Fix Quickbooks Win.log: LVL_ERROR-error: issue

The present article will brief you about “How to Fix QBWin.log: LVL_Error-error: Verify Account List Item: View out of Sequence”. We better know in the wake of perusing the name of the error, you believe it’s muddled to get experienced yet it tends to be handily settled by our manual advances. 

QBWin.log: LVL_Error prompts when there is any inability to Verify information utility or check account list thing. QBWin.log error can happen because of harms in Charts of Accounts that makes unmistakable records be noticeable in an interference with arrangement. This mistake can be settled by altering the records or remodeling the documents physically. At the point when you check the information utility, QBWin.log shows the accompanying error message: 

“LVL_ERROR-error: View out of arrangement. Confirm Account List Item : Invalid sublevel X, valid range is X to X.” 

 QBWin.log: LVL_Error-mistake types and categories

There are numerous mistakes under QBWin.log: LVL_Error-error that you’ll confront while taking a shot at QuickBooks programming. Beneath we have sort out some of them, view it: 

  • log: Verify list. Copy name experienced 
  • log: LVL_ERROR-error in QuickBooks: Verify Account List Item: View out of arrangement 
  • log: QuickBooks LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Online Account Information: Invalid Customer ID number 
  • LVL_quickbooks ERROR-Error: Verify thing history Target amount on request jumble mistake 
  • log: Verify Target: Invalid Open Balance 
  • log: LVL_ERROR-error: Verify Payroll Item: Invalid assessment authority 
  • LVL_quickbooks ERROR-Error: Verify your Online Account detail Invalid Customer ID number> Record = XXX. 
  • log: LVL_Error-Error: Verify Item: Invalid duty office 
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify Item History: Build txn target terrible forthcoming state. Thing = nnnnn 
  • LVL_ERROR-Unable to unscramble government backed retirement number/social protection number 
  • log: Orphan payee found in Online reserve 
  • LVL_SEVERE_ERROR-GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: The unscrambling has fizzled. CHECKPOINT: Failed to unscramble client Mastercard number. Client ID: nnnn. 

What are the reasons behind QBWin.log:LVL_Error-mistake 

  • Harmed or Corrupted Charts of Accounts 
  • Disappointment in check Data Utility 
  • Unequal records 

Solutions to  Fix QBWin.log: LVL_Error-mistake: Verify Account List Item : View out of Sequence 

We have more than one answer for your concern so attempt individually to determine the issue in the most ideal manner. Take care of business: 

Arrangement 1: Manually Fix the Damaged Accounts 

  • Right-tapping on the record name at that point click on Edit Account to fix the record 
  • To restore a sub account to the fundamental record or to make the primary record into a sub account, you need to check for subaccount in the checkbox 
  • Pick the suitable Account Type just if the Subaccount of checkbox is stamped or chosen starting from the drop menu close to the checkbox 
  • Snap on the OK key 
  • Rehash the initial three stages until all your influenced accounts are not settled 
  • Modify and Verify your information to guarantee that your harm is fixed. In the event that not, at that point move to the following arrangement 

Arrangement 2: Rebuild and Verify your File 

  1. Modify 
  • Snap on Utilities > Rebuild Data from the File menu 
  • At the point when it requests to back up the record, at that point click on the OK catch 
  • Sit tight for a couple of moments once the message prompts Rebuild has been finished shows up, click on the OK catch 


  1. Confirm 
  • Snap on Utilities > Rebuild Data from the File menu 
  • At the point when the message indicated “QuickBooks recognized no issue with your information”, click on the OK catch. In the event that QuickBooks has been distinguished from a similar issue in the wake of confirming, at that point move to play out the following arrangement. 

Arrangement 3: Re-sort List 

  • Reach to the Lists menu and afterward click on outlines of Accounts 
  • Snap on Re-sort list from the left base Account drop-down menu 
  • At the point when the brief showcases, simply click on the Yes choice 
  • It’s an ideal opportunity to watch that all your principal accounts types are assembled appropriately, for example, all your pay accounts are recorded sequentially and significantly more 
  • In case you can’t amass the record types appropriately, for example, other current resources appeared as a sub account of an Income account or sub accounts shown as the fundamental records, presently experiencing arrangement 1 to physically fix the records. 


We hope this will help you to resolve this type of error.Regardless of at whatever point you wanna investigate this mistake yet following our answers will give your best outcomes. Every one of the three arrangements recorded above will help you in settling QBWin.log: LVL_Error-error: Verify Account List Item : View out of Sequence in QuickBooks. We wish now you’ll have the option to chip away at QuickBooks with no trouble.

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