3 Best Foot Massager In India 2020 -Reviews & Comparision

Are you feeling stressed recently or do you have pains in the lower part of the body? Maybe on your thigh or maybe on your legs. If your answer is affirmative, then you demand the best foot massager, my friend. It can help with leg pain, thigh pain, stress, muscle tension, and so on. Luckily there is plenty of a foot massager available out.

Inverting in a foot massager provides you comfort from a long stressful day. And you can use it at any time at home.

Right food massager not only requires amazing massaging experience but also offers several health gains both mental and physical.


In order to buy the right one, we recommended considering the following factors


Manual or electric – based on their method of functioning, foot massager is classified into two types. Electric ones come with several massaging styles and styles like tapping, vibration, rolling, kneading, shiatsu and others. These styles can combine to get a custom massaging practice as per your interest. But manual ones don’t require such pre-programmed massaging solutions.


Closed or open design – these are two various design types of the foot massager. If you are the view for just massaging feet, then the open design is the correct choice. If you need a massage for the foot, ankle, and calf then go for a closed design.


Size – every foot massager has a limit when it comes to accommodating feet. Some can have a stem foot range of up to 14, while others may fit an only range of 10. If you and your family members have large feet, then you should choose a model that can contain more space.


Best foot massager machine in India 2020


[1] JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager


The first brand from our list is developed and marketed by JSB healthcare. With over 30 years of experience, this product has maintained the quality, honest price and assured after the sale service. JSB foot massager is specially designed to provide electric stimulation on necessary pressure points. The massaging principles programmed in this product are based on age-old performances [reflexology and acupuncture] which are known for relaxing tensioned muscles. This massaging device is integrated with 3-speed levels which let the user control the massage as required and manipulate the tension in and the leg or foot.


With integrated rubber massage pads, this product can sneeze your tired feet after a long tiresome day. The massager has an auto shut-off headline that gets activated after 15 min of use so you can fall asleep while using the massager without any worries. The massager can recline up to 45 degrees so the user can use it while sitting or reclining.


Things we liked

  •     Spend less electricity
  •     15 min auto shut off
  •     3 modes of kneading and 3 modes of vibration
  •     Brand in home health care products
  •     1-year warranty
  •     Rubber knead for ankles, foot and calves


Things we didn’t like

  •     Not a good option for old public


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[2] Lifelong LLM99 calf and Leg massager

Lifelong is actually a new brand in the market with just 3 years of skill. But their exclusive range of kitchen personal care appliances and household have been crafted with the latest technology and highest quality. The LLM99 calf and leg massager machine from lifelong pampers your feet in the most beneficial way. It works on claves, legs, and foot points to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. With flexible rubber kneading pads, you can experience an artist spa-like experience. It contains 3 personal preference program and 3 auto-programs.


This brand comes with 4 customizable massage nodes that includes vibrating, kneading, rolling and heating programs. It has a 15 minutes auto shut-off function so the user can relax and fall asleep while using the massager without worrying. 2 removable fabric covers are required for easy cleaning and maintenance of this brand. It provides you a 1-year warranty on this product.


Things we liked

  •     3 personal massing programs
  •     Powerful copper
  •     Remove washable fabric cover
  •     Custom-made operations
  •     LED display
  •     Single touch
  • Best Foot Massager


Things we didn’t like

  •     Not suitable for sensitive public



[3] Agaro Foldable Foot and Calf Massager


Agaro is another new product specializing in personal care products. The foot massager is specially designed to massage feet, calves, and ankles at the same time. A combination of vibration kneading actions is what makes this product worth enough. This combination penetrates deeply into the tired muscles and soothes away the soreness which often builds up into lower legs after a long tiresome day. This brand is specially created based upon the principles of reflexology, so it will use the special modes to stimulate areas on the feet that are corresponded with other body parts. You can experience soothing infrared heat therapy along with a message to get rid of the weakness and enjoy optimal comfort. As the material can foldable, it is convenient and versatile to store.


 This brand is perfectly suitable for blood circulation, varicose veins, and muscle relaxation. Another awesome function of this product is you can use both hands and legs. The touch display will require easy access to operate the device. Warranty period 1-year require for this brand.


Things we liked

  •     Multi-function
  •     Touch display
  •     Auto shut off
  •     Foldable design
  •     Air compression


Things we didn’t like

  •     Cannot be used if you have swelling


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