Affirmations: What are those and its Benefits

Benefits of Affirmations

We all get many thoughts throughout the day. Researchers tell us that we tend to get more of negative thoughts than that of positive ones. Consciously or subconsciously, we tell ourselves negative stuff without even being aware of it.

We say things like- I’m never going be able to do this. I’m just not good enough. Why does one want me in a position where I would just embarrass myself and the person?

These are the things that drain our confidence levels and hence we tend to get more and more negative and sabotage ourselves. We do that so frequently that we tend to make ourselves in to believing that we won’t be able to do it. Which as a result pulls us down to the bottom where we risk our careers, relationships and even our personal lives.

What if, we could just do something exact opposite? What if we change our negative thoughts in to positive ones deliberately using Affirmations? The results can be much more promising and helpful.

What are Affirmations?

The way we tell ourselves negative stuff all the time, Affirmations work as an exact opposite. These are some hopeful or positive statements that digs deeper in to our subconscious and boost self-confidence.  The Affirmations are merely not wishful thinking rather these are the exercises that we should do on a daily basis.
Like physical exercises, Affirmations are the exercise for your brain. Just how pushups can improve your strength and endurance, Affirmations works as an antidote towards negativity if done correctly. These exercises if repeated continuously can restructure our thought patterns and allow us to think differently.

Daily Positive Affirmations are also used to treat people dealing with any mental challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and have a track record of showing promising results.

Benefits of Affirmations –

It motivates us –

Most of the time when we are busy sabotaging ourselves, we tend to forget the reality. For example – We may think that we are not good enough to do a task but, in the past, we’ve dealt with it amazingly. Therefore, Reciting affirmations pushes or motivates us to hold onto the truths when we are feeling low.

Whatever we tell ourselves we believe and hence it is critical to tell ourselves or remind ourselves about the positive events of our lives.

Provides more juice in life

What does provide more juice in life means? We all keep telling in our subconscious mind that we are not good enough and hence sabotage ourselves. Practicing affirmations on a regular basis gives us a clear perspective on who we are and what we want and what we’re capable of.

We do things differently in our lives if our focus is clear. However, we will do things with a lousy behavior if our focus is distracted. Therefore, it also improves our focus and hence improves our quality of life.

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Boost in confidence

When we learn to stop sabotaging ourselves, we learn more and more about our beliefs and hence learn to be the best version of ourselves. While we sabotage ourselves, we tend to differentiate ourselves and tell our subconscious about who we’re not.

When we stop sabotaging ourselves, we tend to stop pretending to be anyone else. This happens when we use positive affirmations in a right way and explore ourselves to be better

Better Health

We know that people who tend to show positive feelings are much happier and more fulfilled in life as compared to people who don’t. They tend to live longer and healthier. With the negative people they tend to have issues in sleeping, sore muscles and head feels heavier.

Therefore, one main benefit of affirmations is that it promotes better health. Rather than getting caught in the negative emotions of our lives, we need to shift our focus on positive affirmations to destroy our negative one. You would start to enjoy life both mentally and physically.

Better Relationship

Even if its about improving your existing relationship or forming a new one. Affirmations helps you to improve you as a person. If you have a lousy relationship with someone affirmations can help you to get the most out of that relationship.

We all know that first impression is the best impression. With low self-esteem and confidence, we will approach a person differently than we would at a better self-confidence. With affirmations we know that it boosts our positive thoughts and confidence and hence whilst dealing with someone we deal in a much better way.

They set up for success

Affirmations are known to improve our focus in life. We tend to focus more on the positive side of life then on the negative side. We becoming more leaned towards learning rather than loosing and hence we should not be too surprised if we do big in life after practicing Affirmations

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