How to Avoid Costly Custom Rigid Packaging Mistakes?

Rigid Boxes

Product packaging will always remain a key opportunity for brands to promote a strong message about their goods and stay ahead of the competition. With the enormous growth of online shopping and e-commerce platforms, this fact has become even more critical. Resultantly, brands now have more of a chance to grasp their target audience’s attention and create their own unique personality and niche.

That said, there are also more odds for slip-ups that can potentially hurt your brand’s reputation.

Of course, no one likes to make mistakes, especially the ones that result in missed deadlines, lost time, and rework costs. Evading a big packaging blunder, including wholesale rigid boxes, will not only save you cash but also keep your brand name intact. So, how can you avoid unexpected custom rigid packaging expenses that will significantly boost the bill and hurt your potential profitability?

Here’s how you can fuel your future success in the retail industry by overcoming serious packaging mistakes:

Analyze Wholesale Rigid Boxes Lifecycle

The first step to create wholesale rigid boxes is to make sure you have meticulously analyzed the entire packaging lifecycle. This includes fulfillment, dissemination, and logistics compatibility. Meaning, one wrong move can significantly increase your fulfillment and distribution costs.

As a product manufacturer, you must consider every detail of the packaging design. At the same time, the finishing should be evaluated so your products can arrive in top-notch condition, and consumers can use them right away. In brief, a complete analysis of the custom rigid packaging lifecycle is critical to developing the best product boxes.

However, you must conduct this analysis quickly so your goods can reach the market without any delays.

Prioritize Your Branding Goals

Embracing cohesive branding will make your brand and products more distinguishable. Mind you, every design element plays a pivotal role in how a buyer responds to your products — do they leave it on the shelf or throw it in their cart?

One of the deadliest packaging mistakes a brand can make is failing to present its products in a way that makes it arduous for customers to recognize and distinguish from others. Join forces with The Legacy Printing that brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the table, and gain essential insights regarding the brand presentation.

It will help you present your brand and products in a fresh and enticing way.

Ensure Structural Soundness

Once your products are encased in the boxes, they will be dispatched through various shipping methods. Failing to ensure structural soundness means you can lose hundreds and thousands or even millions in proceeds. A packaging that fails to withstand external pressure and forces during shipping will either collapse, lose ink, appear worn out or showcase similar problems, which will hurt your anticipated sales and profits.

This bonds you to work with a reliable wholesale rigid boxes supplier with a dedicated team of highly-skilled and qualified packaging experts to give you a solution that actually works.

Also, before you implement a design concept, make sure to evaluate it thoroughly. If it cannot bear the stresses of shipping, avoid sticking with it. However, your vetting process must be fast and efficient. From harnessing the power of custom rigid boxes to other packaging options, the structural soundness of the boxes should be closely evaluated since it is one of the most crucial points in the package development process.

Creating Your Personal Vision Statement

When clients reach our experts at The Legacy Printing with novel packaging ideas, whether with a ready-to-use design or a concept, we closely work with them to turn their idea into reality. Best of all, our development process has speed-to-market proficiency. Being an A-list packaging firm in the industry, we leverage the most advanced equipment to give you excellent custom rigid packaging, quickly and easily. Since we work in conjunction with your team, you will be able to evade packaging blunders that hamper your profitability.

If you are keen to source custom packaging options free of difficulties that confront exclusivity, talk to one of our representatives today. And let us get your packaging roll out smoothly and efficiently, so you won’t have to bear the cost of packaging errors.


Minimizing the rate of damage will be imperative to improving customer experience, but it also brings sustainability. Remember, it takes 12 positive experiences to outweigh one bad experience. Moreover, when you replace a damaged product, you have to bear the cost of shipping the item again. Additionally, you have to absorb the cost of the replacement product.

If you want to emerge as a sustainable brand, cutting the cost of your damages is one of the most powerful ways to improve your business and bottom line.

It’s never too late for anything, especially when you are dealing in the retail market.

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