Best Practices For Online Exam Takers

Best Practices For Online Exam Takers

There is no doubt in admitting that there is nothing that students hate doing more than giving exams. It is because exams play a huge role in determining what grade you will get in that course. 

Unfortunately, because exams hold such importance, it causes extreme anxiety and stress amongst many students.

There is a common belief that the anxiety level must drop when you take the online class because you are taking your exam in the comfort of your room. However, this is not true. 

Many students feel more stressed while giving online papers. The main reason behind it is that many don’t understand the guidelines and rules for taking an online exam. Therefore, they end up feeling unprepared and confused about how to act or what to do.

However, there are certain practices that you can adapt to ace your online exams in no time.

If you are new to online learning and are struggling to take my online class and give online papers, fret no more. This post is perfect for you!

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about best practices that one should have to take online exams so that they can get the grades they always dreamed of achieving. 

Hence, I would suggest reading this post carefully till the very end!

Best Practices for Online Exam Takers

Some habits and practices play a crucial role in assisting you to pass your exams with soaring grades. 

However, for your online exams, there are some additional practices you should know about. Below are some of the most important practices that every online exam taker must have:

Make a Habit to Check Your Laptop

There is nothing more upsetting than trying to switch on your computer so that you can take an exam, but then discovering that it is not working or has some Wi-Fi problems.

When issues like this start happening just a few minutes before your exam, they can cause severe anxiety. It leads people to wonder if they can ask someone to “take my online class for me.” However, there is a way to counter it.

Thus, it is important to make a habit of checking your laptop out way ahead of the exam. Look out for any issue it might have. Check if it works properly and whether or not it has any connection issues.

The sooner you check, the quicker you can find a solution to it. Give yourself at least enough time so that you can change your location or change the laptop if the situation asks for it. 

In addition, you should have at least two browsers open on your laptop. You can have one to take an exam and the other one to research if it is an open-book test. This way you will never unintentionally close the browser with your exam, which can result in you losing everything you had typed so far.

Search for a Suitable Location to Take Your Exam

One of the most crucial practices that most students often end up forgetting is finding an ideal location to give their exam. Thus, you need to look for a place that has no kind of external distraction, such as TVs and video games.

Moreover, while giving your exam, you should make a habit of either muting your notifications or turning your phone off so that you cannot get distracted. If you live in a house with pets or small kids, you should ask someone to take care of them while you give your exam. Or else, they will barge in halfway to disturb you.

In addition, do not forget to get everything you will need beforehand. For example, pens, pencils, notebooks, notes, etc.

Make a Habit to Read the Rules Beforehand

As mentioned earlier, many students face anxiety and stress because they are unaware of the guidelines thus they feel lost. Therefore, it is highly important for students to know at what time and when their exam will take place. They should also know whether their exam is an open book or if they need to memorize the content. In addition, there are some exams that you can take at any time of the day as long as they are within a certain duration. Hence, you should know if your exam is like that or not. 

Most importantly, you also need to know how long it will take for students to complete it.

All these questions are part of the guidelines that usually instructors tell their students when they take the online class. If your instructor hasn’t done that or if you have more questions, you should reach out to them for further help. 

Make the Most Out of Past Papers or Practice Exams

The most effective way to pass any online exam is by practicing and practicing. You can ask your seniors for their past papers or your instructor to provide you with some practice papers.

When you adopt this practice, it helps in familiarizing you with the format and helping you tackle different kinds of questions that may come in your exam. Furthermore, it also helps in learning and improving time management. This is a key step because online papers are different from in-person exams and you are not used to this style.

Thus, once you start practicing with past papers, you will easily deduce how much time every section needs. In addition, it helps in assessing your preparation as well. You will know the areas you are still lacking in this way you can work harder to improve in those topics.

Study Thoroughly

Another misconception that many students have with online exams is that they do not need to study as they can easily cheat. However, it is completely false as online exams are quite strict. They use software that does not allow you to change the window or else your instructor would know. Furthermore, many instructors ask students to open their mic and camera so that they can see who is giving the exam.

Even if your test is an open book, you need to familiarize yourself with the content so that you know exactly where to look rather than hunting the entire book for similar words. Thus, you should take the online class and study for your exam thoroughly to do well.


Giving online exams can be scary, especially if it is your first time. They can make you consider asking someone to “take my online class for me.” However, by adopting the practices mentioned in this post, you will be able to ace them easily.

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