Full-Stack Web Developers: Cracking the Job Interview

Full-Stack Web Developers

Though the debate concerning full-stack vs specialized developers is an old one, for many development companies, the former happens to be the ideal choice to keep development cost at a minimum level.

While there is no dearth of demands for hire full-stack developers india, they need to ditch the technical evaluation processes and interviews for cracking a job. Since every step in the interview process serve a specific purpose, having solid command over interpersonal skills is extremely necessary. 

The interview process starting from the evaluation of your practical problem solving skills to evaluating programming skills to checking the ways you can deal with the job stress, all aspects are evaluated to measure your skills and against the job responsibilities you are being hired for. 

Since it is important to ensure full command on your fundamentals and interpersonal skills to crack the job of a full stack developer, here we are going to explain how you should prepare and what you should consider most important in your preparation. 

Start With The Fundamentals 

While with resumes you just tell companies about your capabilities and skills, through technical interviews you actually display and explain these skills and capabilities in a practical context. This requires a strong command of your fundamentals and skills to orient the skills with practical problem solving.

First of all, whenever the interviewer tests your command with a problem solving question, you need to understand it first, then formulate a solution and lastly execute the solution for the respective problem. Apart from this impromptu capability of problem-solving, you should also do homework to prepare for a technical interview. You should have a detailed analysis of the technology stack used by the company. 

If you are applying for a company well known for its VueJs development services, you need to have a solid understanding of VueJS. Make use of platforms like StackShare to know the technologies they are using and use the public GitHub repository to know the libraries and languages they are using. 

To give a further boost to your fundamentals you should also refresh your programming skills and for this you can use some resources on interview preparation and interview questions. Cracking the programming interview and assessment becomes a lot easier if you do enough homework. 

Lastly, anytime during the interview if you don’t know the answer of a question make sure you acknowledge it instantly instead of beating around the bush for too long. When offering a solution to a problem, ask for the opinions of the interviewer about it and explain some alternatives fitting to the context.

Beating Through the Rounds of Screening 

For jobs in large companies, meeting HR on your phone screen is likely to be the very first step. In this interview, HR just ensures that you meet the basic and elementary requirements for the job. Here having good communication skills and pleasant personality are two things that are most important to get passed to the next step. 

The entire skill test or evaluation process goes through a technical interview carried out by the engineering manager or team head either over the phone or online. Such interviews often take help of latest streaming solutions such as Zoom or Google Meet. Here your technique for solving a problem is evaluated in detail. 

Here, the interview questions will revolve around practical scenarios or problems that you claim to have solved in earlier job roles as full stack developers. This is where the previous company’s tech stack and your job responsibilities are evaluated to get an idea of how you excelled in your previous job. For example, if your earlier job involves building web apps from scratch, the interviewer may ask you about the languages, databases and tools you will prefer for building the web app with desired features. 

  • How can you create an expandable architecture to facilitate adding more modules in the later stage of the project? 
  •  How can you ensure scalability for your web app when the user volume reaches millions in number? 
  • Why do you prefer this technology stack instead of that? 
  • Why choose this database instead of that? 
  • How can you allow iteration and addition of new features using MVC architecture?
  • How can you carry out integration testing for your web app?

The interviewer at this stage will come with all sorts of questions evaluating your knowledge of the frameworks and languages you showcase as your skills. To understand the interview questions better, always go through the job requirements specified in the job listing. 

Evaluating Specific Use Cases

Some interviewing processes also focus on evaluating your practical skills with specific use case scenarios. They can just ask you to build a website with some recommended features in just a few days. They can tell you to build a web app from scratch and without a similar project as a reference.

In such scenarios, your gross work quality and skills will be evaluated instead of only the coding or the design elements. This is where the company will want to know whether you can solve real problems instead of just knowing your skills in bits and pieces. Obviously, meeting the requirements with an impressive piece of work will help you stand apart as the right candidate for the job role.

Testing Skills With Live Coding Challenges

This has been peculiar to some companies to test the skills of the candidates through live coding exercises and challenges. You typically need to write code in less than an hour that works instantly for a function. 

Such exercises are mostly given to candidates applying for full stack developer jobs in Test Driven Development (TDD) development environments. You need to write the code, test, and debug it and make it appear perfect for the intended function. 

Meeting The Design Challenge 

The full-stack developers apart from practical assessments like live coding and take-home development assignments are also evaluated with theoretical tests. They are given a whiteboard to design an app taking care of all the screens and on-screen elements. When you come with a workable design, the interviewer can further evaluate the reasons for choosing an interface and can also recommend options and rationale behind them. 

Such design-centric questions and evaluations tend to be mostly interactive with the focus on evaluating your understanding of the product design, the design conventions and creative abilities to bring out of the box approaches in product design. Remember, here you need to be very flexible and responsive as the interviewer is testing your temperament besides the skills. When the interviewer challenges your notions and assumptions, you need to remain calm and explain your rationale while always remaining open to other alternative approaches that can be used. 

Besides having the technical command, you need to have the abilities to explain your design choices and decisions as a full-stack developer. This is why it is important for the full stack developers to prepare for questions pointed at the methods and design decisions. You have to question your solutions methodically to come with convincing answers so that when similar questions are thrown, you can just maintain the cool and explain it.  

Quizzing Your Programming Knowledge 

In many companies whether a candidate has 10 months or 10 years of experience, doesn’t make sense. For them, having a strong command on programming fundamentals and development skills is the most important thing. The core knowledge corresponding to computer science often makes up the interview quizzes in many companies. 

You can face questions like “why Angular is actually bad for search engine visibility?” or more fundamental questions like “What is called bigO notation and why itbis useful?” or “Why both MERN and MEAN stacks chosen MongoDB as he database technology?” While large companies focus on broader perspectives and come with elementary questions related to computer science, in smaller firms the questions mostly revolve around the programming languages as they are finding experts who can start delivering in their ongoing projects. 

If you are a self-taught developer or a developer who have acquired certifications online and appeared as a competent full stack developer with many projects backing your portfolio, this quiz based interview process is something where you can make a great impression. 


Cracking jobs as a full stack developer is not difficult if you have a solid programming background and in-depth knowledge of computer science. Since full stack developers are experiencing high demand because of budget constraints in web and mobile app projects, they are exposed to more opportunities than ever before. 

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