What is the Best Way to Prepare for IBPS PO Interview?

IBPS PO Interview

The applicants who have been selected in the mains examination can now check the preparation strategy for IBPS PO Interview. Here is this article, you will get information for Best Way to Prepare for IBPS PO Interview. An applicant who is looking for some smart ways to crack an interview must read the details carefully. You can either prepare yourself or can seek coachings to qualify the last process of selection of IBPS PO. 

Self-studies involve more research and time but coachings will provide you direct methods. There are few Bank Coaching in Jaipur which gives online support as well for preparation. You can subscribe to their channels or can participate in their video sessions. Simultaneously, you have got this article, to get the best strategies in your hand for cracking IBPS Bank PO Interview. Read all the details and then start working on your skills.

Proven Ways to Prepare for IBPS PO Interview 2020-2021

Here proven means, if you follow the instructions carefully with all your resources then you are good to go for Interviews. Either it is a group discussion or one-on-one session, you will easily get through it. 

Body Language

The most important part of attending any interview is your body language. It should not be more casual and not more formal. It should be simple and confident. Always remember that you should not look puzzled or nervous while attending the interviews. Be confident about everything and you must lose hope. If you are able to crack then good and if you are not then it is better as you will get the opportunity of working on your skills. This will improve your personality for other exams also. 

Your Dress Code

Since our childhood, we have provided knowledge of what to wear or not on specific occasions. The same process follows when it comes to Interview either in the Government sector or in the private sector. You should wear formals while appearing for any kind of interview. Formal is the best way of showing your body language and confidence to the jury there. 

Girls can wear formal dresses or can wear formal suits, while, Boys can wear formal suits or shirts and pants. This builds up your image in front of the jury. Shorts, dresses, rugged denim, etc. are allowed. 

Carry Your Experience in Hands

Carry your experience in your hands i.e. all the documents associated with studies, preparations, examination, certificate, etc. should be with you at the time of the Interview. You can make a file or folder for showcasing your portfolio of the IBPS PO Interview 2021. The documents must have your admit cards too as the Interviewer can ask it.  

So your documents should be well arranged and systematically presented to the interviewer. This will show your arranged personality, professionalism, and concern towards your work culture. 

Do Not Act Casual

Sometimes we move into the Interview cabin with chewing gums in our mouth, or with other unnecessary stuff. It should be totally avoided as this is not the culture to attend the Interview. Spit all your edibles before entering the hall. Be comfortable, confident, and professional for appearing in front of the Interviewers. This increases your chances of getting selected in the interviews. 

Study Patterns

The personal interviews are more verbal than theoretical. You will be tested on your mental presence, your GK, knowledge of current affairs associated with banking, and its units. Banking culture, finance, and its purpose, rights, and reforms for banks, facilities, etc. can be asked in the IBPS PO Interview. You should read all the above-said topics carefully with important names of the persons associated with it. 

You will be tested on verbal reasoning also (if required). The applicant will be put in a situation where he/she will be tested under some pressure or critical conditions. If you do not know the answer just clear them you are not sure. Do not fake things. Make more clear conversation and yet convincing one for gaining selections. 

Duration to Make Preparations

It takes 2-3 months of preparation to crack the IBPS PO Interview. The only direction is to be consistent with your studies. Learn how to speak, answer something when an interviewer demands a justification. Improve vocabulary, word power, sentence framing, and way of talking when appearing in the IBPS PO Exam Interview 2021. These tricks will definitely aid you to pursue your career in one of the prestigious banks of India. 

Selections Process

Selections of the applicants will be conducted on the basis of cut Off. The interview cut-offs are also decided between 80-90 marks. The duration of the interview will be 15-20 minutes. Rest depends upon the jury, how much interesting they find talking to you. There will be 4-5 members from reputed banks and can be psychologists also. 

Your way of answering any question will be the way to get selected. You should remain confident and have convincing powers to impress the jury. Any applicant with these skills can get a bonus chance of selection. 

Some Other Guidelines

Wear a white shirt or black pants. There are some cases where the interviewer has asked about the color they are wearing. So whatever formals you are wearing, choose wisely. Why that color suits you or why you prefer that for an interview, etc. These are some of the unexpected questions you will get while being interviewed. 

Do not panic if you do not know the answer. Do not be overconfident about things if you know anything. Greet with confidence, keeping an eye to eye contact. Shake hands with a light grip. Keep a smile while greeting but do not continue smiling while on interview. Last but not the least, whatever answer you provide, listen for the feedback. Do not interrupt. This is the key to success. 


The personal interview strategy for IBPS PO Exam is not certain. It is totally up to you and guidance you get from qualified applicants or on video tutorials. Read all the instructions with more efficiency. Learn suitable examples, read banking history, etc. for a better understanding of IBPS Bank PO Interview.