How to Fix the “Can’t open AsIO.sys” Error on your PC?

Can’t open AsIO.sys

Windows 10 is a reliable and user-friendly operating system. It can provide you with a simple interface to interact with your PC. Sometimes, the operating system performance may be reduced due to some malicious infection. The issues that we encounter during the operation of the Windows 10 may be categorized into different types.

‘Can’t open AsIO.sys’ error is one of the most notorious issues among them. In this post, we have detailed the steps to deal with the ‘Can’t open AsIO.sys’ error code 433. Here you will explore different reasons and solutions to this error message. You can use these tweaks to enjoy problem-free Windows functionality.

What is the ‘Can’t open AsIO.sys’ Error and Why Does It Occur?

Asus PC Probe system software is the reason for the occurrence of the ‘Can’t open AsIO.sys’ issue. This system utility is responsible for RPM, RAM temperature, and speed of the GPU unit. The software can alert you for hardware issues due to virus infection or malicious attacks, older driver files, and registry errors. A hardware crash may also result in a “Can’t open AsIO.sys” error.

How to Fix the “Can’t open AsIO.sys” Error on Your PC?

“Can’t open AsIO.sys” may occur due to the reasons stated above. There is a separate method available for solving each error. We have detailed each issue with their solution for you.  Here is how you can quarantine it.

Remove the Latest Applications

You may start encountering the AsIO.sys error when you install new software on your device. In such a case, you can simply remove the newly installed apps for resolving the AsIO error.

The proceedings for clearing the last installed apps are as follows.

Step 1: Access the system settings from the start menu.

Step 2: Open the system settings and select the Apps and features option.

Step 3: You must be able to see the list of software available on your PC. Sort the application with the installed date.

Step 4: Select the applications that are installed recently.

Step 5: Choose the software to uninstall or modify.

Scan Your Device Using Anti Malware Tool 

Sometimes malware or viruses may result in a “Can’t open AsIO.sys” error. Let us discuss the methods for resolving the error.

To solve the AsIO.sys error, you need to scan your system using a reliable anti-malware program. Make sure to perform a full device scan to identify and resolve the infection.

Scan and Diagnose Your System Files

An error in your system files or registry files may affect the performance of your device. It may even lead to a “Can’t open AsIO.sys” error. The AsIO.sys error can restart or turn off your system. The tweaks essential for scanning your system files are as below.

Step 1: Use the (Windows + R) combinational key to invoke the run tab.

Step 2: Input “CMD” in the Run tab to open the Command Prompt console.

Step 3: Type sfc/ scannow in the Command Prompt and hit Enter.

Step 4: Wait for the system to scan and diagnose the system files. Once done, close the Command Prompt and Restart your computer.

Update Your Device Drivers

An outdated driver can lead to an AsIO.sys error in your system. Keeping the driver up to date is the only way to resolve it. The steps for updating your drivers are as below.

Step 1: Use the Start menu to access the Settings option.

Step 2: Choose the “Updates & Security” option in the settings.

Step 3: Select the Check for Updates option to identify available updates. Select all of them to download and install the updates.

Step 4: You may need to restart the computer to finish installing the latest critical updates.

You can also automate the process to update all your device drivers. Using the Best Driver Updater for Windows can ensure that all the latest device drivers are up to date and there is no outdated, incompatible or missing device driver on your PC.

Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best driver updater software for Windows to automatically download the latest drivers and install them on your computer. It has a vast pool of updated drivers to update devices that are not even listed in the Microsoft Windows Update library.

Final Verdict

Windows operating systems can provide you with a wonderful interface to work. Due to prolonged usage, online surfing, and external device usage, your Windows device may get infected with malicious elements. It can also lead to errors in registry files and driver issues that may eventually end up in the “Can’t open AsIO.sys” error message.

We have a variety of reasons for the occurrence of this error, and identifying a solution for each problem is a tiresome job. To help you, we have briefed you on all the possible reasons and methods for solving them in this post. We think the information in the previous paragraphs covers all of your AsIO.sys-related issues.

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