaneously while he is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. The internet connection enables him to translate each word that comes up as well as determine which speaker’s voice is going to come through. For example, if there are a lot of simultaneous interpretation requests for one language, the interpreter can switch over to another language so that everyone is getting their part of the conversation. This will allow the speaker to speak faster and, in more depth, than ever before.


As you can see, the benefits of using this type of service for your event are tremendous.

1. Technology:

One of the primary reasons that this is such a great option for many professional speakers and conference organizers is because of the technology involved. Most traditional equipment simply does not have the processing power to handle such requests. You will find that most people do not realize that there are some events where a mere phone call or text message is not enough. In these cases, simultaneous interpretation is essential. Of course, technology is only one of the many factors that make using this type of equipment an excellent option.

2.  Save a Handsome Amount:

Another great thing about utilizing the services of simultaneous interpretation is that you will find that you save a lot of money. For example, instead of hiring professionals who charge thousands of dollars per hour to do the job, you can employ interpreters who work for much less. Since the equipment itself is quite affordable, you can easily find yourself spending a fraction of the cost on the professionals when you outsource the job. Also, you will not need to hire any extra staff since the interpreters who are available to work for you will handle most of the speaking responsibilities.

3. Save a Lot of Time:

The other major benefit of choosing Simultaneous Interpretation Services is that you will be saving a tremendous amount of time. You do not need to spend hours trying to decipher what someone is saying when you cannot speak the language or when the person is speaking another language. Instead, you can simply listen and make sure that what they are saying makes sense before you have even spoken to them. In some cases, it may even be possible to understand all that is being said during the entire meeting since most people do speak more than just one language.


Although there are many benefits associated with simultaneous interpretation, you should keep in mind that the technology is simply not as advanced as you might think. Some of the features that you will find are simply not available on traditional hardware devices. However, you can be assured that you can receive the best quality services when you choose to work with the leading providers of these services. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your conferences, meetings, and other events go smoothly and you want to ensure that your guests understand everything that is being said, you should invest in real-time interpreting services so that everyone can get involved and participate in the process. You can check EMS Events to get the best services for simultaneous interpretation.