When is the Best Time to Begin Holiday Shopping

Best Time to Begin Holiday Shopping

The holidays are a cheerful time, yet they can also be stressful. Not only must you prepare for a holiday celebration with your family, but you also have to buy everyone gifts. Going shopping early can help you reduce stress, but when is the best time to start your holiday shopping? Many people love shopping for Black Friday deals, but that leads to stressful experiences in stores with hundreds, if not thousands, of other shoppers all shopping for the same deals. Not only do you run the risk of the store running out of something, but you have to stay up late or wake up early just to make it to the store for the holiday deals. 

Best Time to Shop for Deals

Best Time to Shop for Deals

Did you know that different days during the holidays are more popular than others when shopping in stores? That means while some days are incredibly busy, some are slow, allowing you to take advantage of great holiday deals without the crowds. Typically, Mondays and weekend nights are the best times to shop because there are fewer people shopping on those days and times. However, they may not give you the best deals. 

If you’re looking for deals, you’ll most likely have to deal with crowds because everyone will be shopping to save money on the same products. Luckily, you might still be able to find deals in the form of coupons. Many retailers release coupons on Sundays and Mondays at the start of the next week to give shoppers ample time to take advantage of them. 

That being said, many gifts become more expensive closer to the holidays. For example, if you’re getting your children a puppy for Christmas, you’ll likely pay more for the same dog than you would after Christmas because puppies are a popular gift around the holidays. 

Best Time to Beat the Crowds

As we’ve already discussed, the best times to shop to beat the crowds are Mondays and Weekend nights because stores will be busy during the day on weekends, but that traffic will decrease as it gets later in the day. 

Some stores that typically close early on weekend nights may stay open later during the holiday season, and any stores open are likely to be empty because many people will be going out on Saturdays or preparing for the next week on Sunday nights. People also don’t typically shop on Mondays, so one of the best times to hit the stores is Monday night after work when most people will still be at the office or on their way home from work and won’t feel like shopping. 

Should You Start Shopping Early?

There are sometimes in which shopping early makes the most sense, especially if you want to reduce the stress that comes with holiday shopping and avoid large crowds. If you start early, you may be able to find some great deals and shop at your leisure to compare deals without added pressure. Unfortunately, one of the risks you take on when shopping for the holidays early is overbuying gifts. Since you have more time to think about what to get everyone, you may spend more money and purchase more gifts by starting early. Luckily, as long as you stick to your list and exercise impulse control, you can overcome the need to purchase more gifts for everyone you know. 

Waiting too long for a deal to save money means the added risk of losing out because others are waiting for that same deal and are prepared to beat you to it. Therefore, as long as you’re willing to spend a little more money to get the gifts you need, starting early can have major benefits. You can begin shopping for the holidays as soon as you want, but you won’t get the same Black Friday rates as you will later in the year. 

What Month is Best for Deals?

If you’re not planning on going Black Friday shopping but still want the best deals, consider shopping in November and not a moment before. November is when many people begin their holiday shopping, and most stores won’t be too packed. If you’re shopping online, you’ll also see prices drop dramatically in November as retailers start preparing for the holidays. 

Best Time for Online Shopping

While in November, you’ll start to see prices drop online, there’s ultimately no reason to wait to start purchasing gifts for the holidays, especially if you’re worried something will run out of stock quickly. Some items will never go on sale. For example, new gaming consoles will be purchased within minutes to hours of going live online, so it’s best to understand which types of items you can wait to purchase for a better deal and which will go out of stock so fast there will never be a chance to find a better deal. 

When shopping online, you can find the best deals before the holidays to save money on gifts because you’ll have more time to compare shops and won’t be limited to geographic locations to find the best gifts. However, if you plan to shop online for all your gifts, don’t wait until the last minute. Many companies experience shipping delays during the holidays, so you should have all your gifts ordered by the beginning of December to ensure they can make it there on time. 

Don’t Wait to Start Shopping

Many items will be cheaper to purchase when it gets closer to Black Friday, especially electronics. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait to do all of your holiday shopping. Since some items will never have the opportunity to go on sale because they’ll be sold out quickly, you’ll need to know when to take action and when to wait. Additionally, whether you’re purchasing a custom canvas print or a new television, you have to worry about shipping delays when shopping too late into December. 

Since you’ll be able to find deals year-round on gifts, it’s always best to start purchasing items as soon as possible, especially if you spot a deal. That way, when it gets closer to the holiday, you can focus on the items you delayed purchasing for better deals instead of trying to purchase all of your gifts in a single day.

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