Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews

The internet has pretty much changed the marketing scenario of brands and businesses. The evolution of the internet plays a significant role in easing out the shopping experience of its users. However, it does not just end there. Over the years, internet users have begun to use the platform for understanding the perception and choice of other customers. 

If you are wondering why then it happens mainly because potential buyers of a brand trust the recommendation of other customers much more than the promotional content of a brand itself. 

Noticing how the potential customers leverage Google reviews, brands have begun to create their Google My Business account for their users to be able to publish their views and experiences. 

Taking advantage of this, brands have adopted new strategies involving Google reviews into their marketing campaigns and touchpoints including the official website of the brand. 

Embedding Google reviews on squarespace website has exploded in popularity ever since its existence since it enables brands to enjoy incredible benefits from the strategy. 

There are various tools available that enable brands to embed Google reviews on the Squarespace website, in this post we are going to tell you about the best tools that work effectively for this strategy. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Incredible Tools To Seamlessly Embed Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

1. Tagembed

First up on the list is Tagembed. It is a leading social media aggregator designed to easily collect, curate, and embed social media content on its website. The tool easily collects content from over 18+ social media platforms including Google reviews. 

The users can easily aggregate the reviews based on location or the Google my business account. Additionally, after the content is aggregated in the form of a Google review widget, the users can improve its looks and effectiveness by choosing their preferred choices from a wide range of features. 

The users can customize their widget by selecting from a variety of options like fonts, themes, templates, colors, etc. 

Internet users may unnecessarily troll brands and leave negative reviews, which may hamper the image of the brand. The tool offers a content moderation panel to its users for removing any unwanted content from the widget. Additionally, the users can also analyze the performance of the widget on the website.

Detailed insights like likes, clicks, engagement, etc. will help the users determine the response of the website visitors to the Google review widget. 

Lastly, if the users come across an issue while using the platform, they can take assistance from the back support team of the platform anytime. 

2. Elfsight

The second tool to create a Google review feed for the Squarespace website is Elfsight. The users can easily integrate a Google review widget on the website in a few easy steps. 

The widget created by the users can be customized as per their personal preferences and needs. The tools enable the users to adjust the width and height of the Google review widget as per the overall look and feel of the website. 

Before publishing the widget on the website, the users will be able to catch a preview of the widget. 

3. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is another social media aggregator that enables users to curate and embed content from various social media sources including Google reviews. This award-winning tool allows users to create and customize the Google review widget according to their needs. 

Users can customize their widget by selecting from a wide array of options. The tool also offers an advanced content moderation panel, insightful analytics, and much more. 

Moreover, the users can take assistance from the 24×7 active back support team if they come across an issue while using the tool. 

Key Takeaways

We have now reached the end of this blog and you are now aware of the relevance and significance of using the Google review widget on Squarespace website. 

More than 80% of potential users of a brand go through reviews before making a purchase-related decision. This statistic pretty much reflects the power of reviews and why you need to embed them on the website. 

All you need to do is select the tool that suits your needs and requirements best and embeds the strong views of your customers about your brand immediately. 

Now that you know the best tools, start the process right away!