Everything You need to Known About just eats clone script

eats clone script

As technologies have improved so much over the last few years, things have become digital-based and a lot easier for people. From booking online taxi services to laundry services, everything can be efficiently done with the help of the internet. 

When everything can be done digitally, why should online food delivery remain an exception? Especially in the post-pandemic world, most people are willing to indulge in their favorite meal from their favorite restaurants sitting in the comfort of their home.

After witnessing this major shift in customer behavior, more businesses and restaurants are showing interest in creating their own online food service business and developing their food delivery applications.

Food delivery applications like Just Eat are ruling over the majority of the market. But, that does not mean there is no room for newcomers. In 2022, the online foodservice sector is booming, and this is the right time to start. If you want to develop an online food delivery application like Just Eat and build a firm grasp on the booming market.

But before you jump onto launching your Just Eat clone script application, there are some key factors that you need to consider. This article will help you out with everything about your Just Eat Clone script Application. 

Features of your Just Eat Clone Script Application

You must implement these features to develop an on-demand food delivery application. These features will differ from customers to business owners section,

1. Customer Section:

For a better customer experience, you need to incorporate these features.

  • A search tool that will help the customers find their favorite restaurants.
  • Advance features that will show the closest restaurants to the customers’ location in case they want to. Also the available dishes in those restaurants.
  • GPS tracker so that customers can track the real-time location of their food delivery driver with an estimated time of delivery. 
  • Customers must know the amount of the bill after adding their desired food in the order section.
  • Multiple payments options to enable the customers to pay in their preferred way.

2. Delivery boy’s section: 

  • Instant notification for food delivery placed from his nearest restaurants.
  • In-build GPS maps to guide the delivery boy to the customers’ address.
  • A special section where they can find their total earnings of the day.

3. Restaurant’s section:

  • A profile setup feature to let restaurants set up their profile and add information about their restaurant like opening hours, menu, etc.
  • Must get an instant notification when a customer makes an order from the restaurant with the accept and reject option. Only when the restaurant approves the order, the customer section will show notification of order confirmation.
  • A section that shows their total earnings from online food delivery.

4. Admin section:

It is the section from where you will be able to control the overall online food delivery system. You will have access to all the order details, restaurant information, and also the food delivery boy’s information. 

You must Check out here leading Just eat clone script and develop a Just Eat clone script application that has all the essential features for each section.

Now when you are totally aware of the features that you must incorporate in your food delivery application, you have to know how you can use the Just Eat clone script and build a successful online food delivery business out of it.

Have proper planning: Without proper planning, you will reach nowhere. First, identify the demand of the customer. Understand the kind of features that you need to include to attract customers to use your application.

Determine your requirements. Fix a budget and plan how you can avail of every feature and fulfill all the requirements within the budget.

Hire an expert Just Clone Application development company: Before you close a deal with any development company you need proper information about prior initiatives and development processes. Learn more about their post-development services and estimated costs of their development service. 

Make sure you hire a development company that can design an online food delivery application keeping the current trends and your requirements in mind.

Pay attention to user experience and user interface: Having a user-friendly application is the most important thing to keep in mind. Customers will not love to use an application that is slow, complicated, and takes higher time to load. 

Make sure your development company develops an application that supports all the platforms and devices and offers a seamless experience to the users.

Also, keep the security of the users in mind. Check out here leading Just eat clone script for developing better user-friendly Just Eat clone apps.

Collab with popular restaurants in your town: People prefer foods from restaurants that are popular and serve quality foods. Some people consider particular restaurants for some particular food items. 

You need to collaborate with those popular restaurants that offer various kinds of foods including Chinese, South Indian, etc. And don’t forget to include restaurants that offer delicious fast foods, dessert items, snacks, etc. Include a variety of restaurants on your Just Eat clone script application to provide better customer service.

Promote your application: To develop a successful business out of the Just Eat clone script, you have to promote your food delivery service and application. Organize various advertisement campaigns to promote. You can also use multiple social media platforms to reach a large audience.

You can also utilize pay-per-click advertising platforms to promote your business online. Write regular blogs to let people know about your service, offers, missions, etc. Only developing an amazing application is not enough. You need to spend a lot of time and effort to promote it so that it reaches your target audience.


You need to properly follow the steps to start your online food delivery service. I hope this article helps you know how to launch your Just Eat cloner script application and what are the in-demand features you need to include.