Does Android Cleaner Apps Harm Your Smartphones

Back gone the days when mobile phones were restricted to messages and calls. With the passage of time and the evolution of new technology now they have become our best companions that provide us entertainment, help us to capture our best moments, check our emails, purchasing products, and many more. Now, when we are so much dependent on our mobile phones then obviously we want to keep their performance up and running. And here arises the most important question, what we need to improve their performance?

Here many advise using an Android cleaner to effectively optimize the performance of your device while others suggest never to use an Android cleaner app as it will do more harm than good.

So in this article, we will try to shed some light on whether an Android cleaner harms your phone or it is really worthy to get a best Android cleaner and let it optimize our Android device.

What an Android Cleaner Do

optimize our Android device

Before discussing whether an Android cleaner harms your Android phone or not, first just look at the basic functionalities of these apps and try to learn what they really do.

On our test results that is based on the use of some best cleaner apps for Android, shows that all the top Android cleaning apps commonly does the following things:

  • Boost your mobile performance by cleaning RAM. Cleaning the RAM stops many unneeded apps running in the background that may degrade the performance of your device.
  • Extend battery life by stopping unnecessary processes running in the background, decreasing the brightness of the screen, stops the syncing etc.
  • Make your
  • Clear junk and other temporary files from your mobile to help it perform faster.
  • Some of the best Android cleaners also offer protection against malware and viruses.
  • Some Android cleaners also help you to delete duplicate files from your Android.

Now looking at so many benefits you may be thinking that how can an Android cleaner be harmful. Let’s check out the answer below.

Can Android Cleaners be Harmful?

Yes, a good Android cleaner helps you to boost the performance of your Android phone, but this is not true for all the Android cleaner apps available out there on the Internet. You may be surprised to know that many of the available apps are nothing but rogue.

If you do not know what a rogue app is then we would like to bring to your notice that rogue mobile apps are phony apps designed by hackers. They trick the users into installing them by impersonating genuine and trusted apps.

And once a user installs them they try to gain access to your device’s location, your entire contact lists, photographs, videos and other important files.

The rogue app even contains malware, such as trojans and viruses, that can even steal your credit card information like credit card number, CVV, and other account information like usernames and passwords.

Apart from these rogue applications, there are many spyware apps that keep on monitoring your internet usage, i.e. what you are surfing on the internet, which website you frequently access, which social platform you use the most, how much time you spend on the internet and other such users specific information. After gathering all such information the app then sends all this data to their servers.

Although this may not contain your personal information it is quite helpful in showing the target-based ads.

Do We Need to Stop Using Android Cleaners?

After completing the first part of the article you might have made your mind for getting a better cleaner app for Android, however, the second para has again raised an alert for you, and you again unable to decide whether to go for an Android cleaner app or not. Let us help you to come out of this dilemma.

Firstly using an Android cleaner or not varies from user to user, like his using habits, his technical expertise, etc. All this means that if you are well versed with the functionality of the Android operating system, then you can use the inbuilt features offered by Android and your technical expertise to clean your device and optimize your Android phone manually. Believe me, still all the system optimization tasks can be accomplished manually, it is just manually cleaning that takes some time and serious effort from a user.

So whether it’s memory optimization or space optimization or battery optimization or RAM optimization all can be performed even without using an Android cleaner. Few examples for the same are as below:

  • To free up RAM manually, you can go to Android Settings > Apps > Open an App > Tap on force stop to stop that app and free the RAM that is consumed by the app. You can repeat this process for all the apps that are not in use. However, you need to be careful here as stopping running apps can cause it to misbehave.
  • To free up memory you can go to Android Settings > Apps > Open an App > Storage & cache > Tap on Clear Cache.
    Android deviceThis will clear the cache and you will be able to regain some space on your device. You can follow the same process for all the apps installed.
  • To optimize battery life, you can lessen the brightness of your device, stop the notifications for the apps, use dark mode for the app whenever available.

However, if you do not have that much time and technical expertise then you can go for an Android cleaner app. All you need to do is download the app either from Google Play Store or from a trusted source. Although, there was a time when some rogue apps sneak into Google Play Store however after that Google tightened its security and unpublished many such apps.

Also, before downloading an app you can check for user reviews, ratings, and other such factors to confirm the authenticity of the app. Smart  Phone Cleaner is one of the best apps for Android with incredible features and users resting more than 4.4.

Final Verdict

So folks to sum up the things we would like to say that not all Android cleaners harm your Android phone, on the contrary, best Android cleaners optimize your device within no time and improve its performance. All you need to do is be a bit alert and do research so that you can only get the best cleaner app for Android.

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