Buy in a recession 9 Best Tech Stocks of U.S technology

One of the biggest operators of the decade-long bull market is the sector of U.S technology. But earlier this year, due to the crisis of health, this market finally was ended. After a pause, the tech returns in the last of March or April. During a recession, those tech stocks that have a flow of negative cash and debt loads high are at high risk. So, here buy in a recession 9 best tech stocks.

The 9 Best Tech Stocks are:

  • com
  • Cisco Systems
  • com
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Verizon Communication
  • Atlassian Corp
  • Adobe
  • Match Group
  1. com (AMZN): Amazon is such a tech stock that it owns in a league, although it thinks that an area that susceptible to downturns is e-commerce. The recession in 2020 increased the company’s power because many Americans were enabled to buy products from the store, so millions of people in America purchased products online. The broad market that shared suitable prices and fast delivery is Amazon, which made it difficult for the competitor. In this industry, Amazon Web Services provided fast-growing and high margins. In this epidemic, the difficult time of business for Americans, AWS income rose to 29%, and the company posted year-to-year 40% sales growth. After five years it expects analytically the income may grow annually 36%.


  1. Cisco Systems (CSCO):

In the technology of data networking, Cisco Systems is a leader with its products. Cisco Systems, including products related to switching and routing and other related services. Cisco System provides the framework that made the internet possible. Through Services and Software, Cisco now attained its goal of getting half of all income. Like Amazon, Cisco is not a high-growth company. The company continues to go forward with the transformation of hardware into Services and high margin software. Because of its slow and stable nature, Cisco is one of the best tech stocks to buy in a recession.

  1. Sales (CRM):

One of the global leaders in Salesforce, that on-demand of relationship the customers with management services. During the downturn, Dan Romanoff said the investors must focus on the high quality that software is the biggest competitive advantage in the space of software also supported by nursing essay help UK. He said within the software group; Salesforce provides opportunities for long-term growth to the investors.

  1. Facebook (FB):

Facebook is the most useful app. On social media or on messaging, it’s solid grip is evident on our faces. With its family services, the company, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, or Facebook, had a monthly 3.14 billion active users. Although one of the best tech stocks is Facebook, to buy in a recession is the increasing income spot. And the Shares year-to-date are nearly up 30%.

  1. Microsoft (MSFT):

In the few companies of the world, Microsoft is one of them like Amazon, or it’s worth about $1 trillion or in market cap, it’s about $1.6 trillion. In this epidemic, Microsoft’s income rose to 13% in the second region, and per Share earnings adjusted to rose 7%.

In licensing income, it brings cash flow high. Now it thinks that Microsoft office takes to over the cloud and turns it into a persistent income. Million of students subscriptions are locked in and hold the subscription fees regularly. This growth is compatible, not blockbuster, and Microsoft pays 1% modest gains. In the last region, the only market share is AWS or the growth with an income of up to 47%.

  1. Verizon Communication (VZ):

To buy in a recession next tech stock among these is Verizon. Verizon, in this list of tech stocks, is the steadiest name that gains the highest payer and yields about 4.3%. In the first half-year of 2020, the free cash flow grew from the year by about 73%. Verizon will be useful and continuing to shift the 5G framework for more devices connected or come online. It’s needed to ease faster and newer networks by 5G spectrum ownership.

  1. Atlassian Corp (TEAM):

During the uproar of 2020, one of those tech stocks that flourished is Atlassian. Software like Confluence, JIRA, or Trello, the collaboration software had the workflow management popular due to the company behind them. Atlassian’s top-line growth is driving by the working of millions of Americans from their home, so in this region, the income increased to 29%, and it expects that in 2021 to 2020, growth may increase up to 20%. However, at the end of this epidemic, the assumption of Atlassian products sped-up. This assumption of Atlassian products in 2020 contributed 70% or more in Team stock.

  1. Adobe (ADBE):

Adobe is a unique tech stock. It’s not a chance to buy in a recession the best tech stock in companies where the software acts as a service. The investors love genuine, increasing income and the services that are offered over the threat; with the addition of users, the margin runs higher. Adobe is a massive creative software with a constant user base and subscribers had switching costs high. Adobe, including mobile apps such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, In-Design that embellish per month $52.99 or more, and had subscription is a bundle of the famous-desktop-like Creative Cloud.

  1. Match Group (MTCH):

The last tech stock is Match Group; it is a massive online dating. Match Group, including many other famous dating apps in their properties. Among other apps, including Tinder, Match, Plenty of fish, or Hinge. Globally, the Match Group offered in 40 languages or more than. The market of online dating growing and become dominant due to the platforms of Match Group. Globally, the most top-grossing app is Tinder, and in particular, it considers the dating app that most-downloaded. In the last region, the income rose to 12%, and the free cash flow of year-to-date rushed 40%. This year, this year, shares were around up to 39%, or the investors have whistled stable growth. Now, it expects that dating online dating must play a larger role.


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