Build the best e-commerce free software with multivendor marketplace

Building an e-commerce free software becomes a tedious task for anyone who wishes to open their own online store but has chosen the wrong multi vendor marketplace platform to create it. Platforms like CS Cart do not provide access to the primarily essential features in the free version. Moreover, the store owner who wishes to choose such a platform has to have the technical knowledge to create the online store. In the case of CS Cart, a user needs to have prior knowledge of block design mechanism.

Times happen when a store owner is falsely promised about the round-the-clock support with no hidden charge. But, the platforms like CS Cart and BigCommerce fail to do so miserably. CS Cart is reported to neglect any custom requirements and the store owner has to wait long to get the answer for their query in the que. In platforms like BigCommerce the charge to host the software online increases as the traffic over the website increases. If a user is looking to create a multi vendor marketplace, then surely Shopify is not the right platform to do so.

The question arises, “Isn’t there one suh dynamic e-commerce development platform that could help getting things done right at economic prices?”. The search stops at Sellacious! It is an ideal platform with more than 5000 eCommerce features essential for anyone who wishes to start their eCommerce marketplace for free and earn revenue.

Sellacious is an umbrella to more than 9 front-end themes which are highly customizable through an WYSIWYG template editor. The website designer only needs to drag and drop the UI components as per their own wish and orientation. The backend needs to be coding. The functionality behind the front-end components could be easily regulated via the enable/disable switch buttons.

Without any prior technical knowledge anyone could create their own marketplace within just 15 minutes. There are more than 65 payment methods which are surely PCI DSS compliant and ensure utmost security are offered by Sellaicius to store owners to plug into their application. The store owner could easily access the free plugging which would let them enable extensions that could help the end customer translate the text on the web store. Chat widgets could be installed so as to let the customer interact directly with the store owner and get to know about the product details.

You as a store owner can add more power to your store with the Lifetime or Enterprise version of Sellacious. In the lifetime, a user can get their hands on any Joomla provided theme. Moreover, the subscribers get 1 year full support, free subscription to any of the Sellacious’s plugin. You could also install a chat widget with an auto-spell checker. The platform always has a special bend towards emphasizing on security across the platform. Thus, multi-level authentication could be activated at login/registration form for the end user.

The core team is working dedicatedly 24×7 to resolve all your issues(if any) and there would be an assured free configuration session and services demonstrating on how to set up the webstore quickly within 15 minutes.

In addition to all the features offered in the lifetime, the enterprise has to offer a whole lot of exciting offers. The user gets scalability of 200k+ product handling, CLI based execution for the peeps with technical background, access to install advance level taxation module, discount, coupon, and shipment. In addition to that a free 12 hour configuration session, integration of backend with the AWS infrastructure, access to premium Sellacious made front-end theme, enhanced security protocols.

A store owner can create product categories, launch various stores under one banner, upload product images, specify its variants, add images, enable the customer add their genuine reviews and rating with actual customer images with this platform. Inventory management, discounting, coupon generation, advance taxation, reporting, transaction details, payouts, RMA, etc. all could be leveraged through Sellacious. Sellacious is an umbrella to more than 9 front-end themes which are highly customizable through an WYSIWYG template editor. The website designer only needs to drag and drop the UI components as per their own wish and orientation.

The core team is working dedicatedly to take upon and work over the custom customer’s requirements. If there is something that could hurdle your workflow or could generate a lot of revenue to you. It is advisable to reach out to the Sellacious core team and get it done at reasonable cost. Team works believes in bringing in the value to the product through adopting complete agility and interaction wise deliveries.