Best Personal Finance Blogs in India You must need to Follow

In the present time, there are plenty of financial blogs in “India”. Choosing the best personal finance blog from a variety of blogs is an uphill task for all. According to a survey, there is more than 76 percent of people have no knowledge of finance. In fact, most of the Indian people don’t understand the basic concepts; they need to make financial decisions.


So, we have listed some of the best personal finance blogs India that are doing a great job in India so, you need to read these blogs:

Finance Gab:

Finance Gab is a finance blog which is started with a vision to educate individuals to manage their financial life. This finance blog has an aim to educate the people so they can manage their own money and make the finance world accessible for them so they can make the right decisions for their better financial future.


You are in the right place if you are in search of personal finance such as insurance, tax planning, investments, mutual funds, credit cards, etc. We discuss all these topics that are mentioned above and we have also discussed other financial terms as well.

Jago Investor:

Jago investor was the first blog in the year 2011 – 2012 that started writing on various topics of finance. The writer of this blog MR. Manish Chauhan was a well-known author in the financial market at that time who wrote comprehensive articles. The articles in “Jago-Investor” are very simple and easy to understand.


However, with the changing of time, the focus is changed towards the selling of the products rather than providing quality informative articles. Jago Investor was continuously posting articles but now the process of updating the content is going down slowly. In the present time, there are so many personal finance blogs in the market that provide detailed information on the best personal finance websites in India.


Well! Jago Investor is still in the good books if you go through the archives. Recently, Jago-Investor has re-designed its website and logo of the website. You can start reading the content from start but you can also find the content according to the desired.

Paisa Bank:

Paisa bank is developed in the year 2019, which is a personal finance blog in India. The main purpose of developing the paisa bank is to educate those people who are not aware of personal finance, insurance, investment, mutual fund, banking, loans, credit cards, etc.



If you’re new to personal finance blogs then this is one of the best personal finance blogs in India for newcomers. Subra-money doesn’t teach you about how to invest or where to invest but it guides you about your behavior towards finance. There are so many articles in Subra-money blog that are sarcasm of your behavior towards finance. On top of that, it doesn’t tell you how to improve this but it gives you hints about your changing attitude towards personal blogs. It is totally up to you to take it or leave it.

Finding Financial Planner:

In this personal finance blog, the issue is that the content in this blog related to finance is very less but anyone can understand its content. In the Finding Financial Planner blog, the concepts of personal finance are very clear and to the point so, anyone can understand it easily. You may have some problems because of its unprofessional look of the website.



Pattu is a very well known personality in the world of personal finance blogs. He started his works on personal finance blogs with a calculator but now he discusses various aspects of personal finance in his blogs.


Freefincal is known as the best personal blog in India that gives you the end-to-end solution for personal finance whether you want to do some investment in a gilt fund, mutual fund, or in any other investment options. In this blog, the author prepares you before no one wants to invest in that investment option.


The Financial Literate:


Hemant Beniwal and Manish Chauhan started educating the people about personal finance in the year 2011-2012. The blog on personal finance is another well-known blog in India but the makers don’t publish the new blog posts these days with consistency. The financial literate has failed to achieve its goal because its content is not based on Google keywords.


Basu Nivesh:

In the past 6 years, Basu-Nivesh has made tremendous progress. Basuvaraj Tonagatti is the main writer of the Basu-Nivesh blog and the best thing about this personal finance blog is that you can find all types of blogs related to personal finance. As the best blogger in India, Basu-Nivesh wrote blogs that are related to those people who are facing basic problems in the day-to-day financial world such as finding the status of the “LIC” policy or downloading of paid receipt of your LIC policy.

The Basu-Nivesh blog is the best place for you if you want to know different reviews about the LIC policy or you can also get a lot of information about the mutual funds.


Shreekanth Reddy is the owner of the “Relakhs” blog. By reading this blog you will observe that Relakhs and Basunivesh blog posts are very similar to each other. In this personal finance blog, you will get information about mutual funds, insurance, property, banking, and many other finance-related topics.

Chartered Club:

The Chartered Club is founded in the year 2009 by CA Karan Batra, which is based on personal finance and this blog is specially designed for those professionals who are planning to invest in investment plans. Well! Personal finance is also a very important part of the blog but this blog will guide you about the GST or income tax as well.


In the present time, the people of India are not well informed about personal finance and they don’t know the importance of personal finance. Well! According to the experts, knowledge of finance is the key to survival in the modern age. So, this article will surely guide you about all the related terms of personal finance.