Enrich your pharmacy business with our Uber for pharmacy delivery app

On-demand pharmacy app development.

Online delivery has become more attractive and comfortable for every business and individuals. This has changed the traditional way of doing pharmacy business and made people’s lives easier.

The vital reason for this online shift is,

– These days, people find it challenging to spend time visiting pharmacies and buying medicines by waiting in the long queue for hours.

– The other reason is, as everyone is aware of the current pandemic situation, people are afraid to step out of their homes because of the fear of catching up the deadly Coronavirus.

An On-demand medicine delivery app brings a solution to the above addressed problems. It strictly emphasizes ordering things online via an app to avoid any exposure.

Other reasons include,

– The comfort of getting medicines delivered at the doorstep is an added benefit to disabled and old aged people.

– The medication can be bought at an affordable cost with deals, offers, and discounts.

To be precise, users prefer using the one-tap procedure that helps connect them to the store owners of their choice. To develop a mobile app for pharmacy delivery businesses, read on this blog to know more.

The wide use of technology has led people to seek for the next level of comfort. The need for using apps have come into existence because people want everything to be done instantly and receive things right there at their places. 


  • A recent survey conducted by Nielson reports that over 89% of people spend most of their time using mobile applications.
  • Recent research in 2020 highlights that around 4.5 billion people use the internet. This clearly shows that it is vital to shift your business from the traditional way of selling medicines to online.
  • The Ken Market Research in 2016 reports that there is a high trend in using e-pharmacies that has risen from 0.5% in 2000 to 38.6% in 2016.

Highlighting the benefits of having an on-demand pharmacy application

  • It helps your businesses have a large customer base.
  • With more users in the app, you can witness a rise in your profit.
  • The medicine delivery app helps to know what users want and enables them to receive their feedback about the medicines purchased and the delivery service from serving them better later.
  • It has improved the user experience.

Listing out the user-centric features

  • User account

An online medicine delivery app development facilitates users to collect all the information like their address, name, contact number, and other credentials. This helps users give a personalized experience while using an app.

  • Detailed Catalog

This feature enables users to browse and go through a wide range of medicines and their prices. The Uber for medicine delivery app allows users to check and view the details of the medicines, prices, manufacturing, etc.

  • Smart Search Bar

This feature has become inevitable as no app can perform smoothly without having this search engine. An Uber for pharmacy delivery app allows users to run a smart search based on the user’s preferred location, type of medicine, doctor type, and more.

  • Upload Prescription

An Uber for pharmacy delivery app helps users upload the doctor’s prescription because certain medicines can only be purchased if proper and legit prescriptions are presented. This will come in handy, especially when they want to buy a particular medicine immediately.

  • Related blogs and information

In the pharmacy delivery mobile app, blogs and other drug information are displayed to serve as a great way to engage users. This majorly benefits users in knowing the details and the side effects of all medicines or any particular information users need.

  • Barcode

An on-demand pharmacy app development has a square-shaped dimensional bar code that allows them to scan and directly get the particular medicine information.

  • Comparing medicines

The pharmacy delivery app enables users to compare drugs to find another for the prescribed one. It allows them to compare two medications and check for their details, availability, side-effects, and so on.

  • Online transaction

The medicine delivery app is built with all possible payment gateway options that enable users to pay for the orders. It has become more comfortable as it allows users to add the needed things to the cart and check out. This feature is an alternative to stand in queues at the physical store.

  • Traceable

The pharmacy delivery app allows users to track the whole process after the payment process. This helps them to know the status of the order and when they can expect the delivery.

  • Instant Notifications

The medicine delivery app has this feature benefiting users by reminding them about the medicine intake time and sending the latest deals, offers, discounts, and more. It also notifies the user about any particular drug they are looking for.

  • Feedback

This feature gives flexibility for users to share their genuine feedback. It also allows users to report an issue faced during the delivery process, thus bringing it to the admin’s eyes. It gives transparency for both types to share feedback on the application.

  • In-app chat 

This feature is majorly used if users need a doctor’s consultation. They can have a direct conversation with the doctor and can communicate with them through in-app messages.

Admin-centric features

All the details are overlooked by the admin and the admin hold the highest authority and responsibility.

  • Order Management

The medicine delivery app is built to allow the admin to view, track, and manage orders in a single place.

  • Inventory Management

It is a complicated and tedious task to handle and manage all the records of medicines manually. This feature in the admin portal helps users keep up the records of all the incoming medicines, how many got sold out, price changes, the number of sales, etc.

  • Customer Management

The purpose of building such apps is to serve users. Hence, customer management allows the admin to collect necessary information from the user and treat them personally when required.

  • Content Management

The clone app for medicine delivery enables the admin to publish and update information about the medicine company.  They play a key role in answering all the queries asked and requested by the users.

  • Logistic Management

This critical feature facilitates the admin to take the responsibility to take orders and delivery, checking if it is delivered at the exact location.

Parting Words,

To establish your business in the pharmacy delivery sector, ensure to include all the features while developing an app that helps your application reach a global audience, providing sustainability.