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Marketers know: Recognition is crucial. With the logo, with the website, with the explainer video. Without recognition, all effort is wasted.

In the abundance of visual stimuli and advertising messages, it has already become very difficult to stand out among the competitors. At the same time, a professional animated explainer video company can easily to all your 2D animated explainer video needs. Those who diligently produce and post videos without the user clearly and quickly recognizing who the video is from are giving away valuable reach, clicks and returning visitors as well as important recommendations and shares. Therefore, a video should always have a good intro. How does it work, what you have to pay attention to in detail and how all this can be done in a time-saving manner?

Here’s how you can quickly and easily create a professional explainer video:

Invest in a concept: Investing a little time and leisure in a small concept makes sense insofar as you should make the most of the short time for the intro. Those who only give boring and breathless dry information do not have good cards.

Surprise, inform, and enchant your viewers!

Especially in the intro, which conveys the very first impression of your work and, above all, your message.

Ergo: Your intro should arouse curiosity and, if necessary, briefly introduce yourself or the topic.

But be careful: you don’t have much time.

To be brief, max. 7 seconds. It is said that the ideal duration is between 5 and 7 seconds. Users who can already assess what the channel is about in the introduction are more willing to watch the full video if they like. And: to come back.

So think in advance about what you want to say / what message you have. And please really only one – there is simply no place for more than one core message and would only confuse and distract.

Also, think about which corporate design elements should have space in your intro:

  • How should your intro come across visually? Is it a comic style?
  • 3D or classic?
  • Reduced, clear lines?
  • What atmosphere do you want to convey?
  • How does that fit in with your existing (graphic) appearance?
  • Do you have a certain color that you always use for good reason?
  • Will your logo be used?
  • Do you have a special typo that you like to use?
  • Should another trademark be used?

Gather all the information that could be of interest to your intro. Then carefully choose what is in “important”. Because an intro is a special medium and not easy to compare with the print aspects, for example. Nevertheless, in terms of marketing measures, you should make sure that it is reliably recognizable.

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The tone is also important.

  • Do you want to include sound / music?
  • Which noises, sounds, music fits?
  • How loud should it be?
  • When is which atmosphere created?
  • Does the acoustic background also match the visual in all parts?
  • Is the music released for use?
  • Does it suit your target group or is it more your own personal taste?

Due to the musical accompaniment, users have already dropped out even though they liked the rest. Make sure that an intro also works without sound, because many users only turn on the sound later.

Do you have a storyline?

Do you know when what appears, fades out, comes in? What should the element say, what function should it fulfill? Is it superfluous? Shorten as much as possible and then look carefully to see if what remains reflects your structure and a goal of point 1.

Ergo: Even in short sequences – yes, especially there – there must be a meaningful chronology of the elements.

What comes when and in what form – and why?

Rely on good quality: Instead of publishing anything in any way, as a business person you should rely on professionalism. Select a video editing software and deal with it until you have mastered the basics, then you can easily get to work. Everything else quickly becomes unprofessional. Alternatively, you can simply hire a professional who will show you or do it for you.

Get help, hire a freelancer or try out Animation Feast. For example, you can create a good video using Animation Feast’s designers’ services. This will help you achieve good quality without going to much trouble.


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The best is that the company guarantees business success, which is natural since boosting the business using the explainer video is obvious. However, if the video is really an overwhelming piece of creation, what you all need to do is to focus on marketing stuff then, which can be attained by Animation Feast in a special package. If you select this package, expert marketers take care of the rest of the video marketing through YouTube and Vimeo. This is how the company helps you in getting a tremendous amount of relevant traffic to your website.

Moreover, 2D animated explainer videos help the customers to share their brand message efficiently in an attractive and engaging way.


Because the intro of a video is the first thing your users see of you. This must convince all along the line! Use and test several intro templates. With the above tools, you have several to choose from, choose your highlight from the 20 templates – and test it!

If you use external tools and materials, make sure that you have the exploitation rights and, in the best case, all copyrights, at least pay attention to commercial licensing!

Tip:  With Animation Feast – explainer video company, animated services from experienced professionals can cost you, starting from, $50, which is fine. The best thing is the ease of use: choose the design, upload a logo or something similar, adapt the intro (e.g., insert domain and slogan), save and download.

But no matter how you create your intro: Pay attention to professionalism and a tidy statement so that the user knows what you are about right away. Good luck!

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