Common Challenges Faced by HR Professionals Worldwide

Human Resource management course

HR is a relatively complicated domain. Handling people is the most dynamic and cumbersome task in any organization. You can control the machines, the processes, and even the disasters, but managing human resources is a whole another equation. This domain is not for people who are weak-hearted or short-tempered. From language barriers, communication and cultural differences to leadership, motivation and change management, the HR professionals face a number of challenges every day.

By pursuing an HR certificate program online from a credible Edtech platform, you can be prepared to face even the underlying challenges of this domain.

However, you need to know about the challenges first, which is why here’s the ultimate guide to the everyday challenges faced by HR professionals.

Let’s get started!

  1. Recruitment, Retention, Motivation

This is perhaps one of the most gruelling challenges faced by the HR managers of today. The demand for talented human resources is through the roof; however, the demand is still scarce in terms of market-ready skills and knowledge. This is why it is challenging for HR professionals to attract talented candidates.

Retaining employees is even more difficult. The millennial workforce of today stays away from the status quo. They like to switch job frequently, which is why it has become difficult to retain them. Some organisation or other out there is ready to pay them more salary, allow more benefits, flexible timings, and whatnot. So, to stand out of the competition and make them think the grass is not greener on the other side of the street is a challenge.

2. Leadership Development

Employees repeatedly say that poor management/leadership is the reason they are leaving jobs. They also want a more proactive leadership role in decisions within their jobs, which tickles the need for training. Unfortunately, most organisations struggle to come up with the necessary budgets for training and development of employees. But what they need to discern is that as the companies grow and expand, developing leaders becomes a necessity. HR certificate program online emphasizes on this fact and makes sure the HR professionals are equipped with tools to implement successful mentorship and training programs in their organisations.

3. Succession Planning

Who will take over the VP position if he/she leaves the organization? What happens if a senior management position is left open? This is one area of the HR domain where a grey area can be catastrophic. Such senior-level positions, if left empty, can reduce market reputation, which is why HR professionals need to have a robust succession strategy in place. This requires expert guidance, training, and experience, all of which can be gained by pursuing a credible HR certificate program online.

4. Embracing Change with Grace and Ease

Change is a shapeshifter. It influences not only the business environment, competitors, and customers but also the workplace. Whether it is structural, procedural, managerial, or technological, change is what humans are most afraid of.

  • What happens if a new manager/leader comes in?
  • What if the way employees work and report changes drastically?
  • What if the new manager is a killjoy?

All these aspects need to be kept in mind while formulating change strategies.

5. Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Not every employee performs at an equivalent level, and it is usually because of their team leader. Many employees consider leaving or switching their jobs because of a poor relationship with their management. That’s why it is critical for HR professionals to source and develop talented and empowering leaders. And grooming current employees for leadership roles doesn’t work when leaders-in-making keep leaving. By providing regular training sessions and delegation of important work that aligns with their career progression path is an essential step here.

6. Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning

Today, the millennial workforce leave their jobs with the key reasons for lack of development and growth opportunities. Training is the golden goose through which you can keep your employees engaged and loyal. However, to formulate such strategies, HR professionals need to hone their skills. And the ideal way is by pursuing a credible HR certificate program online. One such program you can pursue is the HR management course from IIM Raipur. Offered on the credible Edtech platform, Talentedge, the HR management course from IIM Raipur boasts of market-ready skills and up-to-date content. Not to mention, the eminent faculty of IIM Raipur specially designs these courses to help HR professionals ace this domain.

7. Managing Diversity with Local in Mind

Globalisation – the maker and destroyer of every business.

It’s better to embrace such a pivotal trend as this leads to more sales, a diversified workforce, ideas, and perspectives. However, with a diverse workforce comes to a few human resource challenges like managing a diverse team. While adhering to local rules and procedures, HR professionals must also create a workplace that is welcoming, conflict-free, and comfortable – for everyone.

8. Creating a Quality Employee Experience

Hiring the best employees is comparatively easier than keeping them around.

However, if your employees are satisfied with their role and growth, they are far less likely to consider other employers. This is where the modern concept of employee experiences comes into play.

By focusing on creating an exceptional employee experience that is up a notch from the competition, you can ensure that the employees stick with your organisation. You can do this by offering them engaging activities like a work-from-home arrangement, flexible timing, additional health benefits, gym facilities, etc.

Ready to Face Your HR Challenges?

Now, the ultimate question – are you ready to face these challenges on your own? Not entirely, obviously. Don’t worry; there are a plethora of HR certificate programs online that can offer expert guidance into this domain. One of the most up-and-coming online course in this domain is the HR management course from IIM Raipur. By equipping you with the latest tools and strategies, the HR management course from IIM Raipur helps you remain relevant. Not just that, but the HR management course from IIM Raipur also helps identify and address human resource challenges so you can ultimately empower the greatest asset – the people, towards sustainable success.



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