Email Marketing Can’t Be Done by Anyone, You Need Skills

Email Marketing Can’t Be Done by Anyone, You Need Skills

Suppose you made up your mind and decided to become an email marketer.

At first, once you send a lot of e-mails, some of them read advertising e-mails with interest, so you might think that you only need to spend a lot of e-mails.

Therefore, there are two things you think you need at first.

(1) Large number of e-mail addresses

(2) Massive E-mail sending program

If it is not a large amount of work with hundreds of thousands of tasks, there is a way that one person can get it by working hard. It is a way to find out people’s e-mail addresses and send e-mails with their own IDs by going around places like portal cafes and blogs. 

However, if there is a large quantity, it should not be. If you have programming-related skills, you can create and use your own programs, but if not, you will be in a situation where you cannot solve it yourself.

So if you keep searching or ask someone around you, you’ll find that there are two ways.

(1) Buying mail extraction/sending program with money

(2) Send money and request a bulk e-mail delivery agency

There are these methods.

As you can see, these methods cost money. But it doesn’t cost that much. In the case of the program, it can be purchased for tens of thousands of won, and the request of a sending agency also sends tens of thousands of e-mails for tens of thousands of won. 

There is also a way to advertise through formal advertising media, but formal advertising requires a huge amount of money to be effective. As I explained in the previous article, I don’t have the money, so I’m looking for these cheaper B class ads. 

Advertising costs will always be a difficult concern because spending money doesn’t mean that you can unconditionally benefit.

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1. Block

If you don’t use an agency and send emails yourself, the first barrier you will encounter is “blocking”.

Email marketing is what people call spam and you can even report it. If you are reported, you will have to pay a fine. But honestly, it’s unlikely that you’ll be reported unless you send out as much spam emails.

Therefore, the first problem encountered in reporting is “blocking”. 

“Block” means that emails you send are blocked without reaching the sender. 

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On the portal server, you are already fighting a muddy war with numerous email marketers besides you. Their software system, like AlphaGo, works the brain, analyzes numerous emails, and identifies spam emails. Whether a number of emails with the same subject and content are sent, or whether the subject or content of the mail contains content that can be viewed as an advertisement, etc., it finds spam mail by analyzing various algorithms.

So, if the e-mail is determined to be spam, it is blocked, and all other e-mails from the sender are treated as spam e-mails. This is blocking.

2. Evidence of being blocked

There are usually two types of evidence of being blocked. There are cases where the mail sent by the person cannot be sent and all of them are returned and returned, and there are cases where no matter how much the mail is sent, it is not sent to the person receiving the mail.

In particular, the latter side cannot immediately notice the sender. So, you have to be aware of it.

3. Knowing

When you send a large amount of e-mail, you put your e-mail address in the middle. At this time, your e-mail address is not the same address as the sender, but a different address, which refers to another account you can verify.

If the mail you send to people is blocked and not being sent, isn’t it that your mail won’t arrive even with your clever account?

So, using this method, you can find out if you are blocked or not.

4. Reasons for not notifying mail blocking

But why does the portal block the mail sent by the sender without notifying the person that it has been blocked? So, isn’t it wrong in the portal? The first person to send e-mails may be misunderstood by sending out tens of thousands of e-mails with excitement, and then grasp the head of the head when he realizes that it has not been delivered long after.

This is what portals aim for.

The portal is still tired and suffering from spam marketers. Even if it’s a small community, not a big portal, any manager with experience running places where thousands of people come and go will understand what this means. 

If you tell the spam marketer that “your email has been blocked since the number of times”, that information will help the spam marketer. I hope it helps them plan their strategies and find new ways to attack spam, but it will do no harm to them. So there’s no reason the portal will tell you to block mail.

Think about it in the opposite position. The portal says, “I’ve blocked all of your e-mails~ I’m secretly blocking them.~ Do you know that they’re being sent right now? Haha?” If you’re doing it), it could hurt spam marketers.

This is a fight between the one who wants to send and the one who wants to stop. So, it is natural that the portal does not give information.

If Naver fails to send an email in a normal way other than spam, it can be clearly confirmed that the email related to the transmission failure is sent as a reply.

5. Better than being reported.

Don’t be so upset that you’ve been blocked from the mail. It is 100 times better than paying a fine for being reported.

To be honest, it’s possible on the portal to report you for sending spam emails and get you legally punished. They are those who already have the ability to do so.

But humanly, because you know that you are struggling to live and eat, you look at it firstly, and secondly, because there are so many spammers, it is annoying to report one by one. This is because proceeding with legal proceedings is also overwhelming as a task.

So don’t hate portals that block your mail. It is the marketers who should be sorry.

6. Methods to Avoid Blocking

Several methods are being used to avoid email blocking.

It creates multiple accounts that send mail and disguises as if there are multiple senders using IP bypass. In addition, the contents of the e-mail are mechanically generated by a program, and the text is mixed to make it look like they are different contents even though they are the same advertisement mail. It also shows tremendous dignity to avoid legal penalties by making the mail sender’s server foreign.

In addition, in such a marketing side, people with thicker bones have acquired the know-how to reduce blocking rates and successfully send large amounts of e-mails, and these highly skilled marketers are extremely hated and hated by portals.

7. Should I leave it to a professional company?

In addition to the individual direct mail marketing method, there is a method of requesting an agency to a professional company. 

This method is more expensive than doing it yourself. Comparing advertising costs would be as follows.

Direct advertising <Use of advertising companies <Use of formal media

So, if you have a certain amount of money, you sometimes ask a professional advertising company. Then there are two problems.

(1) Is the company really good at work?

(2) How effective will advertisements be?

If you are an old company, you can say that most of them do some reliable work. If you have a lot of opinions from other buyers and have any questions, you can call directly to inquire.

Once you leave the job to a professional company, you don’t have to worry about whether or not mail is blocked or what program to use. As much as the money was paid, someone else does the job for you. Also, aren’t they experts’ in this area?

If so, how effective will the advertisements carry out like that?

This can be said that there are many cases. There are various cases, from cases in which an advertisement was spent hundreds of thousands of won and there was no effect to the case with a very large effect.

Since the advertisement is important to the content of its contents, and many conditions such as advertisement target, advertisement timing, competition with other advertisers, etc. can affect, it will not be easy to predict the result.