6 Best student cities in Europe for international students


Europe has become amongst the most famous international research places on the planet. It can be very hard to determine in which nation, let alone in which region, to choose to live and study; each nation has its own unique culture and charm, and the choices seem endless.

Any of this may be extremely daunting. In order to simplify the decision-making process, we have assembled a list of the best European cities to study abroad. This is a list of all the most popularly rated and genuinely thrilling destinations to visit in Europe. Many big cities really aren’t stated down, but that’s the best place to launch your study to discover the ideal European place to study abroad.

Best places to study abroad in Europe

1. Dublin, Ireland

Flying green hills, rocky mountains, and friendly people are all pictures that evoke the spirit of Ireland. Snuggled along the River Liffey, Dublin boasts the aesthetics of every port area, as well as beautiful new structures and heritage landmarks stretching back centuries.

It isn’t a tremendously big city, only with over 1/2 million residents, it’s comfortably accessible on foot. Walking through the streets of Dublin you’re never going to fall tight of fun, the city has many places to visit — and the finest exposure to the smooth pint of Guinness in the world.

You’re likely to enjoy the cosiness of old-fashioned bars & pubs and cable-knit sweaters that are so plentiful in Dublin. However, if you’d like a peaceful break, you can still walk around Phoenix Park, one of the biggest parks in Europe.

Emerald Isle is an excellent location for any foreign student, particularly if you want to be fluent in English and have an amazing experience abroad. Better still, if English is your native language, you will be eligible to pursue every educational institution at one of Dublin’s many esteemed universities.

2. London, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom. It stays among the most common study locations not only in Europe, with around half of all U.S. foreign students people flocked there.  The city of  London, the capital of the United Kingdom, houses not only 13 per cent of the total population of the UK, but also a considerable number of foreign learners from the rest of the eurozone.

As the biggest European city, London is perhaps the most multicultural in the world. You will find some sort of food or operation you might possibly picture in this vast megalopolis. Each ward has a special culture and feel – no one can try anything there is to experience in London.
Educationally, there are a plethora of high-ranking colleges from which to choose a wide variety of selected courses in English — any academic hope.

With a wide foreign population, London is a perfect chance to connect other foreign students from around the globe. Known for its fantastic nightlife, tasty food, green gardens, and world-class galleries, London would never depress you.

The remainder in the United Kingdom. It has a lot to come as well, make sure to see all the choices with our list of the greatest places to study overseas in the United Kingdom

3. Paris, France

Millions before me have attempted to encompass Paris and its meaning into only some very short sentences because it’s almost difficult to do just that. Paris would seem like a city full of perceptions and distorted realities, but it’s as beautiful as they claim – but I confess it took me a few visits to truly enjoy the magic of the city of love & one of the best student cities in Europe.

There’s no doubt that Paris is big – it can be a little daunting, but it really is exciting. People from all around the world come to the artistic streets – travellers and learners alike. As a global capital city, Paris is host to many tourists and overseas learners from all over Europe and even beyond. You won’t have problems getting to know people when you study abroad.

Indulging in exquisite works of art, delicious food, rich heritage, and wonder – Paris has it all and more. There are practically tonnes of things to do, and you’re never going to run out of steam on what to do outside the school.

Amongst the most popular study-outside European destinations, Paris has many excellently established companies and programmes that teach programmes to foreign learners, making it not only a gorgeous place to learn but also an educationally enriching one.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

A quick stroll down the coloured canals of Amsterdam is likely to steal anybody’s spirit. This area has a population to offer — far more than the myths you might have learned about the nightclubs and the iconic red-light zone. Amsterdam, like the majority of the Netherlands, has a comfortable way of life. The region is not too wide and conveniently accessible by foot — or if you want to live like a local — by bike.

There’s a thriving music scene, making it a perfect location to go out as an international student. If the music scene isn’t your focus, there’s a variety of cosy restaurants and calming parks like the wonderfully lush Vondelpark. Striding the waterways will give you a fantastic view of the heritage homes and the history of the region.

It’s a genuinely urban area, as many learners from all over Europe and the world are drawn to the peaceful nature of the Netherlands. Dutch is a primary language, but now everybody speaks English, so don’t think too much about any language gaps. This is extremely useful if you are trying to learn in English as the courses available at the leading unis would have a wide variety of subjects appropriate for any student.

5. Barcelona, Spain

If you’re an individual who claims in “positive vibes,” Barcelona is loaded with it — when you are like the rest, it’s easy to see the attraction of the city’s comfortable and naturally pleasant lifestyle.

This coastal town is the headquarters of the Catalan people, making it very distinct from the rest of Spain. People converse a different language and live a different lifestyle from what you would imagine when you think about “Spanishness.”

Among the tree-shaded streets of Barcelona, you’ll discover countless monuments, exhibitions and airy cafés. Barcelona is a culinary centre within Spain and a centre for foreign students.

Between lessons, you will admire the breathtaking views of Parque Güell, another of the works of renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, the vibrant ambience of Las Ramblas, or the soothing embrace of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Studying in Europe not only improves your quality of life but also improves better life & health.

6. Milan, Italy

When students take a photo while studying in Italy, the old splendour of Venice or Rome springs to mind. Milan, nevertheless, rates them as both the safest city in Italy to study abroad.  While the population is a little over with just 1.4 million people, Milan is filled with elegance, grace and enthusiasm.

As the fashion capital of Italy, you will be sure to see elegant designer shops and people, particularly around the popular Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II mall. You’re sure to get trapped in the splendour of the highly respected buildings of many of Milan’s iconic spots, including the classic Duomo.

Like every other city in Italy, old Roman ruins have been spotted around, but Milan is a very modern city. A lot of tech firms and start-ups are based in Milan, making the scene an intriguing blend of young academics and old-world classic charm.

Milan is also a centre for academia, as it is host to Italy’s top university, Politecnico di Milano. You’ll find a huge student community in the area, making it a perfect place to meet other foreign students.

If you are uncertain about Milan but are interested in Italy, discover more possibilities with our list of the best cities to study abroad in Italy. Studying in Europe will enhance interpersonal communication.