Amplify your Handyman service app by enriching with salient features

The use of the internet and technology has imbibed in everyone’s lives. Even right at this moment, you wouldn’t have started this day without using mobile apps. It has created a massive impact because it makes people’s lives more comfortable by offering services instantly, thus saving their time, and things are getting done on time, which they prefer the most in this fast-paced world.

Why do people prefer using Handyman services?

If you take any services in all industries, there are mobile apps for everything. For food delivery, you have Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. We also have an online app for courier delivery services, packers, movers, logistics, beauty, etc. You name it; you will have an app for it.

There is also an app that delivers services like plumbing, beauty, courier, etc. Above, we discussed there is an app for everything. But a handyman solution is nothing but having all the services in one app, making the work much easier. To avail of all services in a single app, we have our On-demand handyman app development.

Usually, people get busy, and they do not find the time, and even if they do, they don’t have the skills to do the chores around the house like fixing doors, electrical conduit, or plumbing doors, etc. Now, you have an app for that called Handyman where it helps them to select the required services from the app, schedule or book the service, and they will arrive at your doorstep and get things done for you. This is the crucial reason people prefer to use an app like Uber for Handyman as they work on people’s requested time to provide a quality service.

Here, we will discuss the features and other processes involved while building an Uber for Handyman services.

Power-packed features

  • Social media login
    The Handyman app like Uber, allows users and service providers to log in through their active social networking sites that help them to access the features and other functionalities.
  • Multi-bookings
    The Uber for Handyman Services app facilitates users to book and schedule multiple services as per their discretion.
  • In-app chat/call
    This feature in the clone app helps connect users with the professional handymen through the in-app chat and call facility to discuss and exchange information.
  • Multi-language accessibility
    This feature helps cater to users and service professionals to use the clone app as per the language of their choice.
  • ETA
    It is nothing but the Estimated Time Arrival report. The clone app is incorporated with advanced geolocation that helps predict and calculate the estimated arrival time(ETA) of service experts to the user’s location.
  • Automated bill generation
    The clone app like Uber for Handyman service is built in a way that helps generate the invoice and share it with users and professionals.
  • Integrated with ads
    The Handyman clone app permits promotional messages, ads on user and service provider apps that boost business revenue.
  • Push Notifications
    This feature notifies users through SMS, email regarding the service request, offers, discounts, payment confirmation, etc.
  • Fare price-range
    The app is built with this feature permitting service professionals to set and manage their service price where it allows app users to check and view the rate card and other details before booking services.

The basic workflow of the app

  • Sign- up /Login
    Initially, users will have to sign -up for the app by registering their details like number, address, email, etc.
  • Browsing
    Next, the users will be allowed to search and view the varieties of services and their details like their name, service experience, and the cost, etc.
  • Scheduling
    After viewing and checking the details, users can book or schedule the service for a particular time and date or can even request it right away as per their convenience.
  • Live to track
    The clone app allows users to track the requested service professional’s location promptly. This feature is in-built and permits users to guide the service providers to the service location if required.
  • In-app payments
    After the service is completed, the users can pay for the service via the payment gateways like debit/credit cards, net-banking, digital wallets, etc., integrated into the app.
  • Feedback column
    The users can rate, review, and share their honest feedback about the service and the professional to improve the experience. It majorly benefits fellow users to know about their work while booking.

Uber For Handyman App Development

The Development of the Handyman Services App

The clone app is creatively designed and developed to have a seamless user experience. The business admins help monitor and manage users and other functions via the dashboard effectively and efficiently.

  • We provide eye-catchy User-interface and distinctive UI designs.
  • We deliver pre-build, readymade, and customizable apps.
  • It is built with secure cloud deployment.
  • It is developed with advanced technologies for a delightful user experience.
  • It is deployed with multiple business models, tailored to the business requirements and market conditions.
  • The clone app is developed, giving businesses the flexibility to implement their ideas and requirements.
  • The clone app also offers support to contact any time to ensure uninterrupted app performance at all levels.
  • We are providing a bug-free clone app.

Closing Thoughts,

Building a mobile app for Handyman App Like Uber by bringing your ideas to life helps turn all the efforts and commitment you put in building an app into a massive profit. It helps transform users’ needs into an easy one to optimize through your app idea and transform your vision into a reality.

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