5 Best WordPress Spin Wheel Plugins to Watch Out In 2021

Are you looking to increase your email subscribers by providing them some discount coupons on your website? For that purpose, using spin wheel plugins is the smart solution for any business. 

Luck-based or spinning wheel plugins help a WordPress powered site to reduce bounce rate, collect visitor email addresses, and offer discount coupons. 

The sole essence of using WordPress spinning wheel plugins is that your visitors stay hooked on your site to use the discount coupon to buy the products from your site.

Here are the 5 Best WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugins to Watch Out In 2021

OptinSpin – WordPress & WooCommerce Gamification Spin Wheel Plugin

OptinSpin is a fortune-based wheel plugin for WordPress that helps you reduce your website’s bounce rate and converts visitors into customers by allowing them to try their luck and win prizes. 

You can customize the wheel in various ways, including colors, segments/slices, text, and theme. You can do so much to grab your customers’ attention when they land on your website. 


  • Provides aesthetics & visualized customization features like colors, text, and theme.
  • As many as wheel segments addition, you are looking to make in OptinSpin. 
  • Adjust the chances for every section and maintain the winning & losing ratio.
  • Adjust the business logo in the middle section of the wheel. 
  • Users can enable or disable volume effects while the wheel is spinning. 
  • Visitors can enable or disable a party popup effect for the winners. 
  • Add a time delay for OptinSpin to showcase on your website. 
  • It has options for customizing email templates. 
  • Implement a privacy link for users to get familiar with terms and conditions. 
  • Password protection is also available for users with access only to work.
  • Produce unique coupons to offer winning users through integrated WooCommerce.

Discount Win-Wheel for WooCommerce

Discount Win Wheel plugin assists WooCommerce store owners to give a discount on coupons. It is an intuitive method to engage customers at your store as every customer is fanatic about the discounts. This WordPress Plugin produces a popup that notifies the users’ placement of email addresses and sends the coupon to that address if they win the event.

However, if they won’t win, they can spin the wheels as many times as they want until closing the popup plugin. As it asks for the email address, it can help you boost your email lists’ conversions. 


  • Entirely customizable spin wheel as per your requirements.
  • Tailormade discount email templates.
  • Customizable spin wheel styles for your site’s themes.
  • Supportability of reporting features helps to get a complete report for sales.

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

Spin Wheel for WooCommerce extension helps you to transform your site visitors into potential customers by incorporating a “Wheel to Fortune” feature in your site. Boost Sales to retain customers and improve sales by giving discounts in a proactive and engaging method. 

The customizable wheel provides you a complete authority with the text and color categories to match your site’s themes. If you want to make it more engaging? Implement more wheel plugins, each with a specific pricing plan. 

If you want to retain your customers effectively, you can configure the wheels display on exit intent. The visitors receive an opportunity to spin the wheel before leaving the desk. Moreover, you can eventually set up the time slots within which the wheel spins. 


  • Spin Wheel with the popup window
  • Add or Remove unlimited wheel slices
  • Completely Customizable Wheels
  • Admin can Instantly Preview the Changes
  • Enable or Disable Sound
  • Add snowfall animation
  • Preview wheel analytical data
  • Choose time duration for spin wheel display
  • Adjusts display to exit intent
  • Sets the duration of the coupon
  • Sets the explanation of a text
  • Adjust Explanation Text, Winning Title, and Text.
  • Automation of WooCommerce Coupons
  • Instant Free downloads
  • Completely Responsive

Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce

Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce is a spin wheel plugin for online stores. You can easily use it to develop your email list by intimating your visitors to experience the wheel game. It is a complete WordPress Spin Wheel plugin. 

Moreover, it would help if you decided whether it automatically pops up or appears by clicking on a small wheel icon present at the screen’s corner.


  • Restricts the time of spinning for every user.
  • Enable Users to choose six different popup positions. 
  • Configures the possibility of winning for each section of the wheels in percentages.
  • Send the coupon code to the email of the winner.
  • Enables using WordPress conditional tags to set up pages on which the popup appears.

Wheel By CrazyRocket

Wheel by CrazyRocket is an entirely new plugin as contrasted with the rest of the plugins. However, it provides some mesmerizing features to improve your conversion rates. 

The Wheel by CrazyRocket comes integrated with some of the meticulously designed popup templates to choose from the list. In this way, you can easily customize the popup as per your requirements. Instead of the spinning wheel feature, this plugin comes integrated with 2 amazing popup games, including a scratch card and slot machine. Likewise, you can use these games to produce a greater sense of interest among your visitors, motivating them to take wise action.


  • You can use a countdown timer in your popup.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.
  • Offers Easy-to-Use Analytics.
  • Automatically Generates Unique Coupons.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugins are unique tools to improve user experiences and increase conversion rate with an email list to win the coupon. The above top-notch WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugins are undoubtedly playing a versatile role in boosting usability metrics and engaging customers to win coupons. Although other marketing strategies have applied to grab the customer attention Hence, In this article, It is estimated that the afore-mentioned plugins can skyrocket the customer experience to the next level in 2021.