The Most Famous and the Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore

best desi food restaurants in Lahore

Lahore People are foodie and love to eat desi / spicy food and the new tastes every day. There are a variety of food restaurants in Lahore but to find the best desi restaurants is not an easy task. But here provides the complete information about the best desi restaurants in Lahore.

Lahore is a wonderful and the second largest city of Pakistan. And Lahoris are famous for their love for food. And when we talk about “Desi Food”, we can see that Lahoris love for desi food can never be ended. They always prefer to go for desi food, that’s why there is a variety of

These desi restaurants are providing the best taste and quality of food. Although there are a lot of desi restaurants in Lahore, choosing the best one is very hard. It’s tough to choose or select a few of them because every restaurant has its importance, style and quality.

The List of Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore

best desi food restaurants in Lahore

There are a lot of desi restaurants or desi food spots in every corner of Lahore. But here I am going to tell you about the most famous desi restaurants in Lahore.

The names of the best desi restaurants have been listed below:

  1. Monal
  2. Spice Bazaar
  3. Butt Karahi
  4. Bar BQ Tonight
  5. Ziafat
  6. Yasir Broast
  7. Haveli Restaurants
  8. Al-Nakhal
  9. The Lakhnavi

So, these are the best and most famous desi restaurants in Lahore. They are providing the best food services with the best quality and taste. People from all around Lahore come to these restaurants for desi food.

But here I want to share my experience with all of you. Once upon a time, my friends and I decided to have lunch. We were eight friends and everyone there was searching and giving suggestions for the restaurants.

So, we decided to make a WhatsApp group where we will decide and plan for lunch.

So, after getting a lot of suggestions and ideas, we decided to go to Monal Restaurant Lahore because there is a variety of food and a perfect view.

Monal Restaurant Lahore

Monal is located at the top of the parking plaza, Liberty roundabout. You can go there through the lift. We went there in December, and the weather was foggy. And then we reached the top the parking plaza at monal restaurant the weather was mesmerizing. It seems like we are in northern areas. The view was perfect. They have both indoor and outdoor sitting. The interior, the design, the view, the location, the crockery everything was managed and amazing. We took a lot of pictures there. I can say this is a perfect place for photos. The Monal restaurant has a broad menu for lunch platters and many more. They also serve the desi food, foreign dishes, fast food and desserts.

So, we decided to order the desi food. And we ordered the desserts and the drinks as well. And they served the food in a very professional manner. The taste and quality of the food were delicious. Everyone loved the taste and quality. We enjoyed a lot there not only their food but also the view and the place as well.

Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi is located in Lakshmi chowk Lahore they have also multiple branches in different corners of Lahore. They offer verity off desi food and with lot of spice people love there food they are one of the oldest shop in Lahore people love there taste and quality of the food. They Chief are professional and using SOPs in the covid pandemic. Butt Karahi is not only restaurant is just like life: a using mix of old and new approaches in cooking food,

There specialty are


They are also providing seasonal


Both restaurants are providing super service and ambience was perfect, and the food was super delicious. The staff was highly professional; they dealt with us in an awe-inspiring way. I must say I love the concept and everything about them.

I have personally tasted the food of these restaurants and in my opinion Butt Karahi is best. They are not only providing their services for lunch or dinners but also offering the Sunday brunch breakfasts, buffets and high tea. We got satisfied after getting their services and the best desi food in town. So, if you are looking for the best desi food in Lahore, then Monal Lahore and Butt Karahi are one of the best place in Lahore.