Best iPhone (2020): Which Model Should You Actually Buy

Which New iPhone Is Right for You? All 4 of Apple’s iPhone 12 Models Compared

iPhone has always been a company that launches amazing quality mobiles and their accessories. From the very first iPhone 2g to the very remarkable, sleek designed, and super-fast functioning iPhone 12 max pro. iPhone has improved and enhanced its mobile design, quality, and function. Now iPhone has launched its iPhone 12 model, which consists of outstanding functions and much more. However, this time iPhone has launched straightaway four models which can easily accommodate many customers according to the needs and desires.

Launch of iPhone 12 models:

Four iPhone 12 models which have been launched this year in 2020 are iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and last one which is amazing of all is iPhone 12 pro max. one of the best feature or we can say benefit with which iPhone 12 series have been launched is of 5g connectivity. Now iOS users will also benefit from the 5g connectivity. 5g connectivity lets you enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection, the fastest speed of downloading and super quality video streaming. And these amazing facility comes along with the newly launched iPhone 12 series.

Variation in screen sizes:

iPhone 12 series varies in size and price as well. iPhone 12 mini costs $699 and the iPhone 12 pro max costs around $1,099. This means that every model involves a considerable amount of investment. Now coming towards which one is best for you or most suitable for you according to your demand, it can be only decided if we go through all the specifications of the iPhone 12 model.

An exciting feature in iPhone 12:

If you want an affordable iPhone 12 model, then the iPhone 12 mini is appropriate for you which has storage up to 256gb. And it has A14 bionic chip and also comprises of LTE 5G connectivity which is one of the most exciting features for the iPhone 12 users. Its screen display is 5.4 inches. It has a high-resolution front-facing and rear camera of 12 MP and its rear camera enables you to enjoy 12 MP wide-angle, its special feature is of MagSafe, and its operating system is of iOS 14 the latest and updated version. iPhone 12 mini can easily fit in your pocket, and it is easy to carry anywhere you want to cheap essay writing service UK.

Ultra-wide camera:

Moving toward iPhone 12, which costs around $799 and it has the same A14 Bionic chip which enhances the functions. It has the same storage as the iPhone 12 mini, but the exciting thing is that it displays size is increased, which means it is 6.1 inches. Therefore, it is bigger than the iPhone 12 mini. However, its display resolution is 2,532 by 1,170 more improvised than the mini one. On the other hand, it has a front and rear camera of 12 megapixels with an ultra-wide camera angle which lets you capture a beautiful picture with the entire background. For many user’s cameras is the most important thing which should work excellent and they are most satisfied then. So along with a 12 MP camera, it also comprises of selfie sensor function for the front camera so you can capture amazing selfies. And iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 both of them have supported the optical zoom up to 2x. and these model perform well even if the light is low which is win-win for the iPhone users as they do not have to wait for the daylight, they can capture their moment at any time.

Feature of maximum brightness:

One of the major issues which mobile phone users face is that they cannot utilize their mobile phones directly under the sunlight as they are unable to see anything in their mobile phones due to lack of brightness. This time iPhone has addressed this issue and has built a feature of maximum brightness so that the iOS user’s concern could get resolved. In iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12, the maximum brightness is of 625 nits in HDR which is enough to look at your mobile under direct sunlight.

iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max:

Coming on iPhone 12 pro and iPhone pro max. both the iPhone 12 models are next level. iPhone 12 pro is for around $999 and it comes with extensive storage for about 512Gb so that you can have everything just a mobile away and it really becomes easy when your mobile has lot of storage. However, it has a 6.1-inch display size and it has a display resolution of 2,778 by 1,284. Both the models iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max comprises of brightness which is of 800 nits in HDR. But iPhone 12 pro max display size is 6.7 inches which is the largest of all the models.

However, iPhone 12 pro max is much appropriate for those individuals who are gamers or interested in being uninterrupted media streamers, and moreover, it is for those people who can afford such an expensive mobile phone which costs around $1,099.

iPhone 12 pro and pro max both consist of three lenses and only iPhone 12 pro max comes along LIDAR scanner and they both support optical zoom of 5x and for digital zoom of 12x which is amazing for those people who love to be photographers and videographers and want to capture cinematic shots.

However, iPhone 12 pro and pro max are able to support the program mode and pro models assists Dolby Vision which is HDR at 60fps. And the mini one supports 30fps maximum.


Entire iPhone 12 models are amazing and each of them perfectly has one specific function which is outstanding and can go with your need and desire. Which one is best and appropriate for you, only depends on your preferences because none of them we can say is good. It depends on your budget, your desire regarding camera preferences, or you want to have the proper software for your purpose of usage. No doubt iPhone has stood out because of the 5G connectivity which resolves the issues of interrupted internet and provides you with smooth video streaming and downloading.


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