The Best Android Spy Apps in 2020

Best Android Spy Apps

Children today are far too tricky and fast to learn new technical understanding. Like many parents who have given their children a telephone, your main concern is probably associated with dangerous online actions. Luckily, there is an android spy app that you could install on your kid’s devices, which allows you to monitor their Android apparatus with no worries concerning “tampering evidence.”

So, what should you choose? With only a simple search on the internet, you’ll observe endless programs available on the internet, which you can install on your own Android phone that will help you track and monitor your target’s actions.

Best Android Spy Apps

1. TheWiSpy

With such a thorough collection of functions, it’s no surprise this app quickly climbed the ranks are the best choice for many parents to help track their child’s Android mobile action. The best thing about all these is it can all be carried out stealthily without even diluting your goal relating to it.

TheWiSpy will accumulate and upload all of the data to its Cloud storage that you can access through your own personal account from any internet-ready device. Android spy app even provides you the ability to acquire remote control in your kid’s apparatus to block certain individuals from calling them.

By using the GPS function on your target’s apparatus, TheWiSpy even enables you to track their position with fantastic precision. Additionally, this is an especially useful feature to rely on for if your goal phone becomes stolen or lost.

One intriguing feature that we believe is worth mentioning is that the TheWiSpy may alert you when particular words and phrases such as “do not tell,” “home alone,” and “head to maneuver me your phone” pops at any moment throughout your child’s dialog or mirrored in most browser hunts. This is crucial since it helps parents protect their children from misuse and improper content on the internet.

In general, TheWiSpy is just one of the best options for parents seeking to monitor their child’s mobile and internet action. But should you want to have the ability to decide on a time limitation on their telephone, you might be better off with a different program or to put in another program for this.


  • Remote controls with virtually no manifold or any potential Digital interruptions
  • GPS place That’s helpful for you to monitor phone
  • Extremely user-friendly interface

3. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor is among the latest and complete devices monitoring app in virtually every sense. This Android program comes packaged with a massive collection of features that includes a fundamental place, messaging, telephone logs tracking, along with other more sophisticated features like call recording, keystroke detection, program screenshots, access to ambient sounds, and telephone camera without so much as required for the rooting of the target device.

The first thing you will have to do is set up the program both on your intended phone and your device. After everything is installed, all of the information on your target device can be retrieved via your mobile phone program.

The 1 thing we especially liked from iKeyMonitor is that the screenshot and photographs attribute. The program basically uploads any screenshots or photographs taken and obtained by the goal phone to the iKeyMonitor accounts, which you will have the ability to get any moment. You may even covertly have a screenshot of your child’s apparatus any time so you can know about all of the actions happening on their cell phone.

We were thrilled to discover the neighboring voices recorded by the applications were clear and totally audible. This offers you the capability to eavesdrop and listen to most of the discussions carried out together with your son or daughter.

Overall, iKeyMonitor is a fantastic mobile tracking application alternative due to its innovative set of features, which aren’t commonly found in different programs. And the best part is that you do not even have to root on the telephone or run some complex installations to find the program setup.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Surrounding and Surrounding voice recording entirely audible
  • The program screenshot feature functions amazingly.

3. mSpy

This program also uses the cellular device’s GPS function that will assist you in monitoring your child’s latest site. 1 interesting feature is the program lets you enter imaginary fencing using its geofencing feature. When it finds your kid has crossed that fencing, the program will instantly alert you regarding it.

Another wonderful feature of mSpy is its capacity that will assist you to keep your eye on the sites your child has bookmarked in their browser. Together with the keylogger attribute, the program enables you to check on all of your child’s scanning activities.

In conclusion, mSpy is a fantastic program to track and check your kid’s Android mobile use.


  • Quick and Effortless installation
  • Simple to Use
  • Offers sufficient attributes without needing rooting


Our best three tracking programs discussed previously work incredibly with the Android apparatus. Additionally, all of them may be covertly set up and kept hidden on your intended Android telephone. Hopefully, this article now has helped you in your hunt to find the very best android spy app you can download to your own Android cellphone.