Top 4 Azure Certifications in 2021: Which is right for you?

Top 4 Azure Certifications in 2021

Microsoft has established a bond of trust with its consumers during the years through the distribution of outstanding services and goods. No exceptions are Microsoft Azure. This is a system that provides organizations with cloud computing services. It also provides organizations with the ability to develop, operate, and deliver apps using the best technologies on a global network and to build people’s abilities.

4 Best Azure Certifications

Three types are based on Azure Certifications; associate, expert, and fundamental. Everything levels are based on four online Microsoft Azure Certifications, divided as per four various positions. The Highest Four Azure Certifications are listed below.

1. Microsoft Azure Developer-Associate

The Microsoft Azure Developer-Associate certification is intended for designers who, through the coordination of data storage managers, cloud solution engineers, cloud executives, and customers, can plan, build and maintain cloud software and services. The specifics of his analysis are given below:

  • The fee for the test is $165.
  • The score range needed should be 700 or above.
  • The duration of the period is 2:30 hours.
  • The review is based on 40-60 questions. 

Preparation Tips for Microsoft Azure Developer-Associate Exam

  • Online Training: In order to access the most qualified professors for each module, enter an online class on QuickStart.
  • Books and journals for Microsoft Azure Developer: Ready for the exam using reputable books, IT articles, and novels.
  • Microsoft Portal: All necessary materials such as research content, test criteria, skills assessed through this test, and examination modules are available in the Microsoft portal, etc.
  • Sample Practice Tests: Through solving prototype practice tests on QuickStart, evaluate your talent. For any questions, talk to all of us.
  • Online Discussion forums and study groups: Enter and learn from knowledgeable experts in online forums.
  • Whitepapers: Microsoft whitepapers are shared that are insightful and offer an understanding into a good or service.

2. Microsoft Azure Administrator-Associate

Two outdated records, AZ-101 and AZ-102, are the foundation of the Microsoft Azure Administrator-Associate exams. Azure Administrator Certification allows an individual to have the ability to monitor, execute, compute, store, network, and protect Microsoft Azure services. The specific details needed for this qualification are as follows:

  • The fee for the test is $165. 
  • The score range needed should be 700 or above. 
  • 2:30 hours is a limited time. 
  • The review is based on a set of 40-60 questions.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft Azure Administrator-Associate Exam.

  • Online Training Programs: Try to solve your questions by chatting with our QuickStart professionals. Take the preparation curriculum online and remote location to attend lectures.
  • Books and other sources: For a stronger knowledge of the topic, using guidebooks as well as other references. A few of the major topics for Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Ref AZ-103 by Scott Hoag, Jonathan, and Michael Washam.
  • Official Webpage: Using the original Microsoft website to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator-Associate certificate to collect information on necessities, qualifying requirements, and examination goals, etc.
  • Practice Tests: Give practice questions on QuickStart to check your experience and abilities until you believe you are qualified for the exam.
  • Online Discussions and Study Groups: To answer questions and learn about the perspectives of other people, contact focus groups, and online forums.
  • Comprehending the objectives: To consider the weighting and aims of each domain and every module of it, go through the examination blueprint.

3. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer-Associate

The benefit of certification of Microsoft Azure Al Engineer is intended to benefit voters who are able to conduct and maintain security, identities, access control and are responsible for improving cloud storage applications and networking. For the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer-Associate exams, the main requirements are:

  • The fee for the test is $165. 
  • 700 or above should be the score range necessary. 
  • The length of the cycle is 3:40 minutes. 
  • 62 questions are the basis of the exams.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft Azure AI Engineer-Associate Exam.

  • Online Training Courses: Register in the online training course QuickStart and gain a better understanding of the topic with the assistance of our advisors.
  • Practice Tests: To use QuickStart, take exams before even the final exam to assess your abilities. Visit our website for more information and talk with our experts.
  • Comprehensive Study Guide: To understand the guideline of the exam and schedule the training period appropriately, go through the full guide given on the main certification website.
  • Official Website: Unlock the real website for proper guidance on report cards for the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer-Associate.

4. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The aim of Azure Fundamental Certification is to give awareness of the basic skills of web services. There is no qualification for certification; moreover, the applicant must have profound benefits of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. The certification is useful for studying cloud services for non-tech applicants. Important info about this qualification is as follows:

  • The fee for the test is $99. 
  • 700 or above should be the passing score necessary. 
  •  The length of the test is 1:30 hours. 
  • The review is based on a set of 40-60 questions.

Preparation Tips for Azure Fundamentals Exam.

It’s indeed essential to prepare for it correctly in order to complete the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam. To plan, just use the suggestions below:

  • Online forums: Research teams raise visibility, and online communities such as QuickStart are the main outlets for inquiries and clear myths about Azure Fundamentals to be answered.
  • Azure Fundamental Books, Analyst reports, and whitepapers: Ready for the examination using insightful guides such as Adney Ainsley’s Microsoft Azure Guide for Beginners Analyst reviews and policy documents formally released by Microsoft are other sources of research materials.
  • Microsoft Training: For online courses, Microsoft instructor led-training is used. Login for QuickStart and directly address questions with the instructor and take school directly. Leave us a note for yet more knowledge on the Azure Fundamentals Exam.
  • Microsoft Credentials: Microsoft documentation helps research topics such as rehabilitation, catastrophe, and fault-tolerant, etc. This also aids to consider the advantages of Azure Cloud Computing.
  • Microsoft Platform: Comprehensive information about exam enrollment, module connections, research content, style, and recommendations are offered by the Microsoft platform.

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