Top 5 Effective Benefits to Wearing Hearing Aids

Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

If you’ve been plagued by hearing loss & are debating whether or not to use hearing aids, then you are definitely not alone in your dilemma.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), 63 million people alone in India suffer from hearing loss of one kind or other.

And this number doesn’t include just adults, but also middle-aged people of both sexes.

In fact, according to medical experts, hearing loss can affect people as young as 12, & the number of such young hearing loss patients in India is quite high, & some of them have severe hearing loss that impacts everyday hearing & activities badly.

Despite the wide prevalence of hearing loss dispersed throughout the Indian population, it is estimated that as few as 20% of hearing loss patients actually utilize hearing aids to help them hear better.

It is not unprecedented but totally unnecessary, as hearing aids provide a lot of clinically approved benefits to wearers, including better communication & less strain on the ears.

Overall, hearing aids help hearing loss patients live a better quality of life by helping them communicate with others in a better way.

For those hearing loss patients that are still undecided about whether or not to invest in Hearing aids, this article should help you decide with facts.

Below, we list the top 5 benefits of wearing hearing aids, & how they help hearing loss patients in a better way.

Read on to know more.

Help you with your professional life

This isn’t something that needs to be up for debate. Better hearing & communication skills are a very important part of professional life. Many mainstream jobs thrive on meaningful communication between employees & teams to keep on the steady roll.

In any case, very few jobs will not require good communication as an inherent part of the profile that suits all their requirements.

People with hearing loss, whether partial or complete, have a significant disadvantage over other peers with healthy hearing when it comes to ease of communication.

This disadvantage also shows in their earnings, as it is estimated that people with hearing loss lose a significant portion of their earnings due to the communication gap between them & their healthier mates.

Hearing aids help hearing loss patients hear a lot better than they were able to before, thus helping them tremendously in their professional lives.

Better financial & professional growth is just one of the many benefits to wearing hearing aids.

Reduced rate of cognitive decline

Medical researchers have drawn a straight correlation between untreated hearing loss & gradual, steady cognitive decline in nervous functions.

Hearing loss patients are at an increased risk of developing dementia & other diseases arising out of a slow decline in nervous functions.

Although this decline is experienced by everyone who suffers from partial or complete hearing loss, studies have shown a greater rate of decline in patients who don’t use hearing aids.

Studies also show that people who don’t get their hearing loss treated in any way, experience higher rates of atrophy in the brain, thus making understanding speech patterns much more difficult than the average person.

Hearing Aids help decrease the chances of such gradual cognitive decline while increasing the hearing abilities of people with hearing loss.

Reduce symptoms of Tinnitus

A ringing, buzzing, hissing, or roaring sensation is one of the most common complaints of hearing loss patients. This sensation is medically termed Tinnitus. Although it isn’t fatal or dangerous in any way, it does lead to a lot of annoyance & irritation for the patients experiencing it.

Wearing hearing aids, professionally fit by technicians, helps reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus in hearing loss patients by great numbers.

Some technologically advanced hearing aids also come with machines that create artificial white noise to drown out the Tinnitus sounds experienced by hearing loss patients.

These white noises include rain sounds, breeze sounds, & simulated quiet to give relief to hearing loss patients suffering from Tinnitus.

Improves the quality of life

Wearing hearing aids helps hearing loss patients hear others better, thus inadvertently helping them lead better lives.

Family days become more enjoyable with them able to fully hear & understand each & everything their loved ones say, professional lives become easier, they can easily perform activities like driving, running, etc. that could have proved fatal earlier, & lots more with the help of hearing aids.

With the rate of gradual cognitive decline also slowed down, patients can live a much better quality of life than they would have lived without hearing aids.

Happiness of patients

Let’s face it. There is nothing we humans enjoy more than listening to others, talking to others, & just plain communicating with others.  Hearing loss, whether partial or complete, impedes this tendency of ours considerably.

Hearing Aids help hearing loss patients live a better quality of life with hearing loss, & maintain easy flowing communication with family members, loved ones, friends, & colleagues.

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