Christmas 2020: Enjoy This Event with At-home Parties!

Christmas 2020 Enjoy This Event with At-home Parties!

There is no place like home for holidays’; nothing can be more accurate than this old song. These lyrics have become touchier amid the pandemic; many people are away from their homes, and holidays are approaching quickly. Could this song be more significant? Well, this doesn’t mean you won’t get the chance to celebrate Christmas or wear your Christmas Jacket. There are many ways to celebrate the holidays at your home with your immediate family or roommates (as they have been your family through the whole quarantine phase). It is not forbidden to visit your home; you should while you can, but make sure that you are traveling safely and not becoming the carrier of any bacteria.

Simply a holiday is not worth it to put your whole family’s health at stake. It is also not like Christmas won’t come again, or you’ll have to spend your whole time on a couch. You still have some of the best and cutest party ideas to enliven the Christmas spark at home. You’ll have the coziest parties at your home while staying safe from the deadliest virus, and this will also teach you that you don’t always need so many people to enjoy. Stay at home and have the best Christmas with the following party ideas.


Yes, we get it that you have spent your whole quarantine time scooching over a couch watching a movie, but a movie marathon is not just watching a movie. You can invite all your favorite people who live nearby and enjoy your favorite movies with them. Decorate your place with all the Christmas-y ornaments you have. Grab a fake organic tree while you can, and decorate it with the best stuff. Ask your friends about their favorite movies, and create a playlist with all those movies included.
You can also introduce some cute Games to Play after watching each movie. Snacks are the main part of any movie-watching ceremony, whether big or small. If your gathering is small, do something creative like let them decorate their pizzas or let them bake their food. If you don’t like people in your kitchen, then prepare delicious and mouth-watering food for them with some snacks to munch on during movies.


A Pajama party might look like a little modification of a movie marathon, but it is not just it. In many places, life is back to normal, and people are back in their formal office attires. Even after spending most of the time in pajamas, a break from all work outfits will look good. You don’t have to go to a movie in pajama parties; there are so many other fun activities you can do with your homies. You can play fun games and associate little cute gifts to the winners. Just face the reality that you don’t get enough time in your daily routine to host such events, so this is the only time you’ll be able to throw a slumber party. So enjoy staying safe and comfy!


People who don’t have ugly sweaters at the back of their closets must have led either a life with so understanding grandparents or a boring life altogether. Plan a party with a few of your friends, and you can also have this party virtually. Take your dope outfits a step further and re-spirit the old ugly sweater tradition of Christmas! Ask your friends to make their sweaters as ugly as possible; the ugliest sweater will win the price. You can make the price more fun and interesting in so many ways. So if you crave a fun party, here is your idea to throw it!


People who love to be surprised are the biggest fans of secret Santa service. It goes like this you gather your friends before Christmas, have them write their names on small paper pieces, and then distribute those chits among yourselves. To make this easy and fun for everyone, introduce a monetary limit on it. Put on a cash spending limit on a gift, and when the big day arrives, double the fun of secret Santa by introducing the gift exchange policy among each other with some ground rules. This would be a fun way to spend your Christmas night with your family and friends.


Who associated Halloween with costume parties only? You can have Christmas costume parties too. This will give everyone a chance to become Santa Claus and portray him as they think of him. Get yourself a nice costume from Christmas Costumes Deals and announce your party idea beforehand so that others can also prepare their party costumes. This party won’t require many people, and it’ll allow you to have fun while staying at home.

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