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Foot Doctor Treat Gout

A podiatrist in Perth has observed an increase in the number of people experiencing pain from gout attacks, or “gout attacks.” Award-winning podiatrist Dr. Brent Radford offers gout attacks and/or gout attacks in Perth Australia and helps treat gout. 

Gout attacks in the foot occur when uric acid enters the joint, with the large toe joint often the most affected. Gout causes pain in the toes, ankles, feet, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, and feet. 

Gout can occur when a person produces too much uric acid and cannot excrete it through their urine. This can lead to kidney stones, and if the kidneys do not function properly, the kidney crystals can accumulate in the urine and cause kidney failure. 

Gout Symptoms

If gout symptoms persist for more than 10 years without treatment, uric acid crystals can form in the cartilage and form granular, calcareous nodules, called tophi. A stub toea can lead to a bout of gout if there are already enough uric acid crystals to saturate the cartilage. Gout attacks caused by a build-up of uric acid can still irritate the joints but are less frequent and less severe than the symptoms of Astub-toa. A G-out attack caused by a build-up of uric acid can cause pain and discomfort in the feet and ankles, and it can also cause inflammation of the joints. The joints could be irritated by the accumulation of uric acid, not just by pain or discomfort. 

An attack of gout caused by a build-up of uric acid can still irritate the joints, but it is less frequent and less severe than the symptoms of Astub-toa. An attack of gout caused by a build-up of uric acid can still irritate the joints. An attack of gout caused by a build-up of uric acid can still irritate the joint. 

If You Think You Might Have a Gout Attack

If you have sore feet or gout, do not hesitate to call our office today to see if you have gout attacks or pain due to this. You will visit one of our friendly pediatricians and you can also call the Perth podiatrist’s office.

The podiatrist will discuss dietary changes to reduce the amount of uric acid that gout patients take in their diet and will work with you to administer medication to your gout patient to relieve the pain. If you have a gout attack or pain under control and your podium warfare has eased it, work is also being done to get a thorough grip on your gout so that you can avoid further attacks of gout. 

Your doctor may also perform a blood test to measure uric acid levels in the blood, but it is possible that they will return to normal as soon as a gout attack occurs. As already mentioned, people with high uric acid levels do not always experience gout and a lack of hyperuricemia, which does not completely rule out the possibility of a diagnosis of gout. But, while lifestyle changes can play an important role in preventing future gout attacks and even in fully curing gout, more medical care is needed. 

Before You See Your Podiatrist For Treatment For Gout

You should do a few things beforehand. There is a lot of research on this subject, but there are also some questions about the treatment of gout in general and the need for you to see a podiatrist for the first time after treatment for gout so that you can do it beforehand. 

Gout attacks are usually very painful and often make it difficult to walk, so most gout patients require their podiatrist to inject them with cortisone (cortisone vaccines) to relieve the attacks of gout in the joints. 

Medications, most commonly allopurinol and probenecid, effectively prevent and treat gout attacks before they begin. 

Most doctors will wait until the attack of gout is over to take medication to lower high uric acid levels. Most doctors will not wait a few weeks before starting the drug, which lowers the higher urine acid level until it is too late for the gout attacks to end. Often they wait a few weeks after taking the medications that lower the high uric acid level until they are too old. Some of them will even wait up to six months after their attacks are over, and sometimes longer. Less than 6 months, some even more than a week after your G-out attack. 

Your podiatrist in Perth will evaluate your foot to find the best method to achieve the fastest relief of your gout attacks. If you forget to come to the office for treatment of gout, you will forget that for a long time. Come in and come back and you will not only relieve your bouts of gout, but your bouts of gout will also disappear. 


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