10+ BEST GPU Benchmark Software for PC (Free/Paid) in 2021

BEST GPU Benchmark Software

A GPU test is a test to compare GPU chipset speed, performance and efficiency. The benchmarking programme helps you to learn the performance of several components of the GPU, such as RAM, GPU cycle, processing performance, etc. 

Many of these apps allow you to monitor disc speed using various file, block and caching parameters. A graphics processing unit is a test to assess the chipset speed and performance and estimate computer efficiency. Software benchmarking is normally used to show the outcomes of hardware components such as – CPU, RAM, and so on.

It is vital to know the graphics card performance and when the time is right to upgrade graphics drives for a smooth gaming experience to a technique called benchmarking. The best programme to benchmark graphics cards pushes the card up to its maximum, so you can understand if it can play high-end games or not. 

10+ Best Free and Paid GPU Benchmark Software for PC

1. Heaven UNIGINE

Best free benchmark GPU programme for hardware stability control This programme is one of the greatest tools for gamers and overclockers to graphic cards. This synthetic benchmark programme pushes the utmost potential limit of your graphic card and illustrates how stable it is. 

It also helps you assess your graphics card’s efficiency. Furthermore, multi-platform compatibility, GPU temperature, clock monitoring, etc. are additional remarkable characteristics of the software.

The pros are 

  • Exciting and user friendly.
  • Visuals that please the eye.
  • The UI is clean.

Heaven UNIGINE’s main features

  • It enables you to know how awesome your card is.
  • Multiple platforms such as OpenGL 4.0, DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 are supported.
  • Heaven UNIGINE also makes it possible to control the GPU temperature and monitors a clock.
  • A further hardware stability test can even be performed.
  • The programme is also compatible with macOS and Linux, together with Windows.
  • Multi-monitor options are also provided with 3D stereo settings.

2. Geekbench

A GPU cross-platform benchmarking system is easy to use and powerful. Another programme arrives here that knows how well or how badly the card does when it is crunched. The GPU’s performance is easy yet powerful to assess and compare with other GPUs with similar settings. We share some of the following very valuable characteristics.

The advantages are 

  • Easy configuration
  • Permit sharing of results
  • All major components are benchmarked

Geekbench’s unique characteristics

  • It utilises enhanced reality and machine education to measure GPU and CPU performance.
  • Geekbench supports OpenCL, CUDA and Metal APIs to test your PC’s skills in gaming, video editing and picture processing.
  • You may compare performance between many devices and operating systems on a cross-platform basis.
  • A Geekbench browser is available for uploading and comparison of the results.

3. GPU Basemark

A powerful GPU tool to do personalised testing Basemark is another rock-solid programme for the monitoring and comparison of GPU performance. With such a programme, you can even evaluate how well it works under intense demand on your graphics card. Furthermore, the emphasis of this instrument is provided below. The pros are 

  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-API
  • User-friendly
  • Highly adaptable

Basemark GPU’s loud characteristics

  • Tests reveal the benefits of modern visuals like Vulkan and DirectX 12.
  • A Basemark Power Service is available to let you compare device performance with others.
  • You may carry out comprehensive benchmarking using its custom settings.

4. Novabench

One of the greatest testing, optimization and repair tools for the GPU Here is Novabench, another programme that has been critically recognised for GPU benchmarking. It offers a lot of functions not just for testing, optimising and repairing the performance of your GPU. Let’s go through some of this program’s highlights.

The advantages are 

  • portable battery to monitor battery life CPU temperature control
  • Availability of control-line interface test scheduling

Novabench highlights features

  • It checks the speed of the memory transfer, reads and writes hard drive frequency for both your CPU and GPU.
  • The test results can be compared to other similar devices online.
  • You may create a profile and store your scores.
  • The tests are used to increase PC performance and optimise it.

5. Benchmark programme for PassMark GPU

Popular benchmarking software from PassMark helps you distinguish between the performance of your system and other systems. Some of the activities you may do here include CPU testing, Disk Testing, Graphics Testing (2D and 3D), Memory testing, etc.


  • You may use this programme to compare your system with the data results of millions of systems.
  • It may be simply launched without any substantial prerequisites from a USB drive.
  • It is fairly muddy, as no licence is necessary.
  • No online activation necessary, no yearly cost, no expiration, etc.
  • It supports several platforms – macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS, among others.
  • The results are almost correct.

6. Benchmark 3dmark GPU

3dmark needs no introduction tests, it displays your system results, and then you can easily compare them against other systems. The basic/home GPU performance tester edition is free of charge when the more featured professional editions are paid for.


  • This GPU benchmark multi-platform software supports several platforms – Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • PCI Express feature testing NVIDIA DLSS function to assess your GPU bandwidth.
  • It examines your machine automatically and then proposes a high-quality test.
  • You may highly adapt this tool to the premium version by installing the tests you have.

7. Checking Tool OverClock

Best software to graph temperature and volts. Another great tool for benchmarking is OCCT or OverClock Checking Tool. The most distinctive feature of this programme is that the temperature & voltages of system components may be shown graphically throughout the testing process. 

In addition, the additional desirable qualities of the following are the advantages 

  • Provides strong graphics to identify errors in the GPU motor

OverClock Checking Tool attractive features

  • It has more than 16 centres of help.
  • You may do custom tests depending on criteria such as time, priority etc.
  • It is software that speaks several languages.
  • This programme provides third-party monitoring services such as MBM5, Speedfan, etc.

8. GFXBench

One of the finest GPU benchmarks to customise testing. This is another free application and one of the finest tools for comparing the performance of your card with that of other users. You just need to download the test, choose an app, start the test, and expect the programme to view the score to compare it to similar graphics cards. All you do to do the benchmark test is to download it. Briefly, the main features of GFXBench are shown here.

  • All common video formats are supported.
  • Battery life enhancements.

GFXBench’s main features

  • GFXBench can easily compare the performance of the GPU to other comparable cards.
  • Even low-level APIs like volcano, metal, and DirectX12 are supported.
  • The device’s battery performance and visual fidelity are measured at one stop.
  • This amazing GPU benchmarking application also allows you to customise the graphics test.
  • GFXBench, together with Windows & macOS, is even compatible with Android & iOS. You may therefore use it on your PC and both your smartphone to run graphical & performance tests.
  • The battery life and performance of the gadget may also be tested.

9. Edition of 3DMark Basic

This FutureMark programme is one of the best and most popular synthetic benchmarking applications for graphic cards. It allows you to quickly understand how your card works compared to other cards. 

The basic edition is free to use, but you can invest a few bucks and buy the advanced release if you want to undertake an in-depth examination of graphic card performance. Below are its features summarised

  • Software that’s easy to start.
  • Profound GPU performance analysis.
  • Saves the test results automatically.
  • Supports cross-platform testing.

3DMark Basic Edition’s Key Features

  • Scan your device automatically and determine the type of benchmark to perform.
  • Detailed GPU heat, clock speed and frame rate charts are also included in the App.
  • It’s one of the best and most user-friendly benchmarks for video cards. It is easy for even a beginner.
  • 3DMark Basic Edition allows you to conduct 7 different benchmarking tests.
  • DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 are supported.
  • The programme for benchmarking is compatible with several operating systems.

10. PassMark

Best card for graphics with free technical support. This is one of the finest GPU benchmarks utilised by Windows for synthetic benchmarking. You need to download the PerformanceTest from the official website of PassMark to assess the performance of the graphic card. 

You may do 2D and 3D tests. These tests monitor the vectors, typeface, bitmap, 4K resolution, GUI items, and several other variables. The major features and the advantages of the benchmark software are below.

  • Easy to use and quick.
  • There are plenty of speed tests.
  • Every key PC subsystem may be checked simultaneously.

PassMark’s striking features

  • If you want a better look into GPU performance, it gives customizable testing.
  • Tech assistance and software upgrades are available free of charge.
  • The performance of your PC’s CPUs is evaluated with 28 standard benchmark tests.
  • A GPU performance test may even be performed with a USB device.
  • It provides several instruments to test drive speed.
  • Passmark is also a fantastic tool for monitoring the performance of 3D video cards.
  • The network speed check for 2 computers also represents one of the most notable features in Windows of one of the top GPU tools.
  • It even aids in reading and writing your device’s RAM performance.

11. FurMark Best free GPU fullscreen and window benchmarking software

This programme is one of the most trustworthy and finest GPU tools for assessing the GPU’s stability and stress. FurMark, which is also known as the GPU Brunner, requires OpenGL-compliant graphics hardware. Now let’s look at this software’s main highlights.

  • Separate FurMark characteristics
  • The overclockers are in the Burn-in test mode.
  • The GPU temperature is monitored and recorded by FurMark.
  • Both fullscreen and window run modes are available.
  • With this benchmarking programme for your graphics card, you can also perform stability and stress.
  • An excessive GPU temperature warning is also available.
  • Tools to customise tests are also available.

12. UserBenchmark

One of the greatest free 3D simulation GPU benchmarks. This finest Windows graphics card and GPU benchmark measures the 3D speed of the GPU and allows you to easily compare with other graphics cards. 

The cherry on the cake is that it doesn’t even take a cup to obtain this utility because it is a free Windows GPU reference. The following characteristics of this top GPU benchmark programme are noteworthy.

UserBenchmark characteristics

  • The programme is devoid of mischievous advertising.
  • The UI of UserBenchmark is straightforward to use.
  • It focuses on the graphics card’s real-world performance. The tool, therefore, makes it easy to compare with comparable cards.
  • Six distinct 3D game simulations are available.
  • It enables you to identify the most robust component of your PC and also provides an online report.
  • The benchmarking tool for graphics cards also helps monitor the outcomes of the other card test.

13. Best GPU benchmarking software without RTX hardware Superposition

This is yet another offer from Unigine, the Heaven benchmark creators. Simple testing on your graphics card to evaluate your performance and stability results in superimposing the newest and free GPU standard. 

It employs a method without RTX equipment to get amazing effects. This helps you determine whether or not to update a graphics card. You may compare and evaluate the performance of the GPU against that of the other GPUs on the leaderboard after the test results show.

We discuss its distinctive features below:

  • Unique characteristics of overlay
  • You receive a free mini-game that is integrated.
  • The benchmark rankings have a worldwide scoreboard.
  • The UNIGINE 2 engine features high-quality graphics.
  • Superposition provides customers with GPU temperature monitoring tools and clock monitoring.
  • SSRTGI also has expertise with SSRTGI technologies in VR.
  • Over 900 amazing things are available.

The top GPU benchmarks extensively test your graphic card to see how much it can handle. In this writing, we have discussed more than 10 best GPU benchmark software for PC, so choose the suitable according to your needs.

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