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In this competitive era, it is quite difficult to get into the best universities in the world with fewer SAT scores. Several SAT coaching in Delhi/NCR aims to help you get excellent grades in your SAT exam. EduQuest is one of the outstanding coaching centers in Delhi/NCR that help test-takers to achieve incredible SAT scores in their exam. Before applying to any SAT coaching in Delhi/NCR, you should have gone through both the pros and cons of the same. The best way to get an idea of the services is by attending demo classes in coaching centers of Delhi/NCR.

What happens that in Delhi, the coaching center only put more effort into making the infrastructure of their classes good to attract students and they don’t care about hiring skilled staff. So it becomes very important to go through the reviews of students who take SAT coaching in Delhi/NCR. The coaching center only put more effort into making the infrastructure of their classes good to attract students and they don’t care about hiring skilled staff. So it becomes very important to go through the reviews of students who take SAT coaching in Delhi/NCR.

Here we have provided every information that you need to get outstanding SAT grades if you are giving your test from Delhi NCR.

What is the SAT?

The full form of SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test which was previously known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. SAT is an entrance exam that is required to get admission in universities outside India basically in the US. It is a pencil and paper multiple choice test conducted by College Board. To pursue undergraduate courses from foreign universities, the student must excel in those SAT subject tests. Subjects that are offered are literature, history, mathematics, sciences, and foreign languages.

The purpose of the SAT exam is to assess a student’s writing, reading, and readiness to enter into colleges and provide college to compare all the students with one common data point.


SAT exam doesn’t have any eligibility criteria. Anyone who wants to pursue undergraduate courses from foreign universities can give the exam. The following is the information about the eligibility criteria that you should know:

  • The exam is officially conducted by the College Board.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age required to give the exam. The student only needs to pass his high school with normal grades.
  • SAT scores are accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  •  It is a necessary entrance exam to pursue undergraduate courses in the above-mentioned countries.

Structure of the SAT exam

The SAT is a 3 hr 50 minutes exam including an option easy of 50 minutes and consisting of five sections. The three main sections of the exam are Mathematics, Evidence-based reading, and writing. The other two sections include maths with no calculator and an optional essay.

The following table provides a bring the idea of the types of questions and number of questions.

SAT TEST SECTION Number of questions and types Syllabus
Evidence-based reading and writing Reading- 52 Multiple questions
Writing- 44 standard multiple questions
Relevant words in context
(Reading, Writing)
Command of evidence
(Reading, Writing)
Expression of ideas
Standard English conventions
Mathematics 58 multiple-choice questions Algebra, problem-solving, data
analyzing, advanced maths
Essay (optional) 1 questions Analyzing a source

How SAT coaching is useful in cracking the SAT exam?

The SAT exam is not only about learning concepts but it is about how quickly you use those concepts to solve particular questions in the prescribed period of 3 hrs 50 minutes. And if you want to crack the SAT exam with an excellent score, it is advised to take coaching from good SAT coaching centers in Delhi/NCR. Coaching centers provide you with study materials that give the correct curriculum and questions. The exam pattern changes very often and you can not get the exact curriculum online, so in that case, these coaching centers play a crucial role. Also, they teach you tricks and tips to solve the time-consuming questions in less time. The competition is very intense nowadays, so you must choose your SAT coaching center in Delhi/NCR very wisely by going through all the reviews and demo classes.

Difference between SAT online classes and SAT offline classes

SAT online classes are best for all those who want to get personalized classes and cannot study in a crowded area. Offline SAT classes are for those students who love to study in person. SAT online doesn’t cost much as compared to SAT offline. SAT online coaching gives access to recorded videos and lectures while offline classes do not have any recorded data.

Tips you need to follow on SAT exam day

You must utilize your time efficiently and effectively on the SAT exam day. We don’t care about the smallest things on the day of our exams which can impact our score adversely.

You should remember the following tips on the SAT exam day:

Take proper sleep and a good diet: everyone gets nervous and tense before their exam day and could not sleep at night which affects their exam the next day. Eat fresh food and drink juices. Have a proper sleep so that you can wake up fresh on the exam day. Giving exams with fresh and clear minds will increase your SAT score.

Have patience: Don’t get frustrated when you are not able to crack questions quickly. Do your exam with utmost determination and patience. Don’t hype up due to less time. If you are not able to do one question, then leave it and move on to the next.

Read the questions carefully: Read every question carefully and attempt those questions at first of whose answer you know.

Time management: Give equal time to every section. If you are not able to answer any question, then skip it and move on to another one. Don’t waste your time on difficult questions. Attempt only those questions which you are very sure of.

Keep yourself hydrated: Drink as much water as you can while giving the exam. Many times people get unconscious due to lack of hydration. So don’t let this happen to you. Take an interval to drink water and calm your mind.

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