Different Appearances of Palpatine in Star Wars!

Different Appearances Of PalPatine in Star Wars

While choosing Star Wars Jacketpeople usually cover every Darth and Jedi forgetting Palpatine; the same thing happens with cosplaying Star Wars. Everyone either wants to be Luke or Darth Vader, but little do they know, Palpatine is the one who played a significant role in shaping the plot of this movie series by appearing fewer times — making big impacts. Here are different appearances of Palpatine in Star Wars to tell you how this man has raged everything!


Palpatine first appeared as Sheev, a human baby on Naboo (another planet). No one has an idea about his family; neither his parents nor his wife and kids are known. Though during his life, he adopted a son to nurture his power into him. He went into politics to make ways of being more powerful than ever.


Instead of shifting towards being Jedi, Palpatine encountered The Dark Lord Of The Sith — Darth Plagueis, and how did it happen is still unknown. Alas! They had a meeting, taking advantage of Palpatine’s young and vulnerable age, and the Dark Lord conveyed all of his understanding into the young mind of Palpatine. Later Darth Plagueis took him in as his apprentice with the name Sidious. Under the influence of The Dark Lord of the Sith, Palpatine started learning and enhancing his powers. Later both master and trainee, Darth Plageueis and Sidious (Palpatine) had their minds filled with the obsession of becoming immortal.

As once, Palpatine admired the Dark Lord by referring to him as the most powerful and intellectual. He also praised his powers and loyalty by mentioning that Plagueis can protect his loved ones from dying. Though after gaining all the information, Sidious himself murdered Plagueis and took one apprentice under him after becoming Darth Sidious. The trainee he took under him is known as Darth Maul. This was the second appearance of Palpatine.


After covering a long distance, Sith Palpatine finally succeeded in becoming an official agent and a Senator in the Galatic Republic for representing his planet Naboo. He witnessed some stressed aura in the senate because of corruption. Being himself, Palpatine decided to take advantage of the whole situation instead of working for it. He utilized corruption, used turmoil to gain more power, and made an order using his leadership skills.

He was already a Chancellor, so he used his trainee Maul and his other creepy inspirations to exploit other leaders and economies all around the whole Galaxy. He was the biggest manipulator; he was doing all this to gain the ultimate power to gradually change the Senate and then use his capability to build a new Sith Empire. To fulfill his purpose, he manipulated the Senate against his hometown, the planet he was born in, Naboo. He talked Queen Amidala into improving her opinion in opposition to the Supreme Chancellor at that moment. At last, Palpatine got what he wanted at that time by winning the replacement vote and getting himself hired as the Supreme Chancellor, making his third appearance as successful as he can.


Palpatine made his fourth appearance as a Chancellor. After becoming the Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine became so powerful, and he eventually convinced Anakin Skywalker to the Dark side i-e Sith world. Though before taking him fully to the dark side, he adopted another apprentice named Count Dooku. Dooku was hired on a mission of gathering a force for the Separatists and fabricating a false threat. Palpatine, being the Supreme Chancellor, adjourned the Galatic Empire along with the Separatist forces. He created a huge distraction to get even greater capabilities by putting both forces that belonged to him in front of each other for a battle.

Meanwhile, he started giving time to his grand plan for vanishing every Jedi with the name of Order 66. There was a species called Clone troopers manufactured by transmitting the genes of Jango Fett, a bounty hunter. Darth Sidious (Palpatine) inserted a bio-chip into them, which was filled with a particular protocol to brainwash this species and made them a slave of Palpatine. As if he hasn’t done enough till now, he also initiates the master plan for the production of a well-known ship that can destroy any planet — yes, the infamous Death Star was creating Palpatine.

As Palpatine initiated the war, the Jedi forces tried their best to preserve the calmness and peace of the Galaxy by spreading throughout the Galaxy. Palpatine became a very close friend of Anakin and slowly made him kill his trainee, Count Dooku, because he betrayed him. Once Anakin executed Dooku, he gradually started inclining towards the dark side. Anakin replaced Dooku because Palpatine illured him with his fake promises of saving Padme and Luke Skywalker, his son. Anakin changed into Darth Vader with the help of Palpatine, and here begins their rule!


After doing so much manipulation, causing so many destructions, and being the worst person anyone could ever imagine, Palpatine finally got what he wanted. He got all the powers one could wish or the powers that were his desire. He had now appeared as Emperor Palpatine and a leader of the Galactic Empire. Now that he had everything he wanted, he peacefully started working on his project, manufacturing a Death Star. As he had Darth Vader on his side, it was impossible to stop him. Luke was the one who burst his Death Star, but it didn’t affect Palpatine, as he started building another one. He also tried to tempt Luke with the help of his father, but Luke was no Anakin, no one can seduce this student of Yoda, so eventually, Palpatine had to back off.


SPOILERS ALERT!! In the movie In Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker, it was disclosed that the son which Sheev Palpatine has adopted has a daughter named Rey. As Palpatine was brutally killed by Darth Vader, Rey was supposed to take his place. Though Palpatine didn’t appear in that, he was remembered as a grandfather. Inclusively, Palpatine is the most important one in the Star Wars plot so this year, grab a customized Star Wars Jacket inspired by Palpatine.