Effective Instagram Influencer Marketing Techniques

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Instagram is the current rage of social media platforms with a huge base of over one billion users. The ever dynamic inclusion of new updates on the app makes it ever-increasing in demand. Social selling on Instagram is very effective. Out of a survey, results pointed to about 60% or more users using the platform to discover and browse through products. No wonder, Instagram influencer marketing is the most talked about thing at this time.

The diversity of its users translates to having a huge potential of a market, full of consumers, for all brands. The sheer popularity of the platform is alluring people to become new users. The existing users already realize how huge it is and what’s on offer. Popular users on these platforms gain a fan base and a set of followers who engage with their posts by viewing, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

Along with Facebook, Instagram also poses a serious threat to the businesses still using the conventional methods of product marketing only. The impact has been such that businesses are now not looking to dump any more money into high costing celebrity advertisements. They are looking for an easier way to reach out to the masses. The entire idea is to increase reach and engagement.

A recent survey revealed about 92% of millennial and Gen-Z customers trust products recommended by social media influencers as opposed to traditional ads. Influencer marketing has proven to reap long term customer associations rather than traditional marketing techniques. Influencer marketing can be defined, measured, and optimized as per the requirements.

Some of the techniques that can be used on Instagram as influencer marketing are as follows,

  • Hashtags

Before starting to research influencers the backend setup must be complete.  The readiness depends on the strategy and roadmap planning that has been done. Creation of hashtag matters. The hashtag needs to connect with the masses and are essential to an Instagram influencer marketing campaign. This will increase followers and increase brand awareness.

Hashtags have the capability to attain greater exposure than others in their level, become viral and reach out to an even greater audience than anticipated. These tags not only make it easier for the brand to showcase their product but the customers as well as those who want to upload a picture or video of their product in use.

A branded hashtag will also get satisfied customers onboard and double up as influencers. This may involve nano, micro, or even macro-influencers. The tags also are crucial for encouraging users to post their content thus reaching out to their followers.

  • Make sure you have the best influencer

This is a challenging task as it requires a lot of research to find out a genuine and similarly thinking influencer open for collaboration. There are many influencer reviews or posts around becoming difficult to find out which one is the best influencer for you. The best influencer for you is the one that fits your requirements. There can still be doubts. The best ways to find out your perfect fit are as follows,

  1. Use audience poll when in doubt: If the influencer’s followers are consisting of your target consumer segment then chances are that this will work. Other factors to consider are user engagement, the top user engagements will tell you which brand or influencer is at the top at this time letting you plan accordingly.Also worth considering is your brand’s demographics and customer engagement matrix. Followers and their sales data will help you with clues to solving the puzzle of your target influencer. Also, a branded hashtag might land an influencer in your campaign even before you know it. Watch out for those, most times they are the best ones.
  1. Use third-party sourcing: If you are still not sure of the correct influencer there are a ton of third-party tools and services to help you locate the best influencer for your brand. Users can search with even keywords pr hashtags to find out influencers. Users can see their follower counts, reach, engagement rate, and even the price of services even on some portals.
  1. Always cross-check the influencers’ capability: The boom of social media has brought about a boom of social media influencers. There are many with followers from fake accounts and engagement not up to the mark. Engagement being held higher than the number of followers on a decision matrix.Higher follower counts might offer a larger reach but a higher user engagement will ensure more effective delivery of the message to an engaged audience.
  • Costly is not always good

Instagram Influencer marketing is flexible in a variety of ways. One being, it does not have to be costly to be effective. For a start, a micro or nano influencer can be used to get an understanding of the process and reach out to a smaller audience. Other consumers love to see products being recommended by fellow consumers than celebrity endorsements. Shoppers also want to see the products in use on an everyday basis by reviewers or influencers. These influencers with small fan bases have a very high engagement matrix.

A survey points out that about 88% of users want to see an influencer’s video or a photo of the product they wish to purchase. This can have a huge effect if many micro-influencers are collaborating with the same product. Most micro-influencers have highly engaged audiences. Also, a review from a normal consumer is more appealing in terms of genuineness as opposed to an account with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The massive database of influential users willing to review your product on Instagram will build the authority, authenticity, and trust of customers. Instagram Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing method using social media and its power users who have a following and are able to influence people with their content or in real life.

Also, must establish the KPIs to monitor the success of the campaigns with a later period. And put effort into developing a rapport for your influencers and present them innovative control over the content they make for the campaign.

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