Establish Your On-Demand Multi-Services App Like Gojek Successfully

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There are some brands that are synonymous with the countries of their origin. When it comes to Indonesia, the first brand that comes to the minds of everyone is GoJek. GoJek started as a simple call-center facilitating bike taxis, and today, it has grown to be the first unicorn and the only dedacorn from Indonesia.

It has shown the possibilities of profitability to the world with an app that offers multiple services under an umbrella.

Introducing super apps

Apps like GoJek are referred to as super apps. Super applications are the Swiss Army knives of the mobile app world. They offer multiple utilities under a single umbrella through a single login.

The advantages of super apps

The most obvious advantage of a super app is that you can access multiple utilities within a single application. This results in the multiplication of revenue streams. It has more relevance to the company than what seems on the surface. Certain services have an attribute of seasonality. Therefore, even if one service is done, the other one will ensure that your revenue keeps ticking.

Offering multiple utilities would mean that you have a broader user base. When we talk about the width, we are not talking about just numbers, but about personas. This statement can be qualified when we look at the different offerings that GoJek has.

Even when it comes to a single user, there might be a few frequently needed services, and there might be a few that might not have frequent usage. It might not make sense for a user to download a separate mobile app for a service they might probably use once a month. With the super app, the hassle of using multiple mobile apps is completely eliminated.

Since the frequency of usage is high, it becomes easy and rather practical to introduce a loyalty program. People will find it easy to redeem their reward points with another utility instead of needing to wait for the next billing cycle.

The popularity of super apps has flipped the equation of mobile app development. Instead of a small mobile app developer building an impeccable app and fighting the competition to enter the market, they can build micro applications that seamlessly integrate with the super app. Therefore, it becomes easy for the small developer to make users use their app and, at the same time, removes the hassle associated with continuously building mobile apps for the super app company.

Although it might not be a direct advantage, one of the most significant benefits brought about by a super app is the richness of data. Super haps like GoJek and WeChat provide microfinance services for small businesses by immediately disbursing loans. The creditworthiness of the profile is taken care of by artificial intelligence, taking into consideration the spelling patterns and repayment patterns. This results in quick processing of loans and that too, with a very minimal default rate.

Looking at GoJek in detail

What makes GoJek unique is the vast array of services offered. It would not be an exaggeration to say that GoJek opened up a few avenues that were quite unimaginable for a simple mobile app.

A few key offerings of GoJek include:

Transportation – you can book a taxi or a two-wheeled taxi using the GoJek apps GoRide and GoCar. It is quite flexible in terms of its pricing and value.

Delivery and shopping – you can purchase from GoMart GoJek’s own grocery delivery app, or if it is not serviceable in your area, you can use another app GoShop.

Services at home – there is a broad spectrum of services offered by GoJek at the convenience of your home, including but not limited to massage services, domestic help and cleaning services, beautician services at home, and household/handyman services. You can also book your car mechanic with the app.

Parcels – with GoJek, you can use the GoSend Service to book the pick up of your courier and GoBox to book a truck on demand to enable you to move massive consignments and cargoes.

In addition, there are a lot of other services, including but not limited to ticketing and event management, medicine delivery, bill payment, and fuel delivery. As a competition to Netflix, GoJek has launched its own OTT platform GoPlay and GoStudio.

The success story of GoJek

As seen earlier, GoJek started as a simple call center in Indonesia. About five years ago, GoJek launched its exclusive mobile app with only for services for transportation, courier, grocery, and food delivery.

Slowly, it expanded its spectrum of services. Through a series of carefully planned investments, GoJek grew from its humble beginnings in Indonesia to operate in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. GoJek made it to the list of the coveted 50 companies that changed the world in 2017 compiled by the Fortune magazine end it improved its position from rank 17 to rank 11 in 2019. The company boasts of over 170 million users spread across every country in Southeast Asia.

GoJek has also established its development center in the city of Bangalore in India by acquiring a couple of software companies. It also acquired mobile app developers, healthcare startups, fintech start-ups, event management and ticketing companies, and even artificial intelligence recruitment platforms. Within a little over a decade of its inception, GoJek is already in talks with Indonesia’s flag carrier to establish strategic partnerships for delivering products across 17,000 Indonesian islands.

It is the formidable portfolio of investors that make GoJek attractive. In 2018, it acquired funding of $1.2 billion from Google. The investor portfolio of GoJek includes reputed names like Mitsubishi, Sequoia, Facebook, and PayPal. The Series F funding of GoJek was valued at almost $3 billion.

What made GoJek successful?

The rapid growth, success, profit, financing, and partnerships of GoJek have been studied and have been taken as an inspiration by a lot of budding entrepreneurs and business schools. One of the reasons for the success of GoJek is its focus and its meticulously paced expansion. Even with so much investment, GoJek was slow to utilize them and invest them in the right areas.


The profitability of a GoJek like app has been established through the successes of similar apps like WeChat, PayTM, and MyJio. The market is still wide and open to accommodate new players and even give them an opportunity to make big profits.

If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs, you can kickstart your super app business by going for a GoJek clone. A white label GoJek clone script is easy to customize, and it is available as a product on the shelf. This brings to clear advantages. The first is that you do not have to invest a lot of time and money. A few customizations here and there will get your app ready to be launched. The second is that your app is free from all the bugs and glitches that might interfere with the app’s basic functionality. It is bliss for entrepreneurs who need the headstart to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are one of those, all you need to do is get in touch with the company specializing in the development of a GoJek clone app. They will take care to understand your requirement and customize the GoJek clone script in line with your needs.