Best Materials To Use For Noise Absorption And Fire Protection

Noise Absorption

Insulation materials are not only used for sound absorption. But they are also equally important towards stopping the spread of fire in a building. It is compulsory for buildings to have fire protection materials installed in the walls and ceilings. These materials are equally important for the purpose of noise absorption as well as fire protection. The materials are required to be fit into building premises according to government regulations to keep the people inhabiting the buildings to be safe without any harm to their lives in case of an emergency.

Let us take a look at some of these really important fire protection materials.

Fire Protection Boards:

In the case of fire in a building, it is important that the fire stays where it is and not spread everywhere. Fire protection boards are designed to do exactly that. They help in resisting against the heat and radiation of the fire. They have low conductivity and high heat absorption. They make sure that the temperatures on the other side of the board remain low.

Fire Barrier Systems:

Fire barrier systems are extremely important to prevent the rapid spread of fire within concealed spaces in a building premise. These fire barrier systems are specifically designed to offer easy installation which will help in effectively preventing the spread of fire and smoke. This system makes sure that a limit is put to the heat transferred through the barriers. The heat transfer to the non-fire side is minimised easily in order to prevent ignition of any combustible materials present on the other side.

rockwool soffit slab:

A concrete rockwool soffit slab plays a really important part within the structure of a building. This is a mineral wool fire-resistant insulation. It offers some important acoustic and thermal benefits. They are made out of non-combustible rigid rockwool board. They are designed with a variety of facings. To match design schemes, these are available with a black or white tissue facing, un-faced, aluminum facing as well. They are also available with a non-combustible high impact board. They are chemically inert. They are also suitable for use with almost any material.

rockwool sp60:

This is majorly used in commercial and industrial buildings. It can be either installed horizontally or vertically. It is specifically designed as a one-piece system. Rockwool sp60 can be cut easily and can be used with SP firestop fixing brackets. It is not only easy to cut and install, but it also resists the passage of smoke. It is a suitable material for cavity widths up to 400mm. It is easy to handle and also store at the site. In addition to this, it is not only water-repellant and but also easily unaffected by the freeze cycle.

Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt:

The rockwool ablative coated Batt is a perfect material that can provide an air seal barrier in order to keep the fire out. But it also manages to keep the heat and the sound inside the room. The rockwool ablative coated batt can be easily cut to the shape and size of your choice. You can get excellent fire resistance from just one single thickness batt. In the case where 4 hours of insulation and integrity is required, a rockwool ablative coated batt is one of the preferred options. It is a long-lasting and durable insulation material and tested for airtightness.

Intumescent Fire Collar:

An intumescent fire collar is a restraining collar with an intumescent applied in advance. In the case of a fire, these collars can quickly expand and collapse combustible piping that forms into a dense char. It can help in resisting the passage of smoke and flame. Intumescent fire collar consists of a metal shell that contains a graphite-based intumescent material. There is a bit of mechanical fixing to be done in order to secure them to the structure of the pipe. But in intumescent pipe collars, the intumescent chemical is contained in a polythene cover. It is actually put in its place with the help of a self-adhesive glue. In an intumescent fire collar, the metal shell will prevent the intumescent material from expanding outwards. But the pipe collars need to be installed in solid construction.


Another important insulation materials are fire insulation boards, which is generally a category that includes different types and varities of insulation boards. A fire insulation board come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3mm to 60mm. A fire insulation board can be cut into various shapes to match the requirements of a building.  Rockwool FirePro Glue is also a very key material which is usually used to keep these materials together. Rockwool FirePro Glue makes sure that in case of fire, the materials are stable and protect the structure.