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Today we have multiple mediums to engage a child. You can either keep them busy with online cartoon shows or mold them with more productive activities. The brain of kids develop every day, and the researchers say that they try to learn everything that comes there way. Therefore it becomes important to give the learning opportunities for kids to learn new things decisively. In this blog, we have listed exciting activities that are proven to boost your kid’s brain.

1. Take Cooking Classes

Cooking is an art, and it requires lots of brain works even if we don’t realize it. You can encourage and support your child to get involved in cooking or baking with supervision. This will also boost their confidence and sense of achievement. After cooking a delicious dish or a perfect cake baking or mere cup brownie, they can achieve a tangible result. This will also create beautiful memories that will stay with them for life.

2. Take up a new route

Being parents and guardians, we are always protective of our kids. However, it is not very beneficial for the cognitive growth of your kids. Even as adults, we have got overly dependent on GPS navigation systems. Sometimes, it is important to take your kids to a specific place and ask them to lead the house from a new route. It is a great way to polish their sense of navigation.

3. Learn to play music

Music is a great way to boost the creativity of your brain. You can teach your child to learn how to play a musical instrument. It will unlock the section of the brain responsible for connecting musical notes with hand coordination. Understanding to play music will help them love music, which will be great for their atmosphere.

4. Mental Math

As adults, we know that math is used in every aspect of life. Most of the time, we don’t get to use a calculator, but we need quick math. It demands the growth of cognitive and mathematical skills. You can involve your kids with many mental math activities organized online by platforms like Insider. Presently, you can enroll your child in the class of Vedic Math and use Insider Coupon Code to get exciting discounts. These classes will enhance mathematical speed, accuracy, and analytical thinking in kids.

5. Build Vocabulary

Research shows that when someone puts effort to build their vocabulary, it involves many brain regions required for visual and auditory processing. You can make your child remember new words, meaning, and usage to widen their language understanding. It is one of the most successful cognitive boosting activities.

6. Learn Dance Moves

Dancing can be a new learning experience, along with being a fun activity. You can enroll your child for any dancing school or yourself dance with your child. Learning dance steps enhances the ability to imitate, coordinate and speedup memory. You can help your kid boost the brain with lots of fun and laughter. Don’t miss the chance to rock and roll with your kid.

7. Play Indoor Games

Some indoor games can be exciting and captivating, along with boosting the brain. You can involve the kids in a jigsaw puzzle, card games, and block games. These are fun games that you can play with your child and think critically to win the game. It will enhance their thinking power and urge to win the game.

8. Learn a New Language

While the brain is developing in the kids, it is a great time to trigger their cognitive senses. Researchers say that kids get smarter when they are fluent in more than one language. There are multiple reasons behind it. One who speaks more languages can have better memory with better visual-spatial skills and contextual knowledge. Therefore, you can enroll in making them learn a new language.

9. Join New Sport

Most parents say that their kids are full of energy and keep on running and playing in the house. This is the case with many kids, but if you channel their energy in a better direction, this could build their physical strength and mental strength. Therefore, you can enroll your kid in a new sport or martial art to help them boost their brain. This will involve the kids to explore new places and boost their spatial sense.

10. Join Book Club

Reading is not just a habit of leisure time but art to live the words. The imagination power of kids is more vibrant than you think. If you introduce book reading habits in the kids, they are more likely to develop your brain faster. A book gives you stories and the opportunity to be a part of others’ lives. You can imagine the entire story in your mind just by reading words. This involves many regions of the brain hence boosts brain development of kids.

11. Draw from Memory

The best way to boost the brain is by recalling your memory again and again. If you involve kids to sit and draw something from memory, it will help them recall the picture in detail and think about putting on paper. You will be amazed by their drawings and creativity. Try to encourage them for their efforts by framing their drawings and giving it importance. It is a great fun, brain-booster activity for the kids.


In this competitive world, it is important to make your kids ready to tackle life smartly. This comes after proper nurture and brain-boosting. The research says that the brain is still young; you can mold it in any direction you want. If you encourage them to grow without compromising on the fun, it would be a great period to bond with the kids. In this blog, we have listed some brain-boosting activities which will help your kids grow smarter. We say that because kids are not born smart, they are made smart with constant supervision and guidance. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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