Free and Easy Online Video Editing with FlexClip

Online Video Editing With FlexClip

For those who want to enter the field of video editing, the main challenge besides skill is software and hardware availability, which is quite expensive. I once discussed it in the article on how to avoid pirated software. And I provide a solution with a free online video editor.

This solution is really needed, especially for bloggersYouTubers, and internet marketers in general. If YouTubers have their daily diet, they have to make videos now. For internet marketers in general, making videos is also an obligation nowadays.

As is well known, engagement alias interest in interacting on a post is no longer determined only by posts with images. However, currently, the presence of video adds to the factor of increasing engagement.

Video is also important for blogs. Because when an infographic image is usually used to clarify an article’s description, a good video is a more advanced method than an infographic. This is why many bloggers who have won contests actually use video in their articles.

Yes, times have changed. Currently, the internet network is getting better. So that video inserts in social media posts and blog articles do not cause loading problems. In fact, it is actually a blessing for the increased engagement of the post.

Online Video Editing

The various benefits of providing posts with videos have forced some internet marketers to outsmart with pirated software and mediocre hardware because the price of the two main components of video editing is indeed quite high.

Even though software matters can be overcome by editing online videos, for this matter, of course, you don’t need the latest processor and first-class VGA. Just a standard computer that is often used to browse the internet, then online video editing matters can be done.

Incidentally, the other day I was sent an email to try FlexClip. When I asked the WhatsApp blogger group, no one had heard of this application, let alone try it. So I ventured to introduce him as well as a little review of the test I had done.

FlexClip, Online Video Editor

FlexClip is an online video editor that can help you convert photos and video clips into professional videos without design skills. That is a description of FlexClip, which is posted on its website

Online Video Editing with FlexClip

For anyone who wants to learn about FlexClip, he is still a product with an online image editing application DesignCap. Together with the other six applications, both applications are operated by the graphics and multimedia software company of Pearl Mountain in Hong Kong.

Yes, the introduction to the FlexClip. Now I want to review what is in this online video editing application.

Some advantages of the FlexClip

Like any online video editor, FlexClip does not require a lot of resources. It would help if you prepared a stable Internet connection so as not to hinder the editing process. Yes, it is very stable and does not require up to tens of Mbps of bandwidth. Of course, larger bandwidth is better.

I tried FlexClip with a free account. With this account, I can get 480p resolution video downloads, 1 stock video per project, up to 12 video projects, and each video project’s duration is also limited to 1 minute.

So my advice, be wise when using this free FlexClip because the quota is quite limited. Although later, this can be tricked by creating multiple accounts. But still, those who are free will encounter various limitations.

Despite the many limitations of using a free account, FlexClip allows me to easily perform various text forms, stock shot slides, and various accompanying music. If it is done through the video editing software that I usually use, it is quite time-consuming.

Another thing that makes FlexClip reliable is the availability of instant template options for various needs—starting from themes about business, education, religious holidays, weddings, lifestyle, social media to the coronavirus pandemic.

Online Video Editing with FlexClip

The availability of various instant video templates makes FlexClip dare to guarantee that those who have minimal video editing skills can easily create captivating videos with this online video editing application. FlexClip also provides a variety of materials that can be used without recording the scene. For post-production personnel, this is very helpful.

Apart from providing an instant for quick edits and immediate results, FlexClip also provides a blank format with the Start From Scratch menu for those who have more time and have a touch of design.

Online Video Editing with FlexClip

I think that the editing dashboard display is very user-friendly. Yes, it is almost similar to various video editing software I have tried. Although, of course, there are some minor adjustments, this FlexClip is simpler. The dashboard is indeed made for those with the least knowledge and only needs to output the video quickly and well.

Disadvantages of FlexClip

I hardly find any flaws with FlexClip except for its hefty price. But compared to similar services, I think FlexClip has quite worthed it. So what are the drawbacks of FlexClip?

In my opinion, the disadvantage of FlexClip is the limited file size and export capabilities. Regarding the video size setting, we only select the ratio of certain screen sizes, namely 16:9, 21:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5. At the same time, there are only three export files, namely 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Even if you use a free account, you can only generate 480p from the videos you have made.

Online Video Editing with FlexClip

Why is the size of the video resolution important? Because like the current trend of social media participation and support for YouTube uploads, videos on the internet are no longer limited to 1080p. This is because the Internet speed in this world is getting higher and higher again.

Online Video Editing with FlexClip

Maybe that’s just a shortcoming I just discovered from FlexClip. Regarding the availability of templates and materials, it may be just personal preference.

How to use FlexClip

Before you start, prepare a computer with a browser installed, and don’t forget to check your Internet connection to avoid loading FlexClip. Then, just follow how to edit online videos with the following FlexClip:

1. We were visiting the FlexClip site on a computer.

2. If you do not have a registered account, please register via the orange “register-free” button.

3. There are three ways to register: to use the Facebook account, Google account, and the other is to register via email.

4. FlexClip will bring up a dashboard page. You can choose between Create by Template or Start From Scratch. The information has been explained above.

5. Please pre-select the video size according to the ratio. Please adjust it according to your needs.

6. If you choose to create by template, you must choose between the various video categories provided by FlexClip.

7. If it is deemed complete, please export. Select the desired resolution.

That’s how to use free online video editing with FlexClip. If you have questions regarding this FlexClip, please fill in the comments column.