What Are the Must-Have Features of an Attendance Management Software?

attendance management software

Manually recording time and your employee’s presence may not be the ideal method. It takes a lot of time from your HR managers and employees, again and again, that can be frustrating. That’s why you should invest in time and attendance software, which can help you automate your time tracking and attendance process. 

Getting an attendance management software has a lot of benefits like the organization can use it to reduce labor costs and reduce the workload on their employees. There are so many options which are available in the market which makes it difficult to choose which one to invest on In this article, we will show you some key pointers to help you understand what you should look for:

Key Features of Attendance Management Software

Easy to Use:

Before investing in attendance management software, the first thing you need to ask your vendor is the user-friendliness of the software and adoption time by employees. If the tool is too complicated, it will not only waste your employees time as they will face difficulty in using the software in their daily lives but also the money invested in buying the software. The user-friendliness of the software makes sure that your investment is well worth the investment. 

Mobile App:

An effective software today has its own mobile app the same goes for any other attendance management software. Being able to apply or request for the clock in or clock out using your smartphone is very helpful for your employees. The employee doesn’t need to open their desktop every time for attendance requests and the salespeople working on the field can mark their attendance from anywhere using their mobile   This is why it is important to look for attendance management software that also offers mobile applications. Managers also have an easier time approving leaves and travel time.

Overtime Tracking:

Another feature that many companies have forgotten about is the ability to record and count the overtime of your employees. This software has the ability to calculate the extra hour employees spend in the office doing their job. So that the employers can rewards these hard-working employees for the extra effort they put in their work and devise an overtime strategy for their employees.


The monitoring function allows you to manage and track changes done in the original data in the software. This feature helps keep your software efficient and effective by ensuring that every action has an audit trail and any important data is kept secret and accessible to few people. 

Leave Tracking:

It is possible for everyone to take a sudden leave due to an emergency or any unwanted situation. Leave requests like these can affect your work if you manually track them in excel sheets. Look for attendance management software that can automatically track your employees’ leave to streamline your workforce planning and inform the team in case of any dependency.

Self-Service Portal:

Effective Attendance Management Software Software should provide your employees with a self-service portal with which they can easily mark their working hours and leisure time. That way, you no longer have to wait for email replies or have employees go to the HR or their manager to apply for vacation permits. This portal gives employees more flexibility in controlling their attendance and able to manage their yearly leaves.


Your existing software should have a notification function that notifies employees or managers when they forget to log in or out when their leaves got approved when their attendance update request is updated in the portal. This notification can be in the form of pop-up notification in mobile, email to the employees in their registered email id or both. Timely instruction can help employees manage their presence efficiently. 


Integration is a must-have feature for any business, the ability to integrate with other tools, software or equipment used in your business, especially your payroll software can help automates most of your HR task. By integrating your payroll software with attendance management software, you can automate the entire process of calculating payroll in the system. The attendance management software simplifies the payroll calculation process and reduces the risk of human errors. It’s critical to make sure you that the vendor you are going to have a demo discloses all the integration that the software has with others application. Other integration includes survey management, workflow integration, integration with your websites and many more.


To be able to get a report on the employee’s attendance data is very important for decision making, make sure that the software gives you a detailed report on your employee’s attendance which is easily understandable and can be created by the admin. However, to achieve this, you need a tool that provides detailed information about your employees’ work patterns which can be present in an effective attendance management software. Another feature you need in compliance assistance management software is the policy compliance function. To ensure that you are following standard regulatory policies, ask if the vendor tool offers compliance capabilities for those policies. 


While managing the time and attendance for your employees, the organization shouldn’t put an undue burden on their HR manager. They should focus on investing in an efficient time and attendance management software so your HR folks have the time to devise an effective business strategy instead of tedious tasks work towards achieving organizational goals. Also having an attendance management software gives a more clear picture to the employee of the organization leave policy, time tracking, and overtime policy, since employee and employer both have a clear understanding of what’s going on it builds in more trust among each other and improves the overall employee performance.

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