The Best Antivirus Apps for PC’s Windows and Androids

best antivirus apps

What do the best antivirus apps do?

The best antivirus apps provide complete protection to your system. With basic features, they protect your webcam and video conferencing apps. With average antivirus software, this is not possible.

They do real-time detection to block and delete malicious files and e-mails. They do this before you can see malware. They do not clash with other software or slows down the speed of the PC.

There are some additional features in the best antivirus apps. Such as:

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)- it ensures that your network is safe so that you have safe browsing.
  2. Password management- it helps to make strong passwords and save them for future logins.
  3. Parental control- to keep an eye on the activities of children.

How to rate the best antivirus apps?

Before selecting the best antivirus apps, the following things should be considered.

Malware protection– apps with protection from malware are better than others. This feature is important nowadays due to increasing ransomware attacks.

The app should be able to counter not only viruses but also rootkits and ransomware.

High-Quality Features– many times apps, have a lot of features that slow down the speed of the system. Such apps work well but affect the speed of the system.

The best app should have high-quality features.

Speed and efficiency– the best antivirus is always light in weight; it does not run with issues. It can run well on even the older computers.

With a heavyweight, it will difficult for it to run smoothly.

Easy to use– the best antivirus apps do not have complex features and are easy to use. You do not need assistance to operate them.

They do not require frequent maintenance.

Good value– before selecting an antivirus app, you must check the number of devices it can cover. An antivirus app that covers a few devices is of no use.

It is a waste to invest in such an app. Check free trial and a money-back guarantee as some apps have an in-built defect due to which they work for a short time.

Some of the best antivirus apps

Here is a list of some of the best antivirus apps for PC’s Windows, and Android.

1. Norton-360 (For Windows and Android)

It gives well-maintained internet security that ensures the protection of information. It can handle even the latest threats with 100% protection.

It has excellent features, such as malware protection, VPN access, and password managing. With Norton-360, you have more license and storage space.

Other than the above features, it is easy to use, affordable, and reliable. It is an amazing app at an affordable price.

2. McAfee Total protection ( for online security)

It has all the necessary features that you need for internet security, such as password management, encrypted storage, and many more.

My home network is a special feature that provides an easy reading map of all the devices. Through this, you can stop the way for intruders.

It gives security to all the computers and mobiles.

For more information about McAfee, Click Here

3. Avira Prime (for the anti-malware engine and system optimization)

It has one of the best antivirus engines. Premium version includes features such as:

  • Password manager
  • Privacy optimization
  • System optimization
  • Premium apps for Android

Its optimization tools include power boost and startup optimizer.

4. TotalAV (easy to use)

It is one of the trusted virus security. It has an easy-to-use design. Extra features include phishing protection, spyware protection, VPN, and password manager.

You can use it without any complexity and user- friendly. It has a great range of varieties.

5. Bullguard (for high-power protection)

It has three low-cost planes with additional features such as parental control and cloud backup. Its top planes give phishing protection.

Its game booster feature allows games to run smoothly. It does not slow down the speed of your system. It is appropriate for gamers.

It offers 30 days free trial.

6. Bitdefender Total Security (for extra features)

It is one of the most famous and effective antivirus solutions. It has the following features.

  • Real-time protection
  • On-demand protection
  • Tune-up tools
  • Parental control
  • Protection from phishing, fraud, and spam

Its engine is powerful and advanced. You will fall in love with its more features.

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Final verdict

It is essential to choose the best antivirus apps for your system. Many antiviruses promise to give the best protection but fail to do so. Check the reviews before selecting.

Look for the app that fulfills most of your needs. Don’t run after the brand. Branded and famous apps can sometimes disappoint you.

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