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7 factors to check before choosing best AR development Company

check before choosing best AR development Company

The field of augmented reality (or AR for short) is a relatively new realm within the world of technological advancements. Its real use case applications are wide-ranging, from being able to provide entertainment through AR games and virtual experiences to their use in tests and simulations of real-world jobs like training to pilot an aircraft or even testing a certain surgical technique during an AR simulation to gauge whether it would have any real-world medical benefits during the actual surgery. The possibilities of AR are limitless. 

However, as mentioned earlier, the augmented reality industry is a new and emerging field, and despite seeing rapid advancements and greater attention in the technology world than ever, the industry has very few companies that pretty much sum up the entirety of the AR industry. 

Augmented reality takes many forms of functioning. It can either be based on markers, which is essentially a way where, by the aid of AR marker based application, a camera detects specific markers and patterns, which then enables it to overlay digital content on those markers, and also allows it to orient digital information based on the positioning of the marker.

 On top of that, we are also witnessing the rapid development of super imposition based AR, which is the kind of AR objects we may have seen where a particular object is can be viewed up until its last fragment, like being able to view TV and then also disassemble it to view its individual components. 

This is currently the most advanced mode of augmented reality content delivery and most widely scene in advanced applications like military, educational or medical use. Nevertheless, there are seven things that you can consider when considering your limited options if you happen to find yourself in the need of capable augmented reality development services, which are: 

best AR development Company

1. Cost

 As briefly mentioned earlier, the very small number of augmented reality development companies in this nascent industry means that prices for AR-based projects would generally be high all around the market. Coupled with considerations like whether your requirement is a one-time offer or a long-term commitment or the complexity of your demand itself, costs can easily skyrocket from a company’s standard pricing to their more customized and premium plans. 

Speaking of plans, not all companies in the AR development industry conduct their pricing the same way. While most offer services for which they demand a single one-time payment that is calculated using a variety of factors, others actually offer more of a subscription-based or a contract-based payment plan for their services. It is always best to actually look at the demands of your AR project and figure out whether it’s viable for a subscription-based model or a single one-time fee.

2. Size and Scale 

It goes without saying that you should be looking for a company that is a good match for your project, instead of either being an uneven or an under-equipped fit. It would be considered unwise to say the least if someone is thinking of hiring a multi-million dollar AR development company simply because they seem like the industry leaders, only to have that company make marker-based AR content, which is something that, with a little technical know-how, anyone can do using modern-day mobile apps. 

3. Planning of AR Project 

You can reap the most benefits from even a small-scale AR company if you explain your project to them well, which is why adequately detailed project plans are essential to the success of the project with any company. 

4. Technical Support 

Needless to say, AR is a very sophisticated affair, so looking out for companies with good tech support will always pay dividends as the technology is nascent and complex. 

5. Accessibility 

You cannot work with a company if your existing tools don’t synergize with theirs unless you are willing to compromise on adopting completely new ways to work, so avoid companies whose AR technologies don’t align with your goals. 

6. Services 

AR development is a multi-tiered process and not just the name of one product or process. How AR is designed is being constantly updated, so companies who boast the latest technologies would always be able to provide superior performance than those who stick to traditional ones. 

7. Hardware Procurement 

You need to know your own hardware potential and limits before hiring a company for an AR project, as all aspects of augmented reality, from development to simple viewing, require powerful devices that are able to render the graphical load of these projects, so check your own hardware and its compliance with your project before spending money on an AR development company. 

With these methods, you are bound to ensure that you are able to reap the maximum benefits from your choice of an AR development company.


Many early AR experiences were given via stand-alone software applications downloaded to a phone or tablet, complete with digital material.


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